Thursday, 31 October 2013


Happy Halloween!:)
For today I will be running a Halloween story comp. Write a scary story!
However it is not in the storyline! Write a side story and tomorrow I shall choose the winner!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Swik - Call of the Elders, to the lion's den?

“So, can I ask the vital question? Why are we here?” asked Swik
“What do you mean?” asked Fletcher
“I mean why are we in the Sanctuary?” asked Swik, “Of all the places why did you bring us here?”
“Oh right ah well that’s the thing, the Grand mage wants to see you all” said Fletcher, “They kind of found out when I brought the other girl here and uh there not happy”
“Right” said Sam
“Well should go and see them then” said Duck
“What about him?” asked Mistical pointing to Johnny
“Um … well we might want to bring him to” said Fletcher
“I take it that you already got roused at” said Valice
“Yeah, but they just gave me a boring lecture considering I didn’t do much, and the fact that I’m there only teleporter has its advantages”
“So we’ve going to get one hell of a pounding. What do you know Sam we live through the Unnamed and Vile but I have a feeling that we might die in the hands of the Elders” said Mistical
Sam nodded, “It looks like we lived only to die soon after” Sam and Mistical hung their heads at the same time.
“Oh don’t be so down you two, we lived through the Unnamed and Vile! I think that’s an achievement” said Sadia cheerfully
“Been there, done that” said Mistical sadly
Sam sighed, then grabbed Mistical’s shoulders then shook her, “How are we going to survive the Elders?” asked Sam with urgency in his voice. Mistical gripped Sam’s shoulder
“I don’t know” said Mistical looking a bit worried, Sam and Mistical hugged each other “We’re going to die!” said Sam and Mistical together.
“Are you two always like this when you see the Elders?” asked Requiem
Sam and Mistical turned their heads “No!” they responded in union
Swik rolled her eyes, “Ignore them they’re just goofing off” Mistical and Sam leaped over and stood in front of Swik. Mistical had her mask down and she and Sam were making puppy dog eyes at Swik. “Stop making those ridiculous eyes at me” Mictical and Sam stopped then turned and looked at each other. Then the both grinned madly and slowly turned to Swik, “What” said Swik, “What’s with that look?”
Sam and Mistical both put their arms over Swiks shoulders, “If we’re going in your going in first” they said together
“Onwards” said Mistical
“To the lion’s den” said Sam as he and Mistical both pulled Swik in the direction of the Elders room.  

Yeah I know I said that I wasn't writing but all the drafts are handed in and I don't yet have them back so I have some time. I hope you enjoyed Misti and Sam goofing off

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mistical Future - They missed us by that much

