Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Requiem Noble - What do you mean, assist in the investigation?

Requiem was not a happy sorcerer. She had phone the Irish Sanctuary Administrator to find out which flight she had been booked to fly home on. The news was not what she wanted to hear.

'What do you mean "assisst in the investigation"?' she snapped.

The Administrator was apologetic.

'I'm sorry, but the Grang Mage has realised that this situation is potentially far more dangerous than we at first thought. He is of the opinion that the Irish Sanctuary should have a hand in the investigation. You are the only Sanctuary-employed sorcerer currently in Australia.'

'Oh and I'll be a great help won't I?' stated Requiem sarcastically. 'Why don't you ask the Grand Mage what use anyone expects a Sensistive, a telepath no less, to be in a fight? If the Unnamed has returned, we're talking about the greatest evil this world has ever faced! And since we're on the subject, why is there so little information in the file? You look at that file to try and find out what magic you're up against and all it says is "might be this, rumours that it is that." I ask you, how helpful is that?'

'I'm sorry Requiem but you have to look at this properly. The Unnamed was so powerful that anyone who got near enough to him to find out the answers to those questions was killed before they could tell anyone. Look, the Grand Mage wants you involved in this investigation. You're to report to Grand Mage Sapient immediately and make yourself useful. Good luck.'

Requiem prepared to vent her anger on the Administrator but there was a soft click. The phone went dead in her hand. She muttered a few choice swear words, attempted to calm her temper - something she never had much success at - and went to find Grand Mage Sapient.

She had a feeling that she was going to need that luck.