Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Requiem Noble - What do you mean, assist in the investigation?

Requiem was not a happy sorcerer. She had phone the Irish Sanctuary Administrator to find out which flight she had been booked to fly home on. The news was not what she wanted to hear.

'What do you mean "assisst in the investigation"?' she snapped.

The Administrator was apologetic.

'I'm sorry, but the Grang Mage has realised that this situation is potentially far more dangerous than we at first thought. He is of the opinion that the Irish Sanctuary should have a hand in the investigation. You are the only Sanctuary-employed sorcerer currently in Australia.'

'Oh and I'll be a great help won't I?' stated Requiem sarcastically. 'Why don't you ask the Grand Mage what use anyone expects a Sensistive, a telepath no less, to be in a fight? If the Unnamed has returned, we're talking about the greatest evil this world has ever faced! And since we're on the subject, why is there so little information in the file? You look at that file to try and find out what magic you're up against and all it says is "might be this, rumours that it is that." I ask you, how helpful is that?'

'I'm sorry Requiem but you have to look at this properly. The Unnamed was so powerful that anyone who got near enough to him to find out the answers to those questions was killed before they could tell anyone. Look, the Grand Mage wants you involved in this investigation. You're to report to Grand Mage Sapient immediately and make yourself useful. Good luck.'

Requiem prepared to vent her anger on the Administrator but there was a soft click. The phone went dead in her hand. She muttered a few choice swear words, attempted to calm her temper - something she never had much success at - and went to find Grand Mage Sapient.

She had a feeling that she was going to need that luck.

Mistical Future - The Unnamed has returned

Mistical finally reached the administrators office, she was panting when she got there. She had sprinted flat out to get her as fast as she could, and to get away from the unnamed as fast as she could!
“Hi can I help you” asked the administrator
“Uh yeah” said Mistical as she pulled down her mask so that it hung around her neck, “Can I please speak to the Grand Mage or an Elder?”
“Um I think there’re a bit busy now” said the administrator
“Not a busy as there going to be after I talk to them” said Mistical
“What’s so important? Asked the administrator
“The Unnamed has returned”
“Yes we already know that”
Mistical looked surprised, “You do?”
“Yes we do and you should of found out by now” said the administrator, Then Mistical’s mobile vibrated,
“Hold on a sec” said Mistical as she checked her mobile.

The Unnamed has returned.
Hope you weren’t there
Love you

It was from Sam, Mistical’s boyfriend, “Uh now you tell me! Well he did say he already had a means of telling people that he was back”
The administrator frowned “He said?”
“Uh yeah I still need to talk to an Elder, the Unnamed uh gave me a visit”
“I think the grand mage is this way, quickly follow me” said the administrator hurrying out from behind the desk into the hall of the Sanctuary.  

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dynasty - I'm being used.

Dynasty was a terrible eves dropper. But he had to do it he had to find out what the Unnamed's plans were.
The Unnamed spoke.
"Your son will be great."
"But soon he will be out of date there will be other people we can replace him."
Lord Vile, his Dad went silent.
He didn't think that of course he didn't. he loved me kind of.
Dynasty needed to get out of here.
His phone beeped it was... Unnamed.
He read it, he said:
He went silent.
He needed a sasuage.
He liked them.
He had got himslef into real trouble.

Duck- Quite a lot more Exciting

As the Australian Sanctuary's minister of foreign affairs, Duck has the duty to tell everybody of what had happened. It didn't take him long send a text message to every mage and sorcerer alive. With the aid of magic and modern technology, he was able to spread the message within twenty minutes. After he was done replying to the number of replies he got, Duck strode to Bohemian's Elysian Field.

The room was tapped off and many people hung around. There were ten or so cleavers positioned equally around the corridor and a couple of on lookers were try to peer through the mass of detectives and more-important-mages that crowded the door. As Duck neared, Grand mage Sapient casually walked over to his side. Sapient was a kind and wise Grand mage. His brown beard hung low down his chest and his golden robes sparkled in the light.
"So have you contacted everyone, told them the news?" He asked as both him and Duck observed the detectives doing their work.
"Yes, I texted every sorcerer who has a phone," Duck replied. "But are we sure that The Unnamed has actually returned, what other evidence to we have apart from the... uh, wall paintings?"
"Well I'm no detective, but I'm fairly sure that Bohemian's dead body outside your office is a dead give away." Duck laughed aloud at the slight pun but Sapient just slowly turned his head to look at him as Duck's laugh died out, an eyebrow raised.
"But how did he die?" Duck blurted before it got too awkward. "I know that it was probably from blood loss but the cuts on his hands and arms, who did it?"
"According to our prime detectives, it was Bohemian himself," Sapient said. "He must have seen a horrible vision about The Unnamed and went completely bonkers. No one else was in the room and the rainbow dust tells us that the only magic used were of psychic origins."
"So Bohemian just cut himself and painted warnings on the walls with his own blood?"
"Looks to be that way."
"So what else was on the walls?" Duck asked.
"Just the usual stuff you get when a psycho gets his hands on writing material, 'there will be bloodshed', 'run, you fools', 'get away before it's too late'. But there was a sentence written on the roof stating that, and I quote: 'The followers will fight and flee'." 