“Yes, I think a 'tactical retreat' would be a good idea...” said Valice
“I think so too, so that’s two yes” said Chione
“Six against three majority rules, we’re leaving!” said Mistical
“What?” said Dynasty, “I didn’t even get a chance to say what I think”
“It doesn’t matter, the result will still be the same” said Mistical, “So we shall retreat, but if you don’t want to come with us then you can stay here, cause I’m not gona stop you”
“Well I’m coming” said Sadia
“Well I’m not staying here alone” said Requiem
“Same here” said Dynasty
“Then let’s move, all of you go to the meeting spot” said Mistical pulling out her mobile and dialling a number, “Fletcher should meet you there. Sam and I will make a distraction, it won’t last long but it should be enough to get away”
“Why are you and Sam making a distraction why can’t I do it?” asked Sadia
“Because-” started Mistical
“Because she has an idea and we can’t pull it off because we don’t have the resources” said Requiem
“… Yeah” said Mistical while looking at Requiem, “Like what she said. We won’t be far behind you so get moving in ten seconds” said Mistical then put the mobile to her ear, “Yes sup it’s me Mistical, yeah we need to leave now so can you get to the designated spot. Yeah, ok good see you there, I’m going to keep this call going so we can keep in contact so don’t hang up” said Mistical then she turned to Sam, “Smoke pellets please” as if Sam read her mind he already had smoke pellets in his palm, he tossed then to Mistical, “Ok everyone move on three … one, two three!” on three Mistical and Sam threw the pellets in front of the Unnamed’s followers, they exploded and blinded the enemy. Covered by the smoke Valice, Chonie, Requiem, Sadia, Dynasty, Duck and Swik all headed for the spot meet Fletcher. Swik was flying low and was carrying Johnny’s dead body. Once everyone but Sam and Mistical had left the scene, Sam created a ball of fire in each hand then threw them into the smoke. They exploded and the smoke was momentarily painted a yellowy orange. There where cries from behind the smoke, Sam had hit some of the followers. Mistical gestured, pointing to Sam then to the crowd of followers then she pointed to herself and pointed over the smoke. Sam understood and tossed a flash boom to Mistical. Sam pulled out a couple of flash booms of his own then he nodded then in union Sam and Mistical threw their flash booms. A few followers were just coming out of the smoke when Sam’s flash booms went off in their faces, the followers reeled back blinded by the light. Mistical’s flash boom landed just in front of Vile, it went off and Vile stumbled back disorientated. Just after both of them threw their booms the turned and ran.
“Hey Misti are you there?” asked Fletcher
“Yeah” said Mistical
“Oh good you went quiet there for a bit”
“Oh yeah sorry we didn’t want to give away our position”
“Is everyone there?”
“Yes we’re just waiting for you two”
“Right we’ll be there in a -” Mistical stopped talking and turned her head, then cursed, “Fletcher teleport now!!”
“Just do it!!”
“Right” said Fletcher; there was a small pop sound on the other end of the phone and some voices. Then there was an explosion up ahead.
“What was that?” asked Sam
“It was a RPG” said Mistical as she spun and drew her sword slicing the shadows that was chasing her. Sam was doing the same.
“Right, did they get out in time?” asked Sam
“Yes they did. Ok Fletcher I want you to come and get us, but teleport about fifteen meters towards us from where you were last where.  And the instant that Sam and I touch you I want you to teleport. Got it?”
“Yeah” there was a faint pop again, “I’m back”
“Ok we’re just about in the clearing”
“I see you two”
“Good get ready”
“This is a touch and go operation” said Mistical and Fletcher nodded. Sam and Mistical held out their arms and grabbed hold of Fletcher then an instant later the teleported. Sam and Mistical’s momentum kept them moving forward. Sam put his hands up and ran into a wall but Mistical had no time to move before she crashed into Duck and they both were sent sprawling on the ground.
“Oh god sorry Duck” said Mistical getting up and offering him a hand.  
“That’s ok, it’s not your fault” said Duck as he was pulled up then brushed himself off. Sam wiped his brow
“Few that was close, a little to close” said Sam
“God yes!” agreed Mistical "The missed us by that much" said Mistical showing an inch between her index finger and thumb.
“Did you two know that there where shadows chasing after you?” asked Fletcher
“Like hell we did!” said Mistical
“Ok then, well I’m glad that you knew otherwise it would have been a shock if we didn’t make it out of there” said Fletcher, “They almost caught up to us”
“Yes, but I knew that we were just going to make it” said Mistical
“What was that back there?!” shouted Swik,
“What was what?” asked Mistical
“How you made us leave without you” replied Swik, “What was that for?!”
“Uh well that spot was about to be hit by an RPG”
“An RPG?” asked Sadia
“A Rocket-Propelled Grenade, it’s a type of gun like a rocket launcher”
“Ah right” said Sadia
“Yes and it was aimed straight for where you guys were. So you see you had to teleport or be exploded” said Mistical. Swik still looked angry but she had calmed down now. “Any how where are we?”
“We’re in the Australian Sanctuary” replied Fletcher
“Right then” said Sam, “I recon it’s a good change of scenery” and everyone mumbled here agreement’s to that.

