Monday, 3 June 2013

Requiem Noble - Orders

Requiem really hated to be a whiner but she was beginning to feel like a parcel, being shunted all over the place.

Her meeting with Grand Mage Sentient had been delayed by three hours and the actual discussion had lasted her less than four minutes. He had been tense and worried but, unusually, didn't want to refuse any help that anyone could give them.

After the appropriate formalities had been exchanged, he had looked at her, hard, and in his eyes she saw that he was afraid. Truly afraid. She'd never seen a Grand Mage scared before.

She began to get worried.

Sapient had had contact from a sorcerer, Duck, who thought he had discovered the location of the Unnamed. This was serious stuff and Sapient wanted every available sorcerer on the case. Unfortunately, there weren't many available sorcerers.

Perhaps even more unfortunately, that meant her.

She was sceptical about how much use she was going to be but she had her orders.

It was time to meet this Duck.


  1. Yeah, kinda leaving the next bit to Duck...sorry Duck! I trust you with Requiem!

  2. And so, my fingers will start to type and in the end I will have created a masterful conversation.