Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Valice- Xmas Post??

Are we still writing the Xmas Post?
If yes, we could try to comment at least the first parts here, because we need to know them all before we can start writing the second one...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Valice- Still in the Interrogation Room

"So", Valice grinned. "Looks like finally everything goes according the plan. That's almost as shocking as having a plan at all!"
Chione laughed and then she opened the door to the interrogation room. Skulduggery and China were sitting on chairs, the Unnamed's follower was sitting on their opposite. Requiem was standing behin him, the otheres were standing or sitting on tables.
"Ah, here they come!", Duck said. "Coffee!"
"Black for Saracen, Misti, Duck, China and Valkyrie, with milk for Requiem...", Valice gave them their coffee.
"...Sam, Swik, Dynasty, Valice, whatever your name is and me, milk and sugar for Dexter!", Chione continued.
"And none for you", Valice said to the Unnamed's follower.
"What's your name, anyway?", she asked and turned to Dynasty. "Do we know that yet?"
"No, we don't. Until now he hasn't said anything helpful. Just that he loves China and how he's gonna get killed."
"He looks like a Dirk, don't you think? This nose- it's a Dirk-nose!", Sam said.
"It is", Mistical said. "So Dirk, why don't you tell us something helpful?"
"We already know where the Unnamed is", Skulduggery said. "So we're going to attack soon anyway. And we'll win. Maybe we haven't yet, and maybe we won't win next time either, but one day we will!"
"That's what you should know about us", Saracen said. "Now let's talk about you. There's a nice cell waitng for you, you know? You won't be joining the fights anymore. And the Unnamed's gonna kill you anyway, no matter if you talk to us or not, just because we caught you.So maybe it's time to change the side. You don't want to die, Dirk!"
Dirk didn't say anything.
"So you're cool with us calling you Dirk? Or do you wanna tell us your real name?", Dexter asked.
Still, Dirk didn't say anything, he was starring at China.
She sighed and put her hand on his.
"What's yor name, sweetheart?"
"I- I don't know... The Unnamed doesn't allow us to have names. But... I kinda like Dirk!"
Everyone laughed and China smiled. "That's lovely, dear! And I have to apologize for my friends here, they were very rude. We don't want to threaten you- we want to help you!"
"Yeah, right, what she said...", Dynasty said.
Valice grinned and China continued.
"What's the Unname's plan, love? He's mean, he doesn't care about you. But I do, I really do care about you. And if you help me I'll help you."
She smiled again and he whispered: "I love you..."
Her eyes widened and from one moment to the other she looked like the happiest woman in the world.
"She's good", Valice whispered and Chione nodded.
"The desolation machine!", Dirk suddenly screamed. "He has the desolation machine..."
The woman no one knew the name of dropped her coffee. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dynasty - Xmas Post!

As u may all know the Christmas season is beginning!!! :D YAY!!!
I hope you's all have lots and lots of fun on Christmas day and I am glad to have met you's through this blog. And I'd just like to point out that the Unnamed has returned blog will be going on a little holiday from 22nd December 2013 till 1st of January 2014.
But until then let's enjoy this blog and I would like to know whether you would like to do a Christmas post where Dynasty, Valice, Duck, Mistical, Sam, and Chione! Sorry if I've forgot u and I include you's to. 
 This post will be away from the storyline of the UNNAMED HAS RETURNED and will be a lovley Christmas day and we will all write it. We will come up with a plot and it MUST be done for 20th - 22nd December. 
So comment your ideas and we'll start writing. Btw this does not mean u cannot write posts about the Unnamed. 
So comment your ideas! ;D
Let me know if it's a good idea. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dynasty - Interagation

They entered the room. There he was. 
"Talk. Now." said Dynasty and Skulduggery. 
"Jinx touch wood." 
Dynasty raced over to a wooden board and touched it. 
"What the..." 
"Haha you cannot talk until someone ses your name!" 
"Skulduggery." said Valice smiling.
Dynasty gave her a dirty look and shut up. 
The minion of the unnamed didn't talk. 
"I'm getting China." said Mistical. 
"I'll come with." said Dynasty. 
Dynasty and Mistical walked out the room and randomly started talking about skittles. 
Duck stepped forward. 
"I'd talk if I were you."
The minion eyed him but did not talk. 
"She'll make him talk." she said lowly. 
"And what will she do about it eh?"
He was a cockney. 
"She'll torture you until you speak." said Valkyrie. 
"Don't think you'll like that." said Sam. 
Dynasty, Mistical and China returned and the Minions eyes widened but he still didn't speak. 
China tapped a symbol on her body and the man fell of the chair in agony. 
"Ah this is better." 
And he began. 

Sorry if it aint good :(

Monday, 18 November 2013

Mistical Future - To the Sanctuary

Mistical and Sam jogged to the meeting spot. Everyone was already there and Swik was explaining the direction of the Unnamed’s hide out. Swik stopped talking as they approached.
“He’s new” said Swik pointing to the spy over Mistical’s shoulder.
“Yeah, we caught the rat. This dude is the reason that we’re late” said Mistical
“Oh don’t worry about that you already knew the direction anyway” said Swik, “And what do you mean by rat?”
“Spy” said Sam simply
“So this guy is the reason that you were talking to me weirdly?” asked Duck
“Yep” said Sam, Duck inspected the man then shrugged
“What every you say” said Duck, “Oh and we have new members to the team even if it’s only temporary”
“Hi there Irish agents, I’m Sam Night” said Sam in a cheery voice.
“And I’m Mistical Future, nice to meet you all” said Mistical in a happy tone
“Ah I think we’ve met before. It was a few years ago” said Skulduggery, “You were being chases by and vampire you ended up on my car. Then you flung the vampire off a warehouse”
“Uh yes and no. I was being chases by a vampire and I did end up on your car but I didn’t fling the vampire off the warehouse uh, it was more like I pushed it off the warehouse” said Mistical looking sheepish.
“You’re lucky that my car wasn’t damaged” said Skulduggery
“Oh yes I was or I would have had a vampire and a skeleton with a gun chasing after me” said Mistical nodding.
“Yeah, and I was there for the event to” said Valkyrie
“Yeah” said Mistical rubbing the back of her head. “I can deal with vampires much better now that I have a sword”
“Anyway I’m Valkyrie Cain and this is Skulduggery Pleasant” said Valkyrie to Sam
“The man that needs no introduction” said Skulduggery
“Yes you do. Otherwise people will just think that you’re a talking science lab skeleton” said Dexter, “By the way I’m Dexter Vex” said Dexter puffing out his chest
“I’m Saracen Rue” said Saracen “And Skulduggery it’s rude not to introduce yourself when other have already introduced there selves” said Saracen smiling, Skulduggery just grumbled something.
“Well I’m glad that you’re not kids” said a woman, “We’re surrounded by them” she muttered, “It’s already hard enough just working with you Australians” muttered the woman in a harsh tone. Mistical almost dropped the guy that she was holding but she managed to pass him to Sam just in time.
“What did you say?” growled Mistical as she stood right in front of the woman. Mistical was a couple of inches taller than the woman and it made Mistical seem intimidating, “What’s so bad about us Aussies? Pommy” said Mistical in a bitter tone, “And what’s so bad about kids?”
“I- uh” stammered the woman.
“Hold him” said Sam passing the guy to Swik, then Sam stepped between Mistical and the woman, “Look whatever she said it couldn’t have been that bad” said Sam trying to calm the situation down. Mistical glared at the woman the woman a couple of seconds longer.
“Watch, your, tongue” said Mistical then she turned and walked away. The woman began to raise her hand but Sam gently grabbed it
“Do you want to lose it?” Sam hissed in her ear the woman immediately dropped her hand by here side. The Sam went and stood next to Mistical who now had the spy over her shoulder again.
“Well now that we’ve all introduced ourselves and had a uh, heart to heart conversation how about we figure out what to do now” said Saracen stepping into the centre of the circle that had formed.
“We have a spy that we could interrogate and possibly get some helpful information out of” said Sam
“Yes but we’re going to need to see if we can get him to talk” said Dexter
“I can read mines” said Requiem helpfully
“And China is in the Sanctuary” said Skulduggery, “She can make just about anyone talk”
“Well let’s go there” said Saracen, “The could be eyes watching out here”
“And ears listening” agreed Mistical
“Then let’s go inside” said Dynasty
“Ok then, everyone grab on” said Fletcher. Everyone linked arms, then there was a pop and everyone was in the Irish Sanctuary.