*Says in deep man-ly narrator voice*
And now the second battle is finally over. How shall the next attack go? Will our heroes have their victory or will they be overwhelmed by there powerful foe's?  Find out next time on the Return Of the Unnamed.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mistical Future - Tactical Retreat?

“Oh right, that’s just great more people to fight and just when we thought we had this just about wrapped this up” said Sam summoning fire
Mistical sighed, “Sam you should know by now that a hero’s work is never done”
Sam glanced at her and snorted, “Yeah whatever, but I’m annoyed because this battle was just about over”
“Will you quit your complaining and help us out!” shouted Swik
“What do you think I’m doing?” said Sam in an icy tone
“Holding that fireball and doing nothing with it” said Swik harshly, Sam growled
“Ah just throw the bloody thing” said Mistical as cut down the enemy. Sam snorted and the fire blazed bigger than before. Then Sam threw it, it hit the ground and exploded sending three of the Unnamed’s followers backwards and Sam nodded in approval. Everyone fought in a pair or threesome so prevent followers to get them from behind. Despite the disadvantage in numbers everyone was pushing the followers back because the follower’s attaches were often sloppy and they needed the sheer amount of numbers in order to weaken anyone’s defences.  
“OK everyone let’s finish the Unnamed’s stalkers!” said Mistical
“Stalkers?” asked Valice
“Yes stalkers follow people do they not?” said Mistical
“Uh I guess so” said Valice unsure, Mistical shrugged
“Eh the joke was worth a try” said Mistical. Through the sea of followers Swik thought she could see Vile moving.
“Be back I a sec” said Swik as she lunched into the air to get a bird’s eye view of the situation. There was lots of followers all swarming there small group of opposition. Swik saw Vile standing.
“Oh this is bad, this is really bad” said Swik
“What is it Swik?” asked Mistical. Swik landed next to Misical and Sam.  
“Uh is it just me or dose Vile look pissed?” asked Swik, when she asked this everyone turned to where Vile was. The crowd of followers cleared a path so everyone could clearly see Vile and the shadows that curled around him.
“Oh **** oh ****, ****, ****, **** he looks so freaking pissed, oh god he looks so ******* pissed! Oh sugar-honey-ice-tea I’m so dead meat!” said Mistical taking a step back, “Everybody if I don’t make it, I wish you all a good life. But I’m recommending that we make a tactical retreat because I doubt that the red pillar trick will work twice. And unless anyone else has some fancy trick up there sleave then I think that it would be the wisest idea to make a tactical retreat. What do you all say, shall we get Mr Renn on the phone?” asked Mistical just before shadows lashed out at her. She dogged gracefully and held her sword in front of her,
“I don’t think I can handle Vile and I’m not sure if anyone else can, so if you don’t think you can handle it than I’m with you on running away” said Swik
“We’re not going to run away we are going to make a tactical retreat” said Mistical dogging and slicing shadows that where aiming for her alone.
“It’s the same thing as running away” said Duck throwing a fire ball
“No it’s not, running away is the action of moving away from someone or something using your legs and getting them to move you as fast as possible. But a tactical retreat is when we retreat in order to assess the information on our enemy that we have gathered and plan out a new strategy of attack using the knowledge that we have gathered” said Mistical all while dodging shadows. Vile was furious with her for setting the trap for him and he was targeting her because of it.
“But we would be running away from the scene” said Requiem as she slashed a follower
“No we will be teleporting away from the scene” said Mistical as she kicked a follower that was trying to sneak up on her, “So who’s in for a tactical retreat?”
“I am” said Sam
“Me too” said Swik
“So what about the rest of you? It’ll be a vote, majority rules” said Mistical

Uh yes I don't know the choose that your characters would make so I left it up to you because I don't want to make your character say something that they wouldn't really want to say.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Valice- Hot 'n' Cold

"This IS very bad!", Valice said.
Chione sighed. "Indeed, it is"
The Unnamed laughed. "You're dead", he said, she could hear the amusement in his voice.
"You're all dead, you might not know it yet, but you're dead. You insulted me and- even worse- you thought you were stronger than me. But you'rte not, you'll never win"
He laughed and was nearly hit by Valice's waterstream, but his flames burned so hot that the water evaporated before it could touch him.
"Damnit!", Valice said.
And then there were even more flames in the Unnamed's arm, it got bigger and bigger and then thinner and longer- it didn't took him more than a second- and he hit Valice with his now three meters long arm.
The arm returned to his normal length while Valice was thrown against a tree.
She coughed and got up slowly. After a second she realised what was wrong- she wasn't burned!
Somehow the Unnamed's fire was hot enough to make water evaporate but cold enough not to burn anyone. Hot and cold.
The others looked at her in surprise, she saw in their faces that they'd figured it out too.
"Is anyone thinking about Katy Perry too?", Chione asked.

The Unnamed looked at his hand, anger on his face, and he grabbed misticals arm, pulled her to him and looked at her, the concentration written on his face.
Dynasty threw his shadows and they cut through the Unnamed's arm, cut it off, and Mistical was free and jumped back. The flames that had been cut off the body, the Unnamed's arm and hand, vanished and then regrew immediately.
The Unnamed looked at each of them, sighed, and vanished.
"He doesn't know how to use his body- he doesn't know what he's doing!", Valice said.
"Yes, you're right", Duck said. "That's our chance"
"Chance? His body is made of fire!", Requiem said.
Duck opened his mouth to respond, but then he was interrupted by the Unnamed who suddenly reappeared.
"Attack!", he yelled and disappeared again.
"Shit, right, they're still here!", Chione said.
And then the red-eyed followers of the Unnamed attacked.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dynasty - Burning Time

They all stood round the fire and Dynasty held the head of the Unnamed.
"Unhand my head you idiot."
Dynasty laughed at the head and chucked it at Mistical.
Mistical caught it and almost dropped it in the fire.
She threw it at Duck.
Duck threw it back.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
"What was that?" said Chione.
"What was what?" exclaimed Valice.
"The tapping noise."
Tap. Tap. Tap.
"Oh yeah that," she said shrugging her shoulders. "dunno probably just a big crowd of ants its nothing.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Dynasty turned round.
"OK, what was that?"
Everyone was turning round now. Those who had weapons were drawing them and some were using whatever magic they could. Dynasty who had not yet decided on a magic ability clicked his finger and a flame sprouted.
"Hello..?" said Requiem, fear in his voice.
Suddenly the jungle was full of red eyes and one step forward they were surrounded by followers of the Unnamed.
"The head." said one of them.
"Get lost." said Dynasty.
He came forward and the flame that Dynasty had been holding went straight into his face and he went down on the floor screaming in a mess.
One more came forward and Valice shot water to knock him down which was followed by a sword in the head by Mistical.
This time three came forward and a shadow from Dynasty took his head off.
Then there was a long silence and they stepped back their red eyes glowing. And then they ran forward. Mistical threw the head at Dynasty and Dynasty knew what to do. The rest of  the gang came behind him sprouting magic in their hands. Dynasty moved to where the big fire was and was holding the Unnamed's head over it. There was a gasp and  they all drew there guns out.
"If you shoot us I'll drop the head in the fire and your leader will be gone."
"And if you drop that head in we'll shoot."
"Go right ahead." said Dynasty.
Suddenly shadows surrounded the gang.
"Damn it."
Dynasty dropped the head in the fire and the Unnamed's screams burned everyone down.
Suddenly the Unnamed's screams were gone and filled with a cold laugh.
The Unnamed's head was on a body of dark black flames.
This was bad. Very bad.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mistical Future - A crispy idea

