Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mistical Future - They missed us by that much

“Yes, I think a 'tactical retreat' would be a good idea...” said Valice
“I think so too, so that’s two yes” said Chione
“Six against three majority rules, we’re leaving!” said Mistical
“What?” said Dynasty, “I didn’t even get a chance to say what I think”
“It doesn’t matter, the result will still be the same” said Mistical, “So we shall retreat, but if you don’t want to come with us then you can stay here, cause I’m not gona stop you”
“Well I’m coming” said Sadia
“Well I’m not staying here alone” said Requiem
“Same here” said Dynasty
“Then let’s move, all of you go to the meeting spot” said Mistical pulling out her mobile and dialling a number, “Fletcher should meet you there. Sam and I will make a distraction, it won’t last long but it should be enough to get away”
“Why are you and Sam making a distraction why can’t I do it?” asked Sadia
“Because-” started Mistical
“Because she has an idea and we can’t pull it off because we don’t have the resources” said Requiem
“… Yeah” said Mistical while looking at Requiem, “Like what she said. We won’t be far behind you so get moving in ten seconds” said Mistical then put the mobile to her ear, “Yes sup it’s me Mistical, yeah we need to leave now so can you get to the designated spot. Yeah, ok good see you there, I’m going to keep this call going so we can keep in contact so don’t hang up” said Mistical then she turned to Sam, “Smoke pellets please” as if Sam read her mind he already had smoke pellets in his palm, he tossed then to Mistical, “Ok everyone move on three … one, two three!” on three Mistical and Sam threw the pellets in front of the Unnamed’s followers, they exploded and blinded the enemy. Covered by the smoke Valice, Chonie, Requiem, Sadia, Dynasty, Duck and Swik all headed for the spot meet Fletcher. Swik was flying low and was carrying Johnny’s dead body. Once everyone but Sam and Mistical had left the scene, Sam created a ball of fire in each hand then threw them into the smoke. They exploded and the smoke was momentarily painted a yellowy orange. There where cries from behind the smoke, Sam had hit some of the followers. Mistical gestured, pointing to Sam then to the crowd of followers then she pointed to herself and pointed over the smoke. Sam understood and tossed a flash boom to Mistical. Sam pulled out a couple of flash booms of his own then he nodded then in union Sam and Mistical threw their flash booms. A few followers were just coming out of the smoke when Sam’s flash booms went off in their faces, the followers reeled back blinded by the light. Mistical’s flash boom landed just in front of Vile, it went off and Vile stumbled back disorientated. Just after both of them threw their booms the turned and ran.
“Hey Misti are you there?” asked Fletcher
“Yeah” said Mistical
“Oh good you went quiet there for a bit”
“Oh yeah sorry we didn’t want to give away our position”
“Is everyone there?”
“Yes we’re just waiting for you two”
“Right we’ll be there in a -” Mistical stopped talking and turned her head, then cursed, “Fletcher teleport now!!”
“Just do it!!”
“Right” said Fletcher; there was a small pop sound on the other end of the phone and some voices. Then there was an explosion up ahead.
“What was that?” asked Sam
“It was a RPG” said Mistical as she spun and drew her sword slicing the shadows that was chasing her. Sam was doing the same.
“Right, did they get out in time?” asked Sam
“Yes they did. Ok Fletcher I want you to come and get us, but teleport about fifteen meters towards us from where you were last where.  And the instant that Sam and I touch you I want you to teleport. Got it?”
“Yeah” there was a faint pop again, “I’m back”
“Ok we’re just about in the clearing”
“I see you two”
“Good get ready”
“This is a touch and go operation” said Mistical and Fletcher nodded. Sam and Mistical held out their arms and grabbed hold of Fletcher then an instant later the teleported. Sam and Mistical’s momentum kept them moving forward. Sam put his hands up and ran into a wall but Mistical had no time to move before she crashed into Duck and they both were sent sprawling on the ground.
“Oh god sorry Duck” said Mistical getting up and offering him a hand.  
“That’s ok, it’s not your fault” said Duck as he was pulled up then brushed himself off. Sam wiped his brow
“Few that was close, a little to close” said Sam
“God yes!” agreed Mistical "The missed us by that much" said Mistical showing an inch between her index finger and thumb.
“Did you two know that there where shadows chasing after you?” asked Fletcher
“Like hell we did!” said Mistical
“Ok then, well I’m glad that you knew otherwise it would have been a shock if we didn’t make it out of there” said Fletcher, “They almost caught up to us”
“Yes, but I knew that we were just going to make it” said Mistical
“What was that back there?!” shouted Swik,
“What was what?” asked Mistical
“How you made us leave without you” replied Swik, “What was that for?!”
“Uh well that spot was about to be hit by an RPG”
“An RPG?” asked Sadia
“A Rocket-Propelled Grenade, it’s a type of gun like a rocket launcher”
“Ah right” said Sadia
“Yes and it was aimed straight for where you guys were. So you see you had to teleport or be exploded” said Mistical. Swik still looked angry but she had calmed down now. “Any how where are we?”
“We’re in the Australian Sanctuary” replied Fletