Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Swik - Call of the Elders, to the lion's den?

“So, can I ask the vital question? Why are we here?” asked Swik
“What do you mean?” asked Fletcher
“I mean why are we in the Sanctuary?” asked Swik, “Of all the places why did you bring us here?”
“Oh right ah well that’s the thing, the Grand mage wants to see you all” said Fletcher, “They kind of found out when I brought the other girl here and uh there not happy”
“Right” said Sam
“Well should go and see them then” said Duck
“What about him?” asked Mistical pointing to Johnny
“Um … well we might want to bring him to” said Fletcher
“I take it that you already got roused at” said Valice
“Yeah, but they just gave me a boring lecture considering I didn’t do much, and the fact that I’m there only teleporter has its advantages”
“So we’ve going to get one hell of a pounding. What do you know Sam we live through the Unnamed and Vile but I have a feeling that we might die in the hands of the Elders” said Mistical
Sam nodded, “It looks like we lived only to die soon after” Sam and Mistical hung their heads at the same time.
“Oh don’t be so down you two, we lived through the Unnamed and Vile! I think that’s an achievement” said Sadia cheerfully
“Been there, done that” said Mistical sadly
Sam sighed, then grabbed Mistical’s shoulders then shook her, “How are we going to survive the Elders?” asked Sam with urgency in his voice. Mistical gripped Sam’s shoulder
“I don’t know” said Mistical looking a bit worried, Sam and Mistical hugged each other “We’re going to die!” said Sam and Mistical together.
“Are you two always like this when you see the Elders?” asked Requiem
Sam and Mistical turned their heads “No!” they responded in union
Swik rolled her eyes, “Ignore them they’re just goofing off” Mistical and Sam leaped over and stood in front of Swik. Mistical had her mask down and she and Sam were making puppy dog eyes at Swik. “Stop making those ridiculous eyes at me” Mictical and Sam stopped then turned and looked at each other. Then the both grinned madly and slowly turned to Swik, “What” said Swik, “What’s with that look?”
Sam and Mistical both put their arms over Swiks shoulders, “If we’re going in your going in first” they said together
“Onwards” said Mistical
“To the lion’s den” said Sam as he and Mistical both pulled Swik in the direction of the Elders room.  

Yeah I know I said that I wasn't writing but all the drafts are handed in and I don't yet have them back so I have some time. I hope you enjoyed Misti and Sam goofing off

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