They were both in deep thought when they heard hurrying footsteps behind them. Duck and Sapient turned to see the sanctuary's administrator running towards them with an envelope.
"Oh, good," Sapient said as put his hand out to receive the envelope. "I've being waiting for this document for a while."
The administrator handed him the envelope.
"Classified information about The Unnamed" Sapient said before Duck could even ask. "This has come all the way from Ireland in only a few short hours. Don't know why they can't just email us this stuff, it would be heaps simpler."
He turned the envelope around to open the seal, realised it was already open, took out the file, then started reading.

Duck, deciding not to just stand there, headed back to his office. Bohemian's body and blood had been cleaned up and there was no blood trail either. He sat on his chair, reliving in his mind the events of today. Nothing that thrilling had ever happened to him, ever. He could just see that his boring life as a 'minister of paperwork' was about to became quite a lot more exciting.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Requiem Noble - The File

Requiem sat back in the seat of the plane, resigned for a long journey to Australia. On the outside she looked every inch the calm and professional sorcerer but inside she was seething.

'Stupid Sanctuaries and their stupid secretiveness,' she muttered to herself. 'Has no one heard of this thing called a moblie phone? Or even email? They could have got the details through within minutes and I woudn't have had to sit here for twnty four hours and my legs fall asleep. But oh no it's all "Requiem would you mind awfully just popping this file over to the Australian Sanctuary?" Of course I mind! Why's there only one copy of the file about this guy anyway? And it's in the Irish Sanctuary. I thought he was Australian. Isn't it their problem? But no, instead I'm just expected to smile and just get on with it...'

She trailed off, still muttering occasional insults about the organisation in the Irish Sanctuary. It wasn't serious though. She'd worked for the Irish Sanctuary for almost seventy years now and, despite not agreeing with many of it's decisions, most of the time she loved her job. Unless she was stuck in a situation such as this one.

Sighing, for lack of better things to occupy her time she turned her attention to the file she was supposed to be delivering.

FILE CODE: 08043568



Very little is known about this sorcerer, other than that he was of greater power even than Mevolent himself.

He disappeared, quite suddenly, many years ago

Nothing has been heard of him since.

Additional Information

TITLE: The Unnamed

DISCIPLINE: Adept (suspected)

POWER: Possibly has a gist (it is rumoured that he is one of the rare sorcerers who has - whether intentionally or otherwise - allowed his gist to take control. This has not been verified by any reliable source.)
Possibly a Necromancer

Requiem leaned back in her seat. The file was tiny, they had hardly any information. That meant either he was no threat, or he was so dangerous that they really didn't know that much about him.

She was sceptical though. The Australian Sanctuary wanted this file because they were scared. But how bad could this man be. Surely not that bad?

She had no idea how wrong she was.

Dynasty - Dad

Dynasty looked at his Dad. The way his shadows swirled around him in every direction. He wished he could do that but his Dad never talked. Lord Vile never ever talked so his dear son Dynasty was never as could at necromancy as he could have been. He didn't care his magic had never been needed in a real fight. Lord Vile, his Dad swirled out of the room and talked with someone. 

Dynasty waited in the room for two minutes and then the man came in the room. The Unnamed. 
"Follow me."
Dynasty didn't want to but he HAD to if he didn't he would probably have his head off in seconds.
"Where are we going?"
"Don't ask questions."
He stayed silent. He wanted to kill him  right now but he was like a little puppy against him. He wouldn't stand a chance. He got his phone out and looked at his message and someone called Duck Tassap had sent him a message saying:
He beeped away on his phone and text back:
He put his phone in his pocket.
They stopped at a room. 
"Here is your room."
He walked out and Dynasty saw him click his fingers and then a shadow appeared and they mixed them together.

Hr closed the door and looked around the room it was a bed and a TV. He turned it on and put on Coronation Street. What should he do? Should he tell the Australian Sanctuary. Was he the only one who knew and would they even believe me. 
God knows.
Coronation Street finished and Dynasty jumped on his bed.
He was gonna die.
His phone beeped again and it was from Duck Tassap again.
He read it. It said:

Oh, god what mess had he got himself into this time...