YAY Now we interrogate the spy! *Rubs hands together with an evil grin* MOHOHAHAHAHA!!!
"Misti no torturing the person" said Sam
*Misti's face falls*
"Ohw but I was looking forward to prodding his gentlemanly areas with a scolding hot iron bar!"
*Misti holds up a hot iron bar*
*Sam winces*
*Misti grins*
"No Misti just no. That is just plain cruelty" said Sam
*Misti's face drops again*
"No" said Sam
"Damn" said Mistical
*Misti clicks her fingers in disappointment*

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Unnamed- Planning Problems

"Sorry to disturb you sir, but where did you tell me to stand guard?"
"For the last time, over there by the gate! You're lucky I've killed too many people today, because if I hadn't..."
The timid follower scampered off at a quick pace before the Unnamed could finish his threat and took up position with another three guards. Ordering his followers around with just hand signals was far too complicated for these imbeciles so the Unnamed reckoned that yelling at them was a much better way of communicating is commands. Some of his other followers were moving crates and boxes, others were carefully carrying heavy machinery, and another group were having what seemed to be a coffee break. "I'll have to have a word with those guys," thought the Unnamed, "a word of death! Ha ha ha... no, that isn't really that funny at all." He just frowned, turned around, and walked inside.
The building he had set up as his new hideout was just on the outskirts of Roarhaven. It was a small, castle like building that was used during the war with Mevolent. The Unnamed had completely missed all that, what with being dead and all. It would have being fun working with Mevolent and then stabbing him in the back once the war was won with his help.
Lord Vile was standing motionless behind a desk on a small, circular stage in the middle of the room. The Unnamed strolled up to meet him and stood on the other side of the desk.
"So how's life?" asked the Unnamed.
Lord Vile was obviously not in the mood for talking, like he always is, and he produced from behind his back a role of blue paper.
"Ah, yes. The blueprints to my devious plan."
Lord Vile just stared at him.
"Okay then, our devious plan."
Second went by.
"Fine, your devious plan. Are you happy now?"
It was actually the Unnamed's plan but Lord Vile seemed happy, if it was possible for him to seem happy. Lord Vile stared at him for a moment but then placed the blueprints on the desk in between them both and pointed at a section of it.
"The Desolation Engine," said the Unnamed, "I sent a few of my followers to retrieve it from the bottom of the sea after Mr Renn saved everyone from it. The other one, I have being told, was destroyed by officials after the Dublin Sanctuary blew up. What about it?"
A few hand gestures were made by Lord Vile, they were vague but simple when put into context.
"Yes, it did blow up but the Engine still stays intact after it goes off. It has being used twice after all. If you want proof, just wait a couple of minutes for the search team to return, then you'll see it for yourself."
Lord Vile seemed satisfied, but then pointed to another part of the blueprint.
"Yeah, that's the perfect place to put it. She is always in the Sanctuary and if she isn't, she would be around Mr Pleasant and Miss Cain or, if we're really lucky, those band of misfits who cut my head off."
Vile crossed his arms, signalling he disagrees with something.
"What? What is it?" asked the Unnamed but then he quickly realised. "Oh, do you like our bomber-y do you? Is that it? Are you in love with the person who we'll strap the Desolation Engine to?"
There was no answer, verbal or physical, from Vile. The Unnamed took that as a yes.
"I can't blame you for that, really. I just assumed someone like you would be more... resistant. Anyway, moving on. Care to point out any more problems you have with your perfect blueprints?"
Lord Vile put up a single finger, then turn the blueprint over. On the other side was written a single phrase: Awesome Plan - Part 2.
"That's the only part that's wrong with the plan, no part two," said the Unnamed, "I haven't actually thought of it yet, but once we get into the remains of the Repository and we gather up some of the most deadliest objects known to sorcerers then I will. With that equipment, your infinite power of Necromancy, and my great knowledge of the language of magic, we will undoubtedly have the ability to murder every single sorcerer on the face of this planet, apart from you and me, and we will be rulers of the mortals!"
Lord Vile stood there.
"Look, it's a work in progress. Now, If you'll excuse me, I have some coffee drinkers to execute."

Right, so that's the Unnamed's vague plan.
He does seem to be overly positive and happy but after all the decapitation part I thought it would still suite his character. Beside, I like writing happy joking people.
And if you're wondering if there is a paradox with both Skulduggery and Vile in the story now, don't fear. Just think of it like at the end of Mortal Coil.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Mistical Future - Found it?

“I hear something” whispered Mistical, “There’s a building about a kilometre away. It sounds really busy, there are lots of people running around and doing stuff”
“Is it what we’re looking for?” asked Sam in a hushed voice
“I don’t know, I don’t recognize any of the voices” replied Mistical
“Well ok” said Sam sounding a little annoyed. Mistical looked up and Sam did the same.
“Sup guys. Oh wait that’d be me” said Swik just before she landed
“Hey you stole my line!” said Mistical
“Hey I’m sorry but I’m the one who can fly” said Swik. Sam just face palmed when the argument started
“Guy’s not now” said Sam with irritation in his voice. Swik and Mistical both looked at him, “Oh no, you’re not scaring me off with your duo look” said Sam standing his ground.
“There’s a suspicious looking building over in that direction” said Swik pointing to a hill in the opposite direction from Roarhaven. There are a lot of people and they look like they’re moving lots of stuff” said Swik
“Yeah I think I just noticed that building” said Mistical
“Oh and I think I saw the Unnamed directing the people where to go” said Swik
“Really?” asked Mistical
“Yeah, a person covered in flames isn’t that difficult to tell apart from a long distance” replied Swik
“Well that makes sense” said Sam
“He mustn’t be talking, because I can’t hear him” said Mistical
“Yeah it just looked like he was giving directions with his hands, like a person that directs a plane to the place where they dock” said Swik
“That sound’s amusing” said Mistical smiling, “Now I’m imagining the Unnamed in a fluoro vest with orange plane director things”
“He looks weird” said Sam
“He dose” said Swik frowning
“Oh, yep that’s defiantly him” said Mistical, “I can hear him now”
“What happened?” asked Sam
“Someone dropped something” replied Mistical, “There getting a good shout now. And rant and rave goes the Unnamed” Mistical smiled, “Hey that rhymes! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it” said Misical grinning
Sam just rolled his eyes “Boy would I hate to be that guy now” said Sam
“Ditto” said Swik, “I’m going to tell everyone where the hideout is. Say we meet up back at the starting point in uh … ten minutes?”
“Yeah we might make it in that time, we’ll jog there” said Sam
“Ok see you two later” said Swik
“Bye” said Sam
“See you soon” said Mistical, then Swik launched into the air, “By the way our tailer is trying to contact someone”
“They are?” asked Sam
“Yeah, give me a second” said Mistical then she drew her sword and threw it at the walky-talky the spy was holding. It hit the walky-talky and the walky-talky was sliced in two. Before the spy had time to react Mistical was in front of him and grabbed him into a hold but he slipped from her grip. The spy spun to face Mistical and Mistical jumped to the left just before a stream of orange light hit where she just was. Mistical used the tree to swing herself around and grabbed a hold of the spy in a choke hold. The spy heated up his hands and energy crackled around them. The Spy grabbed onto Mistical’s arm. Mistical felt the heat but her coat protected her from the attack. The spy realised that there attack wasn’t working and started trying to find spots that weren’t covered by the jacket. Mistical tightened her grip, Dam if I don’t hurry up he’ll find a weak point and escape! Mistical grabbed her cuff between her teeth and pulled it up, covering more of her arm with her coat and trying to stop or delay the spy from finding a part that wasn’t covered. The spy started reaching for Mistical’s stomach, Crap! He’s going to reach an uncovered spot, Dam, dam, dam, dam! Mistical risked loosening her grip and cracked the spy’s head against a tree. The spy cried out and their arms shot out to where their head hit the tree. Then the spy then flopped unconscious, he used up the last of his breath when he cried out.
Mistical dropped the guy and cursed, “Dam you dude, dam you” said Mistical painting. Mistical grabbed her sword and flung the spy over her shoulder.
“Is that our guy?” asked Sam walking over
“Yep it is. Can you get the walky-talky?” said Mistical
“Sure” said Sam them he picked up the pieces of the walky-talky, “So we’re taking him with us to interrogate”
“Exacta!” said Mistical, “And we can’t leave him there especially if he’s going to talk”   
“No we most certainly cannot” said Sam in a posh voice
“Pommy” said Mistical
“Hey!” said Sam, “Don’t be call me that”
“Well your British, and you put on a posh voice”
“So what”
“Pommy” said Mistical again and Sam just made an irritated noise

I hope that it was good, I just did it bit by bit so it's probably not the best writing that I've done. Um yeah ...

Oh and Pommy refers to British people, it's a word uses by Aussies and Kiwis (New Zealanders).

Oh if you are British I honestly mean no offence that's just what Misti calls Sam sometimes (generally in a playful manner).

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sam Night - New follower?

