Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mistical Future - The Unnamed has returned

Mistical finally reached the administrators office, she was panting when she got there. She had sprinted flat out to get her as fast as she could, and to get away from the unnamed as fast as she could!
“Hi can I help you” asked the administrator
“Uh yeah” said Mistical as she pulled down her mask so that it hung around her neck, “Can I please speak to the Grand Mage or an Elder?”
“Um I think there’re a bit busy now” said the administrator
“Not a busy as there going to be after I talk to them” said Mistical
“What’s so important? Asked the administrator
“The Unnamed has returned”
“Yes we already know that”
Mistical looked surprised, “You do?”
“Yes we do and you should of found out by now” said the administrator, Then Mistical’s mobile vibrated,
“Hold on a sec” said Mistical as she checked her mobile.

The Unnamed has returned.
Hope you weren’t there
Love you

It was from Sam, Mistical’s boyfriend, “Uh now you tell me! Well he did say he already had a means of telling people that he was back”
The administrator frowned “He said?”
“Uh yeah I still need to talk to an Elder, the Unnamed uh gave me a visit”
“I think the grand mage is this way, quickly follow me” said the administrator hurrying out from behind the desk into the hall of the Sanctuary.  

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