Valice- Join me or die

Valice was sitting in a nice Cafe and ate a big strawberry ice. It was a cloudy day and most people hurried around in warm jackets wearing scarfs, but she didn't care. A girl came across the place and sat down in front of her. She was mortal, had no taken name and so it had been easy for Valice to become her 'friend'.
"Hi Valice!" 
She had this stupid, bright smile on her face, she always wore when she was around her. Valice had nothing against mortals, not at all, they were people as everyone else, but she had so many things to do, she needed someone who did the boring parts of her work. 
"Hi Nora,  nice to see you. And? Is there anything I should know?"
" I still don't get why you don't talk to all this people yourself! They are all so- special!"
"So am I, but to answer your question- I don't want to. My opinions are so different from the German Sanctuary's, and they don't like me. So, is there something?"
"Oh yes, there is. He told me to get this message to you: He has returned, the Unnamed has returned! If you want to join him, go to the cathedral and wait for him." 
"Wait, what?!"
"That's the message. He returned to our dimension and if you don't join him, you'll die!"
She stood up slowly. 
"I have to go!"
"No you stay! Nora!" 
But the girl started running like someone was after her. Valice stood up quickly and wanted to follow her but a waitress came to her and shouted: "Hey, you, you have to pay first!" Angrily Valice gave her some money. "Keep the change!", she said and then she ran. 
"I wouldn't go there if I were you!"
An old man stepped into her way, 
" nothing a girl your age should see."
"What happened?"
"This girl, not much younger than you I think, she came running and then.. then... She ran right onto the street and got hit by a car, she was dead within seconds!"

"Why did you kill her?"
"To show that I mean what I say."
They stood under a tree, the cathedral next to them. 
"I know who you are, I would never think you are joking." 
"It was just to be sure, would you please stop complaining now? Do you want to join me or not?"
"First, tell me what all this is about."
"Revenge, that's it."
"Why would I care about your revenge?" She laughed. "Why would you need me?"
"So you got better things to do?"
"True too, and otherwise you kill me, right?"
"Well, what choice do I have?"
"Great, I'll introduce you to the other members of this little group later, you'll here from me soon enough."
And then he turned and went away. "Wow", she said. "That's gonna be very funny or very bad!"
And the she went away too and left the siren's wailing behind her.

Mistical Future - The Unnamed Visitor

She moved quickly and sliced the vampire’s head off. The vampire’s body collapsed and Mistical looked at the head that rolled at her feet. She picked it up by the ears and tossed it in a nearby dumpster, and then she grabbed the body and dumped it in there.
“Well that takes care of the garbage” she muttered
“You know Miss Future you were called something different when I was last here” said a voice from behind. Mistical spun around ‘How’d he get the jump on me?’ she thought. She looked at the man standing in the front of the alley.
“You were called the promisor of victories” he continued “Yet you disappeared along time ago, but you’ve repapered just like I have. And I have and offer for you”
“Who are you” Mistical asked
“Well my taken name isn’t well known” he replied
“Then tell me the name that you are well known by” she said
“The Unnamed, that is what I’m best known as” he said
“You’re kidding me, the guy is now and evil legend, he’d dead”
“I wouldn’t be so sure after all people think you’re dead”
“They don’t know that person is me”
“No but your still considered an legend”
“If that’s what they consider me then they are fools”
“Ether way I have and offer, would you join me? Help Me?”
“Do what?”
“Get revenge”
“On who”
“On people that ruined my life, that banished me from this world”
“Ok, one I don’t even know you and two you were banished for a reason”
“And now I’m back, it was inevitable and they knew that”
“Sure they did” said Mistical rolling her eyes
“So will you join me on my quest for revenge, you will not be alone there are others”
“Uh no thanks”
“You could kill many people while you help me” he said, Mistical’s face darkened and her mask glared back at the Unnamed.
“I don’t kill anymore” she said with an edge in her voice
“Yes I notated that” he said as he gestured to the dumpster
“I don’t kill humans”
“But that vampire was human”
“No, not any more. What remains of that human is only a shell. That thing isn’t human and will never again be human”
“When you put it that way there is truth in it. So will you except my offer on not”
“I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you but it’s a no and will always be a no”
“That is disappointing, I would of rather you talents not have gone to wast” he moved towards her but Mistical jumped up and a grappling hook extended from her belt. She was pulled to the top of the building. She looked down from the top of the building
“I’m sorry to leave without a fight but if you are the Unnamed then I must spread the word that you are back” She said
“There is no need for that I’ve already begun to spread the word” he replied
Mistical shrugged “Oh well the I must spread it faster” then she ran off and headed towards the Australian Sanctuary

Duck- The Psychotic Psychic

Duck was working.
He worked in the Australian Sanctuary as their minister of foreign affairs. He thought that would mean worldwide travelling and meeting foreign people but today, like nearly every other day, he was doing paperwork. The only sound was the noise of his pen scribbling on paper and the slow tick-tock of the clock on the mantelpiece.
Duck put the pen down and looked at his work. 6 words. Nice. The Japanese Sanctuary would really appreciate his letter. He looked at the clock, 10:30pm. Duck got up from his chair with a grunt and headed for the door, his hard work done for the day. But just as he was exiting the office a man grabbed his arms.