“Ah I’m so bored!” said Mistical, “Walking around in a large circle listening for something suspicious is so BORING!”
“Yeah well if you find it boring then your obviously not focussed on finding them” said Sam
“I am, it’s just so boring, this for me is just like sitting still”
“But we’re walking”
“Yes and at a very slow pace”
“If we run around the place your likely to miss something”
Mistical grumbled something, “It’s still boring”
“I didn’t say that it wasn’t” said Sam, “And shouldn’t you be looking out for the Unnamed not listening to a conversation with me”
“I’m listening to you and listening out of the Unnamed”
Sam gave Mistical a look that said that he want sure that that was true
“I can listen to more than one thing at a time. It’s like you listening to me and to the birds tweeting, it’s not difficult” said Mistical
“But the birds aren’t tweeting” replied Sam observently
“Yeah that’s because it’s Roarhaven and there are only crows that squawk”
“But the crows aren’t squawking”
“That’s the point” said Mistical quietly
“What? Do you mean there’s a rat tail?” asked Sam quietly
“Yes I do. We have a tailer” said Mistical, “You can check for yourself but be casual about it”
“Sure” said Sam then he stretched his arms out, feeling the air then put his arm around Mistical and put his head right next to her ear “Your right there’s a tailer. I only sense one, is that right?”
“Yes only one” said Mistical then she giggled, Mistical was putting on an act for the person tailing them.
“How long have they been tailing us?” asked Sam
“They’ve been tailing us for a little now, but I couldn’t tell that they were tailing us till just now because of the pace that we were walking at”
“Have they contacted anyone?”
“No, not from what I can tell”
“Well that’s good at least. Do you know what there waiting for?”
Mistical shrugged, “Don-no, but there keeping their distance so if they’re going to attack soon then it’s going to be a ranged attack. Otherwise they’ll have to get closer”
“Right” said Sam “Anything else that I should know?”
“Na I don’t think so”
“We should warn the others”
“It’ll look suspicious”
“Not if my mobile rings first” said Sam with a sly grin.
“Ok hot shot then how are we going to do that” asked Mistical smiling
“Simple you press speed dial and dial my mobile, then when we make it look like I answer it when in fact I decline it and call someone else” explained Sam
“Neat, who are you gona call? Couse I recommend calling someone with the Irish Sanctuary agents, because someone could be tailing Requiem and Sadia”
“Ok but isn’t that a reason to call Requiem?”
“Na, if she has someone tailing her she’ll be likely to notice and when we pass she can read out minds and find out that someone is tailing us, or she can sense the mind of the person that’s tailing us”
“Ah yeah that’s a good idea, but I’ll get someone else to call her just in case”
“fair enough” said Mistical, she then slipped her hand under her coat and reached for her mobile in one of her back pouches. She grabbed the mobile but made it look like she was scratching her back. “Ok speed dial away” said Mistical then called Sam. Sam’s mobile started playing the Sherlock theme song. Sam pulled out his phone then held it up in front of him
“Hey look it’s Jerry!” said Sam loud enough for the spy to hear. Sam quickly denied the call and called the fist persons number that came up, it was Duck’s. Sam put the mobile to his ear.
“Hey Jerry” he said into the dialling phone, “Long time no see how are you? … that’s great” While Sam was having a fake conisation with this none existent Jerry, Mistical pretended to scratch her back again and put her mobile back.
“Oh so you’re doing golf now! Cool! That sounds like so much fun!”
“Uh I’m sorry what?” asked Duck answering the call
“Hey It’s Sam, we have a tailer on us” said Sam quickly and quietly
“A tailer?” asked Duck
“A stalker”
“A stalker”
“A follower”
“A follower!”
“Yes. We don’t know for sure if there one of the Unnamed people. Currently there keeping their distance and we’re assuming that they think we haven’t noticed them”
“Really? How many are following you?” asked Duck
“Just one, and we don’t think they have contacted anyone else” said Sam, Sam then gave a sudden laugh, “Oh that’s great Jerry!”
“What? Why did you call me Jerry, and what’s so funny?” asked Duck sounding confused
“Sorry Just keeping that tailer occupied and making sure that they think we haven’t noticed them yet” said Sam
“Oh right. Ok then, have you called anyone else?”
“No, and you’re going to need to contact everyone else because it’ll look suspicious if I’m on the phone too long”
“Right” said Duck, “Can do. So have you found anything yet?”
“No I don’t think we have” said Sam, Sam glanced at Mistical and she shook her head, “No we’ve found nothing so far”
“Ok then, Uh anything else that you need to tell me?” asked Duck
“No nothing other than you have to call at least one person in every group, just give them the head’s up”
“Ok got it. Bye”
“Ok bye, we’ll get in contact if we have anything else to report”
“Ok then. See ya” said Duck ending the call.
“Oh that just great Jerry. Hey look buddy I’ve gota go I’m on a walk with my girlfriend and I’ve neglected her long enough … yeah see ya” said Sam and put his phone away.  
“Good well that’s settled” said Mistical
“Yeah … Hey Misti does this mean that I have a new follower?” asked Sam grinning and jerking his head casually towards the person tailing them.

I'm enjoying  making follower/stalker jokes it's amusing. I hope this heated the action a bit.
*In news reporters voice*
"And now let's check out the other groups and see if they have found anything other than new followers"

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Valice- The Irish Detectives

The Irish Sanctuary was an ugly building- so much darker than the Australian one.
But Valice didn't care about buildings anyway, the five people standing in front of it were so much more intersting.
A girl who looked like she was her age, Valkyrie Cain, the man next to her was Skulduggery Pleasant of course and next to him stood two good-looking men Valice identified as Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue. She had no idea who the woman next to them was, but she looked like she had just stepped into dog poop or something.
Even her voice sounded like it. "So you are from the Australian Sanctuary?"
"What's wrong with us?", Duck asked.
"Well, there's nothing wrong with you, but your companions here- they're only kids!"
Valice looked at the woman, then at Valkyrie and asked: "What?"
"Aren't you a bit young?", the woman asked.
"I'm sixteen, just one year younger than Detective Cain. So if you don't have anything helpful to say- why don't you just shut it?", Valice said angrily.
Detective Pleasant laughed and the others grinned. Well, apart from the woman who looked angry but didn't response.
"So who are you?", he asked.
"I'm Valice."
"Dynasty, hi!"
"If you don't know who I am I'm gonna leave now and never come back!", Fletcher said.
Skulduggery ignored Fletcher and answered: "Well, nice to meet you. I'm Skulduggery, you obviously already know my partner here, next to me we have Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue and I have absolutly no idea what's her name." He nodded to the woman and she blushed.
"Well then, what has happened so far?"

Monday, 4 November 2013

Mistical Future - Splitting up

Fletcher dropped them off just outside Roarhaven.
“Ok so what are we looking for?” asked Fletcher
“We’re not sure” said Requiem
“Right” said Fletcher “So how are you going to find it?”
“Dam it’s cold” said Swik interrupting the conversation.
“I told you to bring a jacket” said Mistical,
“I did” said Swik hugging herself
“I did say that it was winter in Ireland” said Mistical,
“Whatever” said Swik rubbing her arms and trying to make herself warmer.
“Ok back to the matter at hand” said Dynasty, “Finding the Unnamed”
“We should have asked what we were looking for” said Sadia
“Oh well we can’t go back and ask them now. There looking everywhere for us” said Chonie
“So how are we going to find them?” asked Valice
“We could … uh well I don’t know” said Chonie
“Requiem can try and read their minds and find their location” said Sadia
“Yeah I can do that, but I’ll have to walk all the way around Roarhaven and that could take a while” said Requiem
“But it’ll work” said Sam looking up from his phone,
“What are you doing on your mobile this time?” asked Chonie
“Sending the little info that we have to the Australian Sanctuary and telling them where we are. I’m also asking if they could get the Irish Sanctuary to help out with our search” said Sam
“Well ok” said Chonie, “At least you’re doing something useful”
“Yeah that’ll help us out, we should get someone to meet the Irish Sanctuary agents if the Irish Sanctuary will help out” said Dynasty
“I’ll do it” said Duck, “I’m not going to be much use in finding them otherwise”
“Dose anyone else have any other ways of finding the Unnamed’s hideout?” asked Valice
“I could fly around and look for any buildings that might need checking out” said Swik
“I can run around Roarhaven and see if I can hear the Unnamed or someone familiar talking” said Mistical
“Is that all?” asked Duck, there was silence for a few moments
“Looks like it” said Mistical, “But Dynasty can’t you, you know sense your Vile or something?”
“Uh no, what gave you that idea” said Dynasty
“I don’t know I just thought that maybe you might be used to you dad’s prese and maybe if you got close you might you know detect it” said Mistical, “You know what that dose sound stupid when I say it aloud. But I was thinking because you would be used to the feel of his magic you might be able to find him when he’s close” everyone stared at Mistical like she was stupid, “Oh ok never mind it was just a random guess”
“Johnny would be a great help now, he found out where the Unnamed was the first time” said Duck
“I wish him a happy afterlife, may the brave fella rest in peace” said Mistical, “But I see no point in moaning over what we don’t have. We’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got”
“The Irish Sanctuary can spare five agent, they’ll be waiting for you, Duck outside the entrance to the Sanctuary” said Sam talking to Duck
“The rest of you that can’t track should split up with the people that can to help if we’re discovered and get in trouble” said Mistical
“Well unless any of you can suddenly fly I’m on my own. But I’ll get in contact if I need help or if I think I found the hideout” said Swik
“Ok then” said Mistical
“I’ll go with Requiem” said Sadia
“I’m going with Misti” said Sam
“Chonie, Dynasty and me will go with Duck and the other Sanctuary members” said Valice
“And I’ll hang out with the Sanctuary members to” said Fletcher
“Well that’s everyone sorted. Requiem which direction will you go around Raorhaven? Clockwise or anti-clockwise?” asked Mistical
“I’ll go clockwise” replied Requiem
“Ok then I’ll go anti-clockwise, we should cross paths at the opposite end and keep going around so we double-check each other’s work.” said Mistcal, “Ok so we keep in contact and meet back here?”
“Yeah we’ll meet back here” said Duck
“What are you guy’s going to do when you meet up with the other sanctuary agents?” asked Swik
“Um … we’ll split up and look I guess” said Dynasty,
Swik nodded, “Ok then” said Swik
“Are we all good to go?” asked Sam
Everyone said there agreements
“When I’m done I’ll come down to the nearest group and help them look” said Swik, “Alright then let’s go” said Swik then she extender her wings and launched up into the air and left behind a spray of snow.
“See you guys soon” said Sam and Mistical as they waved to everyone and started walking anti-clockwise around Roarhaven.
“Well we’re off” said Sadia
“Bye” said Requiem then her and Sadia walked off in the clockwise direction.
“Well we best get moving” said Duck as he turned and walked towards the Sanctuary
“Uh how about a quicker way there” said Fletcher
“Right” said Duck as he spun on his heals then grabbed onto Fletcher.