“LAUGUAGE!” shouted Mistical as she shoved the Unnamed’s face into the wall.
“Ow that looked painful” said Swik as she walked through the hall.
“Hmm, oh hi Swik. Yeah it probably was but eh, it was his fault for using inappropriate language” said Mistical
“You can’t talk!” shouted the Unnamed with blood running down his face from a broken nose.
“SHUT UP!” yelled Mistical yet again slamming his ace into the wall, Mistical gave a giggle, “This is fun”
“Ah it’s a talking head!” shouted Swick as she jumped backwards
“Oh right you just got here. Um apparently the Unnamed doesn’t die when you decapitate him” said Mistical calmly
“S-so he can talk even when he doesn’t have a body? Ah where is his body? Dose it still exist?”
“Yeah it does, it’s over there” said Mistical as she pointed to the Unnamed’s body over her shoulder. The Ummamed’s body as if on command started moving and tried to free the knife from its arm, “Oh dear it’s trying to escape” said Mistical glancing at the body.
“Hold on” said Sam as he put up a hand and created a wall of air, “There that should hold him”
“Ok cool, thanks Sam” Mistical turned back to look at the Unnamed’s head, “ So how do we kill you? Or Vile? You can say something as long as it’s useful to us”
“Put me back on my body” said the Unnamed
“Is that going to help us?” asked Mistical
“Yes, it’s going to help you die” replied the Unnamed
“Then it’s a no”
“Put me back on my body”
“Dude you’re in no position to make demands, so just help us out will you” said Mistical sounding tired
“Fine, you can kill my by putting a sword through your head”
“Tempting but no. You see I’m trying to find a way to kill you not me”
“You’re getting nothing else out of me” said the Unnamed and tried to look away
“Fine be that way, but I recommend helping us unless you want your head bashed into the wall again”
“Hmm, give up my own life or be bashed into a wall … I think I’ll take being bashed into a wall” said the Unnamed glaring at Mistical
“Fine have it your way” said Mistical and was just about to bash the Unnamed’s head into the wall when she stopped, “Hmm wait, actually”
“So your reconsidering my offer?” asked the Unnamed
“Huh, what no, I was just … hmmm” Mistical turned around and looked at the Unnamed’s body. Then turned the head and looked at his neck, again at the rest of the head “Wait what offer was that?” asked Mistical sounding distant
“The one where you kill yourself”
“That one, oh uh no”
“What about the one you can join my side, you’re a skilled killer I could forgive you if you put my head back on my body and aided me”
“No way bub” said Mistical calmly while looking at the Unnamed’s head
“That’s a shame, dose anyone else want to join my side?”
“Too late now bub”
“What, why?”
“Because I just found the solution” sang Mistical and the Unname’s eyes widened.
“Wait what’s the solution?” asked Chonie
“Did any of you notice that the head hasn’t regenerated? Not just that but the fact that it hasn’t even tried to regenerate it”
“What? … No” said Duck
“Well I’m taking an educated guess here but I think that the Unnamed can’t regrow the brain or he wants the current one. He can repair it but just not regrow it otherwise he would probably would have regrown it or he wants the current one for something” explained Mistical
“Ok but why hasn’t the body even tried to regrow it?” asked Dynasty
“Because it’ needs to be reattached and regrowing a new neck isn’t going to do any good if the rest of the head has the neck. It would just create excess and unneeded flesh. This might also cause functioning problems when the head is reattached”
“So we destroy the head?” asked Valice
“Yes. But we need to destroy the body too because there is no guarantee that when the brain is gone that he won’t be able to regenerate it. The body might just be able to sense the head and will only regenerate the head when it believes that the head no longer exists”
“Why do you think that is?” asked Duck
“My guess is that the memories are important and if possible the body want’s to retrieve them”
“Ok then so we destroy everything”
“Yes we burn it, we turn it to ash so that the cells are no longer alive and therefore not able to reproduce and regenerate anything” said Mistical then she grinned “So get ready everyone that can use fire because you’re going to make one hell of a barbeque”

Sorry that you guys didn't talk much but I tried to get everyone that was there to talk at least once