Sunday, 30 June 2013

Valice- A letter

The door opened and a middle-aged sorcerer walked in.
He was breathing heavily.
"There's a..another... There's another...vic...victim...", he said while trying to take a breath.
"A victim?", Valice asked surprised.
"Yes", the man said, talking quite normal now. " We found her half an hour ago, a young woman, an adept called Hannah."
"Hannah?", Requiem asked. "What a surprisingly normal name for a sorcerer!"
"Yes, well, we found her only ten miles from here, stabbed in the back and with a little letter in her pocket. Here it is."
He took a piece of paper out of his jacket and gave it to Requiem. Valice and Duck leaned forward to read it.

To the sanctuary and all its brave sorcerers,

you're never going to stop us, never.
We are the most powerfull sorcerers this world has ever seen, and you are seriously trying to find us? You might, that's for sure, but before you go on think for a moment. Do you really want to find us?
Because your bravery or your morals or whatever wont rescue you.
Stop fighting us, let us take over the world and you might survive.
But if you don't, if you keep fighting, you'll die, all of you.

The Unnamed, Lord Vile


  1. mmmmmmm *ponders on this a littler*

    Na I still want to find ya! XD

    right *cracks knuckles* I really have to get down to writhing the meeting.

    Great chapter Valice! This add something good to discus in the meeting!