Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mistical Future - Tactical Retreat?

“Oh right, that’s just great more people to fight and just when we thought we had this just about wrapped this up” said Sam summoning fire
Mistical sighed, “Sam you should know by now that a hero’s work is never done”
Sam glanced at her and snorted, “Yeah whatever, but I’m annoyed because this battle was just about over”
“Will you quit your complaining and help us out!” shouted Swik
“What do you think I’m doing?” said Sam in an icy tone
“Holding that fireball and doing nothing with it” said Swik harshly, Sam growled
“Ah just throw the bloody thing” said Mistical as cut down the enemy. Sam snorted and the fire blazed bigger than before. Then Sam threw it, it hit the ground and exploded sending three of the Unnamed’s followers backwards and Sam nodded in approval. Everyone fought in a pair or threesome so prevent followers to get them from behind. Despite the disadvantage in numbers everyone was pushing the followers back because the follower’s attaches were often sloppy and they needed the sheer amount of numbers in order to weaken anyone’s defences.  
“OK everyone let’s finish the Unnamed’s stalkers!” said Mistical
“Stalkers?” asked Valice
“Yes stalkers follow people do they not?” said Mistical
“Uh I guess so” said Valice unsure, Mistical shrugged
“Eh the joke was worth a try” said Mistical. Through the sea of followers Swik thought she could see Vile moving.
“Be back I a sec” said Swik as she lunched into the air to get a bird’s eye view of the situation. There was lots of followers all swarming there small group of opposition. Swik saw Vile standing.
“Oh this is bad, this is really bad” said Swik
“What is it Swik?” asked Mistical. Swik landed next to Misical and Sam.  
“Uh is it just me or dose Vile look pissed?” asked Swik, when she asked this everyone turned to where Vile was. The crowd of followers cleared a path so everyone could clearly see Vile and the shadows that curled around him.
“Oh **** oh ****, ****, ****, **** he looks so freaking pissed, oh god he looks so ******* pissed! Oh sugar-honey-ice-tea I’m so dead meat!” said Mistical taking a step back, “Everybody if I don’t make it, I wish you all a good life. But I’m recommending that we make a tactical retreat because I doubt that the red pillar trick will work twice. And unless anyone else has some fancy trick up there sleave then I think that it would be the wisest idea to make a tactical retreat. What do you all say, shall we get Mr Renn on the phone?” asked Mistical just before shadows lashed out at her. She dogged gracefully and held her sword in front of her,
“I don’t think I can handle Vile and I’m not sure if anyone else can, so if you don’t think you can handle it than I’m with you on running away” said Swik
“We’re not going to run away we are going to make a tactical retreat” said Mistical dogging and slicing shadows that where aiming for her alone.
“It’s the same thing as running away” said Duck throwing a fire ball
“No it’s not, running away is the action of moving away from someone or something using your legs and getting them to move you as fast as possible. But a tactical retreat is when we retreat in order to assess the information on our enemy that we have gathered and plan out a new strategy of attack using the knowledge that we have gathered” said Mistical all while dodging shadows. Vile was furious with her for setting the trap for him and he was targeting her because of it.
“But we would be running away from the scene” said Requiem as she slashed a follower
“No we will be teleporting away from the scene” said Mistical as she kicked a follower that was trying to sneak up on her, “So who’s in for a tactical retreat?”
“I am” said Sam
“Me too” said Swik
“So what about the rest of you? It’ll be a vote, majority rules” said Mistical

Uh yes I don't know the choose that your characters would make so I left it up to you because I don't want to make your character say something that they wouldn't really want to say.


  1. Great chapter Misti! :)
    And yes, I think a 'tactical retreat' would be a good idea...
    And Chione thinks so too, so two "yes" from me xD