The sudden guest had a thick beard and dirty, greasy hair reaching his shoulders. He had a tropical Hawaiian shirt, kaki pants and no shoes on his hairy feet. Duck recognised him straight away as Bohemian Channeller, the psychic that worked here at the Australian Sanctuary. But then Duck noticed Bohemian's hands. They were completely covered in blood. There were large, jagged cuts running a long his hands and up his arms, the blood still seeping out.

Duck pushed Bohemian away from him, for fear of blood getting over his clothes. Bohemian then looked right into his eyes with bewilderment.
"He's here, man," Bohemian croaked. Blood spluttered from his lips and landed on the floor.
"What, who? Why are you covered in blood?" So many question were running through Duck's mind.
"You've gotta run," Bohemian said, ignoring Duck's questions. "He's going to get everyone, everyone dude! Your only chance to escape is to run!" And then he just fell, just slumped onto the ground. Blood started running from his nose and eyes as his pupils rolled into the back of his head.

Duck was shocked. Nothing like this ever happens here, all the crazy stuff usually happens in Ireland or America but certainly not in Australia. Duck looked at the body of his colleague, Bohemian was definitely dead, but just to make sure Duck checked his pulse. He then remembered that he didn't know how to check a pulse so gave up on that, not really wanting to touch the body to find out. He looked up and down the hallway outside his office. There was a long trail of blood going off to the left and around a corner. Duck decided to follow it, curiosity taking control of his common sense. The blood trail stayed close to the wall, and there were red hand prints scraped against the it. Duck rounded the corner and saw that the trail led into a room to the right. He knew this was Bohemian's office, or as he called it, Bohemian's  Elysian Field. Duck had no idea why he called it that, but that was what was on the plaque on the door, that was now covered in blood. The door was opened only an inch so Duck slowly and wearily pushed it open.

Duck was flabbergasted. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide. He took a step back, then another. He heard footsteps to his left and looked to see two cleavers and another mage round the corner. They saw Duck and the mage raised his eyebrows and Duck just pointed.

"The walls," he whispered, to astonished to get anymore words out. The mage and cleavers jogged over to his position to see what he was pointing at. When they saw it, they too couldn't talk.

It was a mess, there was books and papers and scent candles thrown around the place. The desk was upturned and the swivel chair was in many pieces around the room. And the blood. There was blood everywhere over the floor but over the walls the blood made out words. Most of it was crazy gibberish but the far wall had clear and big letters and it was suddenly clear as to why Bohemian when crazy. On the wall, written in the psychic's own blood, was the worst sentence any sorcerer could imagine:

The Unnamed has returned

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dynasty - A nice Barbaque

Dynasty ate a sausage and smiled. Finally he could just forget about the war and...
He would of thought relax but as the thing came down he was knocked off his chair. He cursed. But suddenly he realized who it was the Unnamed. A good friend to his Dad. 
The unnamed smiled and spoke.
"We need you."
"For what?"
He smiled and Dynasty backed away.
"On who?"
"Come and join us and you will have the great revenge."
He wasn't sure, but as his Dad was here he wanted to go and see him. He walked with the Unnamed. He was back for good...
Dynasty chomped on his sausage.

Valice- The Return

It was a warm summer evening, children were playing on the streets, neighbours were chatting and friends  met for a barbecue spontaniously. Everything seemed to be good and friendly and noone thought about anything bad. 
'Soon enough that will change', he thought, looking at the small town. He stood on a small hill, hidden from the prying eyes of the villagers by some trees, feeling so cold in this warm season. Right here it had happened, right here they had banned him, but now he was back and all he could think about was revenge. He had waited so long and now it was time. Time to show the world that he was back, as powerfull and reckless and cold as he'd ever been, time to remind them who he was and what cruel enemy they had made.
He laughed.
'What a weird sound', he thought, and made a step out of the little forest, took a deep breath and started his way down the hill, still smiling.
"You should have known that I'd come back, and you'll never stop me!"


Not long but at least a beginning! :D

Dynasty Maguire - A Storyline to explain

Hi, so this will be a blog about a big story line a bit like a collaboration but not a collaboration.  So if you wanna join just leave your email and I'll add you as an author. Also a few rules if you are to join.
1. When you write your stories for the title put YOUR NAME - NAME OF THE STORY
2. Be nice and IF YOU ARE going to include people's OC's in your story DO NOT kill them UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION.
3. Just have fun and NO SWEARING but if you want to you could go F***

So the storyline is that the Unnamed has returned now lets get writing...