I tried to make everyone talk a fair bit. Sorry if you don't like how I split you guys up, but I kept you with your second character if you had one.
Dynasty, Duck and Valice you can sort out if you want to stick together or split up.
Again sorry if you didn't like how I split you up!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dynasty - Where does the Unnamed hides

When they returned to the farm they were very right. There was about twenty of them there most of them dead but the rest alive!
"So... what do we do?" said Sam.
"Oh so now you come off your phone!" said Valice, not impressed.
"Hey I cannot disappoint my twitter followers can I?"
They ignored him.
Dynasty nudged one and there was no movement.
"How about we put a flame to him that might work." said Duck.
"Yeah good idea Duck!"
Dynasty clicked his fingers and a flame sparked.
"Hey, have you decided on your magic ability yet?" asked Chione.
"No, to be honest I don't really care, but I have been having these strange dreams about where I have my surge and I can still use any magic ability!"
"That could help us!"
Dynasty put the flame to the Unnamed's minon and his big, red eyes opened in a scream.
"Bloody hell!"
"Where is the Unnamed's hideout?"
"I shall not tell!"
"Dynasty," said Valice "burn him!"
Dynasty put a even bigger flame to him and then he gave in."
"OK, OK I'll tell you."
"Where?" demanded Duck.
Sam who was still on his phone, was hardly aware of what was going on.
Chione walked over to him.
"Hey what ya doing?"
"Done, let's go help!"
Sam and Chione walked over to the red eyed minion who was telling them the location.
"It's just out of Roarhaven, quite close to Sanctuary."
"OK, bye." said Mistical who put a sword into him.
"Mistical," said Valice. "he helped us!"
"Oh well." said Dynasty.
Chione tapped Dynasty on the back.
"Uh Dynasty..."
"Unnamed's followers behind us loads of them run."
And they ran.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Duck- Basic Blueprints

The funeral was over quickly.
There was urgent business to attend to so the proceeding were swift. Words were said, people cried, the casket was lowered ever so slowly into the rectangular pit. The reason behind his death was not mention, it was to horrific for his family.
Some of the attendees to Johnny Occult's funeral tried to be sad, they tried to mourn and cry and weep, but always on the edge of their minds was The Unnamed. China Sorrows' mission was clear, find him and don't attack. But really, a third time to find him is just torture. And after this last final time, Duck thought, I am going to have to retire.

Instead of going to the Wake, our group of 'Unnamed trackers' traveled back to Mistical house to discuss plans to find The Unnamed. The conversation wasn't flowing so sweetly so most of the group were lounging around on chairs in the living room and Sam was on his phone.
"So, where do we start?" asked Mistical.
"I have absolutely no idea," Duck replied.
"Well, who knows The Unnamed the most?"
Everyone looked at Dynasty. His father was Lord Vile who is a companion of The Unnamed, so Dynasty knew him the best out of all of them.
"Um, I have absolutely no idea, either," said Dynasty.
Half of the group groaned from being unimpressed.
"So who's next on the list for friends of The Unnamed?" asked Valice.
Everyone was silent, no one had a clue. A few long seconds went by.
"Woo! Five new Twitter followers. I'm so popular!" Sam exclaimed, jumping up from his seat with excitement and completely altering the mood of the room.
"Please Sam," said Mistical, "This isn't exactly the right time to talk about follower."
"Or... or is it," said Requiem, receiving surprised looks from the others. "Who would know The Unnamed even more than The Unnamed himself? His followers!"
"Of course," said Duck. "The Unnamed's followers are like his stalkers, they would know every detail about him. They would know what his favourite colour is, where he lives, and even what bra size he wears."
"Yeah, but wouldn't all his followers be at his hiding place. How could we get in contact with one of them?" said Swik.
"Back at the farm there should still be plenty left unconscious after that big fight," Dynasty said, "We could just ask one of them."
"So that's the plan?" Valice said, "Go back to the farm, ask a follower where The Unnamed his hiding, go to where he's hiding, map sure he's actually there, and report back to China."
"Yep," said Duck, "And it's the most uncomplicated plan we've had so far."

Dynasty - In the lions den

When they entered the lions den (the Elders room) the Elders were all sitting on chairs and eyeing them like they had committed a murder.
"Sit down." said the Grandmage, China Sorrows.
"Thank you." said Mistical and they all sat down.
"Nice to see you China." said Dynasty his eyes were watering at the beauty of her.
Valice nudged him and he stopped.
"Please will all of you's stop looking at me like dogs."
"O...o of course." they all said.
"Anyways lets get this meeting done, we need the unnamed dead, he is destroying sanctuary's and where all to scared to do anything."
"Yes," said Duck "however we have been fighting to stop him and we nearly had him dead."
"Yes but you failed." cut in Elder Rathrock.
"Well at least we tried." complained Sam.
"Trying isn't enough!" he shouted.
"Well why don't you get up of your lazy ares and try yourself!" shouted Valice!
China was not having this.
"We need to stop arguing," said China. " If we want to defeat the Unnamed then we need to work together not try to kill each other.
"Yes, sorry." said Valice and Rathrockt stayed silent.
 "Now, I have your first mission handy."
"Yes what is it?" said Chione.
"You must find where the Unnamed is hiding," she said. "Once you have found out do not attack, come back to us and then we will begin the first attack. The key to winning is taking little goals at a time, and after a while it will take a big affect on the enemy. Now go and don't return until you have found his base."
And then they left.

Sorry if I didn't write your characters very well ~ Brad/Dynasty 

Thursday, 31 October 2013


Happy Halloween!:)
For today I will be running a Halloween story comp. Write a scary story!
However it is not in the storyline! Write a side story and tomorrow I shall choose the winner!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Swik - Call of the Elders, to the lion's den?

“So, can I ask the vital question? Why are we here?” asked Swik
“What do you mean?” asked Fletcher
“I mean why are we in the Sanctuary?” asked Swik, “Of all the places why did you bring us here?”
“Oh right ah well that’s the thing, the Grand mage wants to see you all” said Fletcher, “They kind of found out when I brought the other girl here and uh there not happy”
“Right” said Sam
“Well should go and see them then” said Duck
“What about him?” asked Mistical pointing to Johnny
“Um … well we might want to bring him to” said Fletcher
“I take it that you already got roused at” said Valice
“Yeah, but they just gave me a boring lecture considering I didn’t do much, and the fact that I’m there only teleporter has its advantages”
“So we’ve going to get one hell of a pounding. What do you know Sam we live through the Unnamed and Vile but I have a feeling that we might die in the hands of the Elders” said Mistical
Sam nodded, “It looks like we lived only to die soon after” Sam and Mistical hung their heads at the same time.
“Oh don’t be so down you two, we lived through the Unnamed and Vile! I think that’s an achievement” said Sadia cheerfully
“Been there, done that” said Mistical sadly
Sam sighed, then grabbed Mistical’s shoulders then shook her, “How are we going to survive the Elders?” asked Sam with urgency in his voice. Mistical gripped Sam’s shoulder
“I don’t know” said Mistical looking a bit worried, Sam and Mistical hugged each other “We’re going to die!” said Sam and Mistical together.
“Are you two always like this when you see the Elders?” asked Requiem
Sam and Mistical turned their heads “No!” they responded in union
Swik rolled her eyes, “Ignore them they’re just goofing off” Mistical and Sam leaped over and stood in front of Swik. Mistical had her mask down and she and Sam were making puppy dog eyes at Swik. “Stop making those ridiculous eyes at me” Mictical and Sam stopped then turned and looked at each other. Then the both grinned madly and slowly turned to Swik, “What” said Swik, “What’s with that look?”
Sam and Mistical both put their arms over Swiks shoulders, “If we’re going in your going in first” they said together
“Onwards” said Mistical
“To the lion’s den” said Sam as he and Mistical both pulled Swik in the direction of the Elders room.  

Yeah I know I said that I wasn't writing but all the drafts are handed in and I don't yet have them back so I have some time. I hope you enjoyed Misti and Sam goofing off

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mistical Future - They missed us by that much

“Yes, I think a 'tactical retreat' would be a good idea...” said Valice
“I think so too, so that’s two yes” said Chione
“Six against three majority rules, we’re leaving!” said Mistical
“What?” said Dynasty, “I didn’t even get a chance to say what I think”
“It doesn’t matter, the result will still be the same” said Mistical, “So we shall retreat, but if you don’t want to come with us then you can stay here, cause I’m not gona stop you”
“Well I’m coming” said Sadia
“Well I’m not staying here alone” said Requiem
“Same here” said Dynasty
“Then let’s move, all of you go to the meeting spot” said Mistical pulling out her mobile and dialling a number, “Fletcher should meet you there. Sam and I will make a distraction, it won’t last long but it should be enough to get away”
“Why are you and Sam making a distraction why can’t I do it?” asked Sadia
“Because-” started Mistical
“Because she has an idea and we can’t pull it off because we don’t have the resources” said Requiem
“… Yeah” said Mistical while looking at Requiem, “Like what she said. We won’t be far behind you so get moving in ten seconds” said Mistical then put the mobile to her ear, “Yes sup it’s me Mistical, yeah we need to leave now so can you get to the designated spot. Yeah, ok good see you there, I’m going to keep this call going so we can keep in contact so don’t hang up” said Mistical then she turned to Sam, “Smoke pellets please” as if Sam read her mind he already had smoke pellets in his palm, he tossed then to Mistical, “Ok everyone move on three … one, two three!” on three Mistical and Sam threw the pellets in front of the Unnamed’s followers, they exploded and blinded the enemy. Covered by the smoke Valice, Chonie, Requiem, Sadia, Dynasty, Duck and Swik all headed for the spot meet Fletcher. Swik was flying low and was carrying Johnny’s dead body. Once everyone but Sam and Mistical had left the scene, Sam created a ball of fire in each hand then threw them into the smoke. They exploded and the smoke was momentarily painted a yellowy orange. There where cries from behind the smoke, Sam had hit some of the followers. Mistical gestured, pointing to Sam then to the crowd of followers then she pointed to herself and pointed over the smoke. Sam understood and tossed a flash boom to Mistical. Sam pulled out a couple of flash booms of his own then he nodded then in union Sam and Mistical threw their flash booms. A few followers were just coming out of the smoke when Sam’s flash booms went off in their faces, the followers reeled back blinded by the light. Mistical’s flash boom landed just in front of Vile, it went off and Vile stumbled back disorientated. Just after both of them threw their booms the turned and ran.
“Hey Misti are you there?” asked Fletcher
“Yeah” said Mistical
“Oh good you went quiet there for a bit”
“Oh yeah sorry we didn’t want to give away our position”
“Is everyone there?”
“Yes we’re just waiting for you two”
“Right we’ll be there in a -” Mistical stopped talking and turned her head, then cursed, “Fletcher teleport now!!”
“Just do it!!”
“Right” said Fletcher; there was a small pop sound on the other end of the phone and some voices. Then there was an explosion up ahead.
“What was that?” asked Sam
“It was a RPG” said Mistical as she spun and drew her sword slicing the shadows that was chasing her. Sam was doing the same.
“Right, did they get out in time?” asked Sam
“Yes they did. Ok Fletcher I want you to come and get us, but teleport about fifteen meters towards us from where you were last where.  And the instant that Sam and I touch you I want you to teleport. Got it?”
“Yeah” there was a faint pop again, “I’m back”
“Ok we’re just about in the clearing”
“I see you two”
“Good get ready”
“This is a touch and go operation” said Mistical and Fletcher nodded. Sam and Mistical held out their arms and grabbed hold of Fletcher then an instant later the teleported. Sam and Mistical’s momentum kept them moving forward. Sam put his hands up and ran into a wall but Mistical had no time to move before she crashed into Duck and they both were sent sprawling on the ground.
“Oh god sorry Duck” said Mistical getting up and offering him a hand.  
“That’s ok, it’s not your fault” said Duck as he was pulled up then brushed himself off. Sam wiped his brow
“Few that was close, a little to close” said Sam
“God yes!” agreed Mistical "The missed us by that much" said Mistical showing an inch between her index finger and thumb.
“Did you two know that there where shadows chasing after you?” asked Fletcher
“Like hell we did!” said Mistical
“Ok then, well I’m glad that you knew otherwise it would have been a shock if we didn’t make it out of there” said Fletcher, “They almost caught up to us”
“Yes, but I knew that we were just going to make it” said Mistical
“What was that back there?!” shouted Swik,
“What was what?” asked Mistical
“How you made us leave without you” replied Swik, “What was that for?!”
“Uh well that spot was about to be hit by an RPG”
“An RPG?” asked Sadia
“A Rocket-Propelled Grenade, it’s a type of gun like a rocket launcher”
“Ah right” said Sadia
“Yes and it was aimed straight for where you guys were. So you see you had to teleport or be exploded” said Mistical. Swik still looked angry but she had calmed down now. “Any how where are we?”
“We’re in the Australian Sanctuary” replied Fletcher
“Right then” said Sam, “I recon it’s a good change of scenery” and everyone mumbled here agreement’s to that.

*Says in deep man-ly narrator voice*
And now the second battle is finally over. How shall the next attack go? Will our heroes have their victory or will they be overwhelmed by there powerful foe's?  Find out next time on the Return Of the Unnamed.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mistical Future - Tactical Retreat?

“Oh right, that’s just great more people to fight and just when we thought we had this just about wrapped this up” said Sam summoning fire
Mistical sighed, “Sam you should know by now that a hero’s work is never done”
Sam glanced at her and snorted, “Yeah whatever, but I’m annoyed because this battle was just about over”
“Will you quit your complaining and help us out!” shouted Swik
“What do you think I’m doing?” said Sam in an icy tone
“Holding that fireball and doing nothing with it” said Swik harshly, Sam growled
“Ah just throw the bloody thing” said Mistical as cut down the enemy. Sam snorted and the fire blazed bigger than before. Then Sam threw it, it hit the ground and exploded sending three of the Unnamed’s followers backwards and Sam nodded in approval. Everyone fought in a pair or threesome so prevent followers to get them from behind. Despite the disadvantage in numbers everyone was pushing the followers back because the follower’s attaches were often sloppy and they needed the sheer amount of numbers in order to weaken anyone’s defences.  
“OK everyone let’s finish the Unnamed’s stalkers!” said Mistical
“Stalkers?” asked Valice
“Yes stalkers follow people do they not?” said Mistical
“Uh I guess so” said Valice unsure, Mistical shrugged
“Eh the joke was worth a try” said Mistical. Through the sea of followers Swik thought she could see Vile moving.
“Be back I a sec” said Swik as she lunched into the air to get a bird’s eye view of the situation. There was lots of followers all swarming there small group of opposition. Swik saw Vile standing.
“Oh this is bad, this is really bad” said Swik
“What is it Swik?” asked Mistical. Swik landed next to Misical and Sam.  
“Uh is it just me or dose Vile look pissed?” asked Swik, when she asked this everyone turned to where Vile was. The crowd of followers cleared a path so everyone could clearly see Vile and the shadows that curled around him.
“Oh **** oh ****, ****, ****, **** he looks so freaking pissed, oh god he looks so ******* pissed! Oh sugar-honey-ice-tea I’m so dead meat!” said Mistical taking a step back, “Everybody if I don’t make it, I wish you all a good life. But I’m recommending that we make a tactical retreat because I doubt that the red pillar trick will work twice. And unless anyone else has some fancy trick up there sleave then I think that it would be the wisest idea to make a tactical retreat. What do you all say, shall we get Mr Renn on the phone?” asked Mistical just before shadows lashed out at her. She dogged gracefully and held her sword in front of her,
“I don’t think I can handle Vile and I’m not sure if anyone else can, so if you don’t think you can handle it than I’m with you on running away” said Swik
“We’re not going to run away we are going to make a tactical retreat” said Mistical dogging and slicing shadows that where aiming for her alone.
“It’s the same thing as running away” said Duck throwing a fire ball
“No it’s not, running away is the action of moving away from someone or something using your legs and getting them to move you as fast as possible. But a tactical retreat is when we retreat in order to assess the information on our enemy that we have gathered and plan out a new strategy of attack using the knowledge that we have gathered” said Mistical all while dodging shadows. Vile was furious with her for setting the trap for him and he was targeting her because of it.
“But we would be running away from the scene” said Requiem as she slashed a follower
“No we will be teleporting away from the scene” said Mistical as she kicked a follower that was trying to sneak up on her, “So who’s in for a tactical retreat?”
“I am” said Sam
“Me too” said Swik
“So what about the rest of you? It’ll be a vote, majority rules” said Mistical

Uh yes I don't know the choose that your characters would make so I left it up to you because I don't want to make your character say something that they wouldn't really want to say.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Valice- Hot 'n' Cold

"This IS very bad!", Valice said.
Chione sighed. "Indeed, it is"
The Unnamed laughed. "You're dead", he said, she could hear the amusement in his voice.
"You're all dead, you might not know it yet, but you're dead. You insulted me and- even worse- you thought you were stronger than me. But you'rte not, you'll never win"
He laughed and was nearly hit by Valice's waterstream, but his flames burned so hot that the water evaporated before it could touch him.
"Damnit!", Valice said.
And then there were even more flames in the Unnamed's arm, it got bigger and bigger and then thinner and longer- it didn't took him more than a second- and he hit Valice with his now three meters long arm.
The arm returned to his normal length while Valice was thrown against a tree.
She coughed and got up slowly. After a second she realised what was wrong- she wasn't burned!
Somehow the Unnamed's fire was hot enough to make water evaporate but cold enough not to burn anyone. Hot and cold.
The others looked at her in surprise, she saw in their faces that they'd figured it out too.
"Is anyone thinking about Katy Perry too?", Chione asked.

