Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mistical Future - Playing Ball

“He is so annoying” said Sam, “Hey Misti, do you want to play ball?”
“Hell yes!” said Mistical
“Can I have the ball?” asked Sam with his hand out for the Unnamed’s head
“Sure I don’t see why not” said Dynasty and he gave Sam the head.  The Unnamed tried to bite Sam but he tossed the head to Mistical
“BATTTER UP!” shouted Sam as he pulled out his sword. “Give me your best pitch” said Sam as he took a baseball stance. Mistical ran past the Unnamed’s body and it was after her but she kicked the body to the side. Mistical turned then threw the head like an oversized baseball. It whizzed through the hall and Sam swung the sword. The Unnamed’s head hit the flat side of the sword and went flying right back to Mistical. It over-shot Mistical and hit the end of the hall with a crack.
“HOME RUN!” shouted Sam then he ran towards the other end of the hall. The Unnamed’s body threw shadows at him but he dodged and tossed a fire ball at him. The fire hit a wall of shadows.
“Hey! No Cheating allowed!” shouted Mistical as she threw one of Chonie’s knifes at the Unnamed.  It became wedged in his arm and the wall behind him, pinning him there. “And that’s what you get for cheating!” yelled Mistical, “So don’t do it again” Mistical jogged over to where the Unnamed’s head was. It was a bloody mess and part of the skull was dented in. “Hey Sam I think our ball is broken” said Mistical as she held up the Unnamed’s head.
“Yeah” said Sam frowning, “No kidding, he’s not looking so good. Do you think that he’ll do for another pitch?” said Sam inspecting the Unnamed’s head
“Na I think his time as a ball is over. It’s a shame because it was just getting fun” said Mistical
“So true” said Sam shaking his head “It’s such a shame, he wasn’t a bad ball”
“Yeah” said Mistical nodding. “Soooo what do we do with it now?”
“You put me back on my body” said the Unnamed
“No way dumb ass” said Mistical “I think that you look better like this. You have a unique look about you and it suits you well”  
“Like hell it dose *****” said the Unnamed sarcastically while rolling his eyes
Mistical stared at him for a second then shoved his face into the wall “Watch your language!”
“Like your one to talk” said the Unnamed spitting out blood. Mistical just grunted and put up her middle finger up in front of the Unnamed’s face then slammed him into the wall again.
“You know your violent and inappropriate” said Sam sighing, “And you set a bad example for kids”
“It’s from years of experience and hey I never asked to be an example for kids” said Mistical
“God, what’s it going to be like if we have kids” said Sam face palming himself.
“Hey I don’t make dirty jokes” said Mistical with one hand up in surrender, “Dirty jokes is not my style”
“I know” said Sam looking up from his palm, “But that doesn’t stop you from being a bad example”
Mistical shrugged “Eh I can’t help it” after a few moments Mistical held the Unnamed’s head to eye level, “So mister Unnamed, how do we kill you?”
“As if I’d ever tell you *****” said the Unnamed
“LAUGUAGE!” shouted Mistical shoving the Unnamed’s face into the wall again.

Sorry this is me mucking around, and trying to post something. I hope it was good enough to get this thing going again.


  1. Hahaha, this Blog went from exciting to extreeeemly funny!! :D

  2. Thanks Valice! XD I'm glad that you thought it was funny!
    Sam and Misti can be amusing when they are together. They like to occasionally muck around no matter how serious the situation might be. :D