Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mistical Future - A crispy idea

“LAUGUAGE!” shouted Mistical as she shoved the Unnamed’s face into the wall.
“Ow that looked painful” said Swik as she walked through the hall.
“Hmm, oh hi Swik. Yeah it probably was but eh, it was his fault for using inappropriate language” said Mistical
“You can’t talk!” shouted the Unnamed with blood running down his face from a broken nose.
“SHUT UP!” yelled Mistical yet again slamming his ace into the wall, Mistical gave a giggle, “This is fun”
“Ah it’s a talking head!” shouted Swick as she jumped backwards
“Oh right you just got here. Um apparently the Unnamed doesn’t die when you decapitate him” said Mistical calmly
“S-so he can talk even when he doesn’t have a body? Ah where is his body? Dose it still exist?”
“Yeah it does, it’s over there” said Mistical as she pointed to the Unnamed’s body over her shoulder. The Ummamed’s body as if on command started moving and tried to free the knife from its arm, “Oh dear it’s trying to escape” said Mistical glancing at the body.
“Hold on” said Sam as he put up a hand and created a wall of air, “There that should hold him”
“Ok cool, thanks Sam” Mistical turned back to look at the Unnamed’s head, “ So how do we kill you? Or Vile? You can say something as long as it’s useful to us”
“Put me back on my body” said the Unnamed
“Is that going to help us?” asked Mistical
“Yes, it’s going to help you die” replied the Unnamed
“Then it’s a no”
“Put me back on my body”
“Dude you’re in no position to make demands, so just help us out will you” said Mistical sounding tired
“Fine, you can kill my by putting a sword through your head”
“Tempting but no. You see I’m trying to find a way to kill you not me”
“You’re getting nothing else out of me” said the Unnamed and tried to look away
“Fine be that way, but I recommend helping us unless you want your head bashed into the wall again”
“Hmm, give up my own life or be bashed into a wall … I think I’ll take being bashed into a wall” said the Unnamed glaring at Mistical
“Fine have it your way” said Mistical and was just about to bash the Unnamed’s head into the wall when she stopped, “Hmm wait, actually”
“So your reconsidering my offer?” asked the Unnamed
“Huh, what no, I was just … hmmm” Mistical turned around and looked at the Unnamed’s body. Then turned the head and looked at his neck, again at the rest of the head “Wait what offer was that?” asked Mistical sounding distant
“The one where you kill yourself”
“That one, oh uh no”
“What about the one you can join my side, you’re a skilled killer I could forgive you if you put my head back on my body and aided me”
“No way bub” said Mistical calmly while looking at the Unnamed’s head
“That’s a shame, dose anyone else want to join my side?”
“Too late now bub”
“What, why?”
“Because I just found the solution” sang Mistical and the Unname’s eyes widened.
“Wait what’s the solution?” asked Chonie
“Did any of you notice that the head hasn’t regenerated? Not just that but the fact that it hasn’t even tried to regenerate it”
“What? … No” said Duck
“Well I’m taking an educated guess here but I think that the Unnamed can’t regrow the brain or he wants the current one. He can repair it but just not regrow it otherwise he would probably would have regrown it or he wants the current one for something” explained Mistical
“Ok but why hasn’t the body even tried to regrow it?” asked Dynasty
“Because it’ needs to be reattached and regrowing a new neck isn’t going to do any good if the rest of the head has the neck. It would just create excess and unneeded flesh. This might also cause functioning problems when the head is reattached”
“So we destroy the head?” asked Valice
“Yes. But we need to destroy the body too because there is no guarantee that when the brain is gone that he won’t be able to regenerate it. The body might just be able to sense the head and will only regenerate the head when it believes that the head no longer exists”
“Why do you think that is?” asked Duck
“My guess is that the memories are important and if possible the body want’s to retrieve them”
“Ok then so we destroy everything”
“Yes we burn it, we turn it to ash so that the cells are no longer alive and therefore not able to reproduce and regenerate anything” said Mistical then she grinned “So get ready everyone that can use fire because you’re going to make one hell of a barbeque”

Sorry that you guys didn't talk much but I tried to get everyone that was there to talk at least once