The Unnamed looked at his hand, anger on his face, and he grabbed misticals arm, pulled her to him and looked at her, the concentration written on his face.
Dynasty threw his shadows and they cut through the Unnamed's arm, cut it off, and Mistical was free and jumped back. The flames that had been cut off the body, the Unnamed's arm and hand, vanished and then regrew immediately.
The Unnamed looked at each of them, sighed, and vanished.
"He doesn't know how to use his body- he doesn't know what he's doing!", Valice said.
"Yes, you're right", Duck said. "That's our chance"
"Chance? His body is made of fire!", Requiem said.
Duck opened his mouth to respond, but then he was interrupted by the Unnamed who suddenly reappeared.
"Attack!", he yelled and disappeared again.
"Shit, right, they're still here!", Chione said.
And then the red-eyed followers of the Unnamed attacked.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dynasty - Burning Time

They all stood round the fire and Dynasty held the head of the Unnamed.
"Unhand my head you idiot."
Dynasty laughed at the head and chucked it at Mistical.
Mistical caught it and almost dropped it in the fire.
She threw it at Duck.
Duck threw it back.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
"What was that?" said Chione.
"What was what?" exclaimed Valice.
"The tapping noise."
Tap. Tap. Tap.
"Oh yeah that," she said shrugging her shoulders. "dunno probably just a big crowd of ants its nothing.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Dynasty turned round.
"OK, what was that?"
Everyone was turning round now. Those who had weapons were drawing them and some were using whatever magic they could. Dynasty who had not yet decided on a magic ability clicked his finger and a flame sprouted.
"Hello..?" said Requiem, fear in his voice.
Suddenly the jungle was full of red eyes and one step forward they were surrounded by followers of the Unnamed.
"The head." said one of them.
"Get lost." said Dynasty.
He came forward and the flame that Dynasty had been holding went straight into his face and he went down on the floor screaming in a mess.
One more came forward and Valice shot water to knock him down which was followed by a sword in the head by Mistical.
This time three came forward and a shadow from Dynasty took his head off.
Then there was a long silence and they stepped back their red eyes glowing. And then they ran forward. Mistical threw the head at Dynasty and Dynasty knew what to do. The rest of  the gang came behind him sprouting magic in their hands. Dynasty moved to where the big fire was and was holding the Unnamed's head over it. There was a gasp and  they all drew there guns out.
"If you shoot us I'll drop the head in the fire and your leader will be gone."
"And if you drop that head in we'll shoot."
"Go right ahead." said Dynasty.
Suddenly shadows surrounded the gang.
"Damn it."
Dynasty dropped the head in the fire and the Unnamed's screams burned everyone down.
Suddenly the Unnamed's screams were gone and filled with a cold laugh.
The Unnamed's head was on a body of dark black flames.
This was bad. Very bad.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mistical Future - A crispy idea

“LAUGUAGE!” shouted Mistical as she shoved the Unnamed’s face into the wall.
“Ow that looked painful” said Swik as she walked through the hall.
“Hmm, oh hi Swik. Yeah it probably was but eh, it was his fault for using inappropriate language” said Mistical
“You can’t talk!” shouted the Unnamed with blood running down his face from a broken nose.
“SHUT UP!” yelled Mistical yet again slamming his ace into the wall, Mistical gave a giggle, “This is fun”
“Ah it’s a talking head!” shouted Swick as she jumped backwards
“Oh right you just got here. Um apparently the Unnamed doesn’t die when you decapitate him” said Mistical calmly
“S-so he can talk even when he doesn’t have a body? Ah where is his body? Dose it still exist?”
“Yeah it does, it’s over there” said Mistical as she pointed to the Unnamed’s body over her shoulder. The Ummamed’s body as if on command started moving and tried to free the knife from its arm, “Oh dear it’s trying to escape” said Mistical glancing at the body.
“Hold on” said Sam as he put up a hand and created a wall of air, “There that should hold him”
“Ok cool, thanks Sam” Mistical turned back to look at the Unnamed’s head, “ So how do we kill you? Or Vile? You can say something as long as it’s useful to us”
“Put me back on my body” said the Unnamed
“Is that going to help us?” asked Mistical
“Yes, it’s going to help you die” replied the Unnamed
“Then it’s a no”
“Put me back on my body”
“Dude you’re in no position to make demands, so just help us out will you” said Mistical sounding tired
“Fine, you can kill my by putting a sword through your head”
“Tempting but no. You see I’m trying to find a way to kill you not me”
“You’re getting nothing else out of me” said the Unnamed and tried to look away
“Fine be that way, but I recommend helping us unless you want your head bashed into the wall again”
“Hmm, give up my own life or be bashed into a wall … I think I’ll take being bashed into a wall” said the Unnamed glaring at Mistical
“Fine have it your way” said Mistical and was just about to bash the Unnamed’s head into the wall when she stopped, “Hmm wait, actually”
“So your reconsidering my offer?” asked the Unnamed
“Huh, what no, I was just … hmmm” Mistical turned around and looked at the Unnamed’s body. Then turned the head and looked at his neck, again at the rest of the head “Wait what offer was that?” asked Mistical sounding distant
“The one where you kill yourself”
“That one, oh uh no”
“What about the one you can join my side, you’re a skilled killer I could forgive you if you put my head back on my body and aided me”
“No way bub” said Mistical calmly while looking at the Unnamed’s head
“That’s a shame, dose anyone else want to join my side?”
“Too late now bub”
“What, why?”
“Because I just found the solution” sang Mistical and the Unname’s eyes widened.
“Wait what’s the solution?” asked Chonie
“Did any of you notice that the head hasn’t regenerated? Not just that but the fact that it hasn’t even tried to regenerate it”
“What? … No” said Duck
“Well I’m taking an educated guess here but I think that the Unnamed can’t regrow the brain or he wants the current one. He can repair it but just not regrow it otherwise he would probably would have regrown it or he wants the current one for something” explained Mistical
“Ok but why hasn’t the body even tried to regrow it?” asked Dynasty
“Because it’ needs to be reattached and regrowing a new neck isn’t going to do any good if the rest of the head has the neck. It would just create excess and unneeded flesh. This might also cause functioning problems when the head is reattached”
“So we destroy the head?” asked Valice
“Yes. But we need to destroy the body too because there is no guarantee that when the brain is gone that he won’t be able to regenerate it. The body might just be able to sense the head and will only regenerate the head when it believes that the head no longer exists”
“Why do you think that is?” asked Duck
“My guess is that the memories are important and if possible the body want’s to retrieve them”
“Ok then so we destroy everything”
“Yes we burn it, we turn it to ash so that the cells are no longer alive and therefore not able to reproduce and regenerate anything” said Mistical then she grinned “So get ready everyone that can use fire because you’re going to make one hell of a barbeque”

Sorry that you guys didn't talk much but I tried to get everyone that was there to talk at least once

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mistical Future - Playing Ball

“He is so annoying” said Sam, “Hey Misti, do you want to play ball?”
“Hell yes!” said Mistical
“Can I have the ball?” asked Sam with his hand out for the Unnamed’s head
“Sure I don’t see why not” said Dynasty and he gave Sam the head.  The Unnamed tried to bite Sam but he tossed the head to Mistical
“BATTTER UP!” shouted Sam as he pulled out his sword. “Give me your best pitch” said Sam as he took a baseball stance. Mistical ran past the Unnamed’s body and it was after her but she kicked the body to the side. Mistical turned then threw the head like an oversized baseball. It whizzed through the hall and Sam swung the sword. The Unnamed’s head hit the flat side of the sword and went flying right back to Mistical. It over-shot Mistical and hit the end of the hall with a crack.
“HOME RUN!” shouted Sam then he ran towards the other end of the hall. The Unnamed’s body threw shadows at him but he dodged and tossed a fire ball at him. The fire hit a wall of shadows.
“Hey! No Cheating allowed!” shouted Mistical as she threw one of Chonie’s knifes at the Unnamed.  It became wedged in his arm and the wall behind him, pinning him there. “And that’s what you get for cheating!” yelled Mistical, “So don’t do it again” Mistical jogged over to where the Unnamed’s head was. It was a bloody mess and part of the skull was dented in. “Hey Sam I think our ball is broken” said Mistical as she held up the Unnamed’s head.
“Yeah” said Sam frowning, “No kidding, he’s not looking so good. Do you think that he’ll do for another pitch?” said Sam inspecting the Unnamed’s head
“Na I think his time as a ball is over. It’s a shame because it was just getting fun” said Mistical
“So true” said Sam shaking his head “It’s such a shame, he wasn’t a bad ball”
“Yeah” said Mistical nodding. “Soooo what do we do with it now?”
“You put me back on my body” said the Unnamed
“No way dumb ass” said Mistical “I think that you look better like this. You have a unique look about you and it suits you well”  
“Like hell it dose *****” said the Unnamed sarcastically while rolling his eyes
Mistical stared at him for a second then shoved his face into the wall “Watch your language!”
“Like your one to talk” said the Unnamed spitting out blood. Mistical just grunted and put up her middle finger up in front of the Unnamed’s face then slammed him into the wall again.
“You know your violent and inappropriate” said Sam sighing, “And you set a bad example for kids”
“It’s from years of experience and hey I never asked to be an example for kids” said Mistical
“God, what’s it going to be like if we have kids” said Sam face palming himself.
“Hey I don’t make dirty jokes” said Mistical with one hand up in surrender, “Dirty jokes is not my style”
“I know” said Sam looking up from his palm, “But that doesn’t stop you from being a bad example”
Mistical shrugged “Eh I can’t help it” after a few moments Mistical held the Unnamed’s head to eye level, “So mister Unnamed, how do we kill you?”
“As if I’d ever tell you *****” said the Unnamed
“LAUGUAGE!” shouted Mistical shoving the Unnamed’s face into the wall again.

