Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mistical Future -Wanted Dead - part 2

Mistical gritted her teeth. I need to get away but if I go home he might hurt Sam and I can’t let him see me without my mask. I’ll have to get behind him, I know roughly where he is and that’s what matters.
“It’s times like this where I wish I got may mask made my Ghastly” Mistical muttered as he buttoned up the coat she did get from Ghastly. Mistical climbed down to the bottom of the building and peered out from behind the building. As soon as she poked her head a bullet came for her, she managed to recall herself to behind the wall.
“Holly mother of s*** that was to fricking close!” Mistical exclaimed, “Buuut at least know I know exactly where he is” said Mistical as she smiled. But now the question is how to get out from behind this building, the guy must have a heat sensor or something on the scope otherwise he wouldn’t have known where I was. I also need to wrap this up quick because that sniper wasn’t silenced so the police would be here soon. But the question is how do I distract him. Mistical looked around and found a chunk of brick. She picked it up, yeah this’ll be good but he’s too far away not even I could get a good shot that far away!  Mistical climbed the building, I also need to see if there’s anything in the way of where I’m throwing I to. Mistical popped her head above the top of the building but she was behind an air-conditioner, so the man couldn’t snipe her. The air-con was propped up two feet of the roof of the building. Mistical jumped on top of the building and slid beneath the air-con, she could see the spot where he was even though she couldn’t see him. He was on one of the top leaves of the highest building in the city. That’s a good spot, definitely going to be hard to hit! Oh god I’ve got one shot I best make it a good one, because if I don’t I’m screwed! Mistical crawled back to behind the building, she waited for a couple of seconds then sprung up from behind the building and threw the chunk of brick, the second after she threw it she dived to the side behind the air-con. A bullet flew by where she just was. Mistical could hear the brick flying through the air, she prepared to launch herself over the air-con as soon. She aimed for the top of the window and it seemed like the brick wasn’t going to even make it into the window at all but then it just got in and the man jumped back. Mistical moved the exact instant that the rock went through the window and lunched herself over the air-con and ran then leaped off the edge of the building. Msitical flipped in mid-air so that her back was facing the ground then she pressed the button on her belt and a grappling hook came out and caught the corner of the building across from the one she’d just jumped off. Mistical swung on the grappling hook and onto the building behind the one her hook had caught on. Once she landed she spun around and let her grappling hook wind back into her belt. Mistical worked her way towards the building that the man was in but she was circling in at the same time. The man didn’t have a clue where she was. Mistical climbed the building and slid in a window on the same level as the man. She slowly snuck towards him, then when she got behind him she grabbed him around the neck and got him in a sleeper hold. He flopped and Mistical let him fall to the floor. She sighed and checked the gun, it was a good sniper. Maybe the sanctuary would want it? Mistical picked the man up and flung him over her shoulder, then grabbed the gun and slung it over her back.
“Let’s go to the Sanctuary!” said Mistical to the unconscious man.


  1. Clever work there. Your posts are getting more exciting all the time.

    You seem a lot like Batman with the mask and grappling hook in your belt though.

    Loved It!
    Great suspense and Drama!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm glad you liked it!!!