Sorry this is me mucking around, and trying to post something. I hope it was good enough to get this thing going again.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Valice- Uuups!

Valice woke up with a headache. 
She groaned and sat up slowly. She wasn't hurt, so she stood up, ready to re-join the battle. But before she could make one step towards the door, someone opened it and came in.
"Uuups", she said, when she recognised the Unnamed. For some reason, he had his head under his arm.
She ran at him, jumped, and kicked against the head. The Unnamed wasn't able to hold it and it fell out of his grip and started to roll down the corridor.
"Not again!", the head screamed, and the rest of the Unnamed turned around to get the head back. Valice pushed against the air, but the Unnamed threw shadows that cut through the air and nearly hit Valice. She ran after him, saw him running around a corner and followed him. "Uuups", she said for the second time, when she stopped as fast as she could, trying not to collide with the Unnamed, who stood in the middle of the corridor, still without his head. 
"Looking for this?", she heard someone saying- Dynasty!
He stood on the opposite, one feet on the head like it was a football.
The others stood next to him. 
Dynasty picked the head up.
"So what am I gonna do with this?"
"Put. Me. Down.", the Unnamed said slowly.
"Oh shut up!", he said. Instead of an answer, the Unnamed tried to bite him.
"He is annoying!", Chione said.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Mistical Future - Is he Dead or a Dullahan?

Mistical looked at the head as it landed with a thud in the middle of the room. She blinked
“It was that easy?” asked Mistical unsure; she shrugged and walked over to Dynasty. “Good job mate” she said as she stuck out her hand.
“Uh thanks, I didn’t think that was going to work” said Dynasty as he shook Mistical’s hand
“Eh who cares … apart from him” said Mistical as she pointed her thumb at the Unnamed’s head. Mistical waked over to the head and bent down, tilting her head as she looked at it. Everyone was walking over to inspect the Unnamed’s body or give Dynasty a clap on the back.
“AH” Mistical yelped as she jumped back and kicked the head like a soccer ball. It hit the wall with a dull thunk.
“What?” asked Sam looking concerned,
“It blinked!” said Mistical pointing to the head. Everyone stared at Mistical then at the Unnamed’s head. After a few seconds the Unnamed’s head blinked.
“See! See! I’m not insane!” exclaimed Mistical
“I’m not too sure about that” muttered Sam, Mistical turned and scowled at him
“You best take that back … after we deal with the Unnamed” said Mistical
“So what do we do with him now?” asked Chonie
“We roast him!” said Duck with fire in his hands
“Yeah I’m liking this idea so far. Oh but what about we slice him into small pieces first! Because everyone knows that smaller pieces cook faster” said Mistical now with a wicked grin
“Yeah lets cook us some Unnamed” said Chonie, with her knifes at the ready. Then the Unnamed’s body ran over, scooped his head up and ran out the exit.
Mistical leant over and peered out the doorway that the Unnamed left by, “Was that just me or did the Unnamed just run of like a Dullahan?”
“No it wasn’t just you” said Sam looking to where he had last seen the Unnamed.

Note: By the way a Dullahan is a headless horseman from Irish myths. They carry there heads under there arms.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Dynasty - Unknown Magic

The Unnamed shot multiple shots of beams at Valice and Dynasty, a wall of shadows to block it. The beams tore through the shadows and Valice was knocked to the ground. Dynasty jumped after her. Mistical and Sam were trying to take down the Unnamed but he kept on batting them away. Valice wasn't breathing but Dynasty knew what that was, so he lifted her up. WOW SHE'S LIGHT! He carried her to a lounge that the Unnamed used to make his plans and lay her down on the sofa to recover. He ran and when he found the Unnamed he jumped on his head and pulled. Suddenly Dynasty was threw into a wall. Suddenly he felt a new burst of magic but he couldn't tell what it was. He lightly flopped on the floor. He got up and jumped on the Unnamed again. With a burst of energy, again he couldn't tell what it was he tore the Unnamed's head off.

I'm baaaaaack! Guys I dunno what magic ability to have soooo.... in the comments suggest a magic for me and I will use them 2 help me to decide a magic! I might even use one of them! Good 2 be back!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mistical Future - Rage

“You, you … killed him!” said Mistical astonished, “he was your comrade and you killed him in cold blood” Mistical felt the anger welling up inside her
“What’s it to you, he was your enemy and it was likely that he was going to die anyway” said the Unnamed as he stood up he was completely healed
“You know what he may have been my enemy but I wouldn’t have killed him unless I had to” said Mistical
“Ah you see in order for me to survive I had to kill him” said the Unnamed calmly “So I had to kill him”
“Son of a bitch” said Mistical, the Unnamed shrugged and she was about to lunged when Dynasty’s shadows wiped at him, closely followed by  Duck’s and Valice’s fire. Mistical saw a wall of shadows appear before the Unnamed. Mistical ran towards a wall and kicked off, twisted and caught hold of a support beam. Mistical hulled herself up in one swift motion then walked around on the support beams till she was above the Unnamed. Mistical pulled out a knife that Chonie had made earlier out of her belt and held it in her left hand. Mistical held her sword in her right hand and dropped on the Unnamed, it was very ‘Assassins Creed’ like. The dagger became imbedded in the Unnamed left shoulder and her sword sliced through his right. The Unnamed howled in pain, Mistical pulled her sword free when shadows erupted from the Unnamed’s back and Mistical slammed into the beam that she had dropped from. Mistical grunted on impact and she was luckily because she had her jacket done up so the shadows didn’t penetrate her stomach. The Unnamed stood and when he did Mistical’s sword sliced the shadows and she fell on him, both the dagger and the sword where driven into the Unnamed’s left shoulder. The Unnamed tried get away but the dagger and the sword’s blades where crossed through his shoulder. The shadows went wild and Mistical tugged at the blades, but she didn’t try to pull them out she pulled them towards her keeping them in the Unnamed’s shoulder. There was a crack and a pop; the Unnamed’s shoulder had dislocated and part of his collarbone broken. Mistical pulled the sword and dagger free but didn’t pull upwards; instead she pulled down, the blades sliced through the majority of the Unnamed’s shoulder. The Unnamed pulled away, his arm was hanging on by a small amount of flesh and skin at the top of his shoulder, when he moved the whole arm twisted backwards and the small amount of flesh snapped under the weight and the Unnamed arm fell to the ground. Mistical growled and lunged again, the rage burning inside her.


Sam kicked the last sorcerer, just has he saw the pillar of red flicker. It flickered another two timed then the light died. Dam, times up! Though Sam then he saw Lord Vile standing, he looked unscathed and the shadows squirmed around him looking ready to kill. But then Vile dropped to his knees, and he began to fall face first onto the ground, he moved his hands to stop himself, he was on his hands and knees for half a second then he collapsed onto the ground and didn’t move. Swik landed beside Sam,
“Is he dead?” she asked,
“No, I saw him move, but he appears completely drained of energy. I’m actually half surprised that he’s still in on piece.” said Sam
“What, really? So you think he should be in pieces?” asked Swik
“More or less, you see that trap that we placed needs the user’s magic to activate it and some of that power is used to power the trap. The magic is multiplied and then used agents the target, but that’s only one quarter of the magic used to power the trap. The rest of the power comes from the target. Once the trap is activated then the trap will steal some of the target or target’s magic then multiply it and use it against them. And the more powerful the mage or the more of them there is the more powerful the attack is. With the sheer power that the trap was producing any regular mage would be incinerated especially if they didn’t have protective clothing. So yes I’m surprised that he’s intact but it looks like he used all of his magic protecting himself, so I don’t know, he might stay down for a while … at least I hope” said Sam looking at Lord Vile.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Valice- The Unnamed's power

We can win this!, Valice thought. She stood behind the Unnamed with Mistical and Chione, Dynasty and Duck were in front of him and the Unnamed was barely able to move with his leg sliced of. They started their attack. Chione made knifes and gave them to everyone who hadn't an own knife, and then she cut of three fingers of the Unnamed's hand. Then Dynasty cut of the whole hand. The Unnamed roared and cried out in pain, and that was when it all went wrong. 
Suddenly, there was someone else in the room. A man, a necromancer as it looked like. 
"Watch out, don't let him shadow-walk the Unnamed away!", Dynasty said.
Valice pushed against the air, but the man destroyed her wall of air with his shadows. He shadow walked, and stood in front of the Unnamed. This time, he wasn't able to destroy the stream quick enough and he stumbled foreward. Duck pushed against the air and he would have crashed against the opposite wall, but suddenly the Unnamed raised his arm with the hand he had left. Valice saw something silver, he had grabbed one of Chione's knifes, and now he used it to cut the necromancer nearly in half. The man was dying and the Unnamed grabbed one of his arms and suddenly all the shadows seemed to go over to the Unnamed and formed a new leg and a new hand. 
So this was his power, this was the reason why he was able to use so many different disciplines- he absorbed the magic from dying people.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mistical Furture - An accidental idea

Mistical stepped forward and slashed the Unnamed’s back. It was a deep cut from right shoulder to his lower back. The Unnamed had left himself wide open from the back and made him and easy target. The only problem was his healing ability, but Duck managed to put a serious strain on it using his fire. Mistical dogged to the side as Duck let out twin flams of fire into the Unnamed’s open wound. The Unnamed screamed and spun around but ended up getting fire in his face and he screamed even more the used shadows to shield him. Mistical jumped on top of the dome of shadows and landed in a crouch
“He set fire to ya hair” sang Mistical to the tune of ‘Dum ways to Die’, “And I have for-goten the rest of the lyrics, Dum ways to die oh so many dumb ways to die” Mistical stoped singing there and stared humming the song and she cut open the dome of shadows, once she cut it open the shadows melted and Mistical landed next to the Unnamed who was looking a little surprised and confused. He was still badly burnt but the burns where slowly getting better. While the Unnamed was caught off guard Mistical swung her sword at his chest, the Unnamed managed to step back and covered up his chest but got his left arm cut off. The Unnamed screamed in pain and rage, shadows lunged at Mistical and she jumped back
“Woops that was supposed to kill ya” said Mistical as she dodged the fury of shadows. Mistical looked at the arm that was lying in two pieces, the hand and the elbow, they started darkening then cracked. Mistical frowned then the pieces of the Unnamed’s arm turned to dust. … Crap what the hell? That was odd, that was weird and I have a really bad feeling about this guy now, dam what the hell is he? … He smells human … no, sorcerer, the magic around him is so dense that I can smell it and smell it easily! He’s not vampire nor is he a zombie. Whatever he is he’s living, he is dangerous and getting more so by the second! Crap this is bad Mistical was so lost in her thoughts that she was mindlessly dodging the shadows; her body was reacted on instinct. Mistical returned to reality and looked at the Unnamed’s arm, it had stopped bleeding, it was slowly regrowing and although his arm was being healed it was obvious that the Unnamed was struggling to keep up with everyone. That’s it! Thought Mistical, Let’s remove some limbs! Then he will struggle to use magic to defend himself leaving him more open to attacks. Mistical snuck behind the Unnamed who was focused on Chonie, Duck and Dynasty. Mistical sliced the Unnamed’s right leg off just above the knee; he roared and crumpled to the ground. In the moment that he fell he left himself open to attacks and was immediately assaulted by Dynasty, Duck and Chonie.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Valice- Plans failing

That had been close!, Valice thought. She dropped her hands and her part of the wall collapsed, in the same moment she started running. The Unnamed looked at her, she moved her hands like she was about to jump, but in the last moment she let herself fall and pushed against the air, slided over the ground and got to her feet two meters behind the Unnamed. Damnit! He turned around and smiled. Her plan to get behind him as close as possible, so she could attack him without him being able to spoil the attack- it had faild. He had enough space to attack her and her chances weren't the best as there was a wall about a meter behind her. 
She tried to see what the others were doing, but the Unnamed blocked her view. He raised his arm, ready to punch her head of her body. She swallowed and brought her hands close to her body, pushed against the air and jumped. While she was in the air, she could see the others, running at the Unnamed. You have to distract him!, she thought and waved with her hands, corrected her drop closer to the Unnamed and bent her legs and tried to kick the Unnamed against his chest. It worked quite well, apart from the fact that he just took a step back and she fell to the ground.
But it had worked, she had made him stepp closer to the others, who were now about to attack. Valice got back to her feet.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Mistical Future - Meeting Dynasty

Mistical found the Unnamed; he was in a room with Valice, Duck, Dynasty and Chione. She sliced the door and kicked it open, chunks of wood flew everywhere.
“You must be so glad that I have good door skills” said Mistical
“Yeah” grumbled Dynasty
“Hi newbie! I haven’t seen you before” said Mistical as she waved at Dynasty
“Do not ignore me!” said the Unnamed
“Who said I was ignoring you? I was just being polite in an odd situation” replied Mistical
“You know I really don’t’ like you” said the Unnamed
“Oh wow big vocabulary there” said Mistical sarcastically, the Unnamed snarled, “And Honestly I don’t blame you for not liking me, I have tried to kill you multiple times in the past few minutes and I-” Mistical saw the bloody mess on the Unnamed’s hand that was healing, “Wow that’s … new” said Mistical. The Unnamed flicked shadows at her and she sliced them with her sword. “You’re going to have to do better than that” said Mistical. He attacked again with shadows, Mistical dogged and moved out into the hall, he didn’t try to follow instead he turned to Valice, Dynasty, Duck and Chione. He threw shadows at them, Dynasty deflected shadows with shadows, Valice and Duck made a wall of air and Choine move behind the wall with Valice and Duck. There was a loud gun shot and Mistical was standing in the door. There was a bullet hovering an inch from the Unnamed’s head.
“Hmm what do you know, he can stop bullets” said Mistical. A wall of air flew at Mistical, she ducked behind the wall and what was left of the door flew and hit the other side of the hall.
“Wow high pressure stuff” said Valice, Chonie nodded in agreement.
“This isn’t good” muttered Mistical, I can’t hit him with long range, the only option is to get close and I‘m not keen on that thought Mistical. Mistical charged at the Unnamed and he looked at her then she froze, her body wouldn’t move no matter how much she tried. Dam! Mistical took a deep breath in and closed her eyes, focuses, be calm. She breathed out and let her muscles relax, listen to your heart beat, nothing else, concentrate on yourself and staying alive. The Unnamed threw a fire ball at her head and she calmly dogged. Mistical heard the Unnamed’s confusion and allowed herself to smile. Don’t lose focuses or whatever magic that he was using will take affect again. Mistical manages to get close to the Unnamed and was attacking him with her sword, her attacks where getting stronger and faster with each strike. The Unnamed had a shield of air pressure, but the Mistical’s strikes where straining it. Then it broke and the Unnamed stumbled and used shadows instead but Mistical’s sword sliced right through it and made a gash across the Unnamed’s chest. The Unnamed set himself alight and Mistical was forced to jump back. Dam I was so close! Then he had to set himself in fire!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Requiem - Zombies

When the red light flared up around Vile Requiem could see it, even through her tightly closed eyelids. She heard Misti's shout of three minutes and tried to focus. Vile was out of action, if only for a little while, and she exhaled slowly, relieved. She had no idea where the Unnamed was but right now she had bigger problems.

She was stood behind Sadia as the other woman hurled fireballs at the horde of approaching zombies. There were shots and she knew it was Swik, sniping from above. She reached out for the minds of the zombies, staggering slightly as their confusion of jumbled and savage thoughts reached her. She knew that if she spent too long sensing those almost animal-like thoughts she would go insane and so she focussed on her task, finding the right thought and giving it a tiny nudge.

'Requiem!' Sadia screamed and her eyes snapped open. The zombie held it's sword high and brought it swinging down, closer and closer to Sadia's head. Then, the altered though registered in it's brain and the sword twitched to the left, burying itself in the chest of one of it's comrades. The zombie roared in pain and responded in kind.

Suddenly, Requiem and Sadia were forgotten as the zombies turned on one another. It was chaos. Requiem sprinted through the melee, dodging blows every now and then as she made her way to where she'd last seen the others disappearing into the barn. Sadia chucked a couple more fireballs into the mess of fighting zombies and then followed.

Yay, I'm back! Sorry I haven't posted for so long, I've been away. Things have progressed pretty fast without me though!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Valice- About a minute

Valice was still smiling. Sure, punching through a weird creature's chest wasn't really something she liked to do, but not even that could ruin her mood right now. Something else could. She hadn't seen the Unnamed until he grabbed Dynasty, ready to break his neck. She ran to help him, but the Unnamed just looked at her and she suddenly wasn't able to move any more. It seemd as if he wasn't just able to use one magic discipline but more, Valice couldn't say how many. 
Because she couldn't keep running she yelled: "Hey, you, Unnamed! Let him go now!"
He just looked at her and raised an eyebrow.
"See, I'm going out with Dynasty now since about a minute ago, killing him now would be really, really mean, don't you think?"
Hurry up!, she thought.
"And you think I care about stuff like this? You two betrayed me!"
"No we didn't"
"Yes, you did"
"Well yeah, we did, but that was days ago, who cares about that any more?"

Chione took a look at her watch and decided that it was time. When Valice had decided that she'd go and find Dynasty now they had made a deal: if she wasn't back in fifteen minutes Chione would come after her. 
She entered the building and started to look for Valice. The house was huge and it must had been nice once, but now there were pieces of zombies everywhere and holes in doors, windows and walls, most of the furniture was destroyed and the glass of the picture frames was broken nearly everywhere. 
She stepped around a corner and-
        -the Unnamed stood in the middle of the room, he had grabbed a boy (Chione was quite sure that it was Dynasty) andValice was standing a few meters away from them, unable to move.
They were talking.
"You two betrayed me!"
"No we didn't"
"Yes, you did"
"Well yeah, we did, but that was days ago, who cares about that any more?"
Chione formed another knife, a big one, aimed and-

The knife hit the Unnamed's hand and he opened his hand and Dynasty fell to the ground, got up quickly and ran over to Valice, who could finally move again. Chione ran to them too.
"So you're Dynasty, right?", she asked. "I'm Chione, Valice's friend."
"Yes, I am, and I'm going out with Valice now!"
Chione stared at Valice. "Since when?"
"About two minutes now."
"And you didn't tell me yet?", Chione grinned.
"You three are dead!" The Unnamed looked at them angrily. Slowly his hand healed.
"Oh oh...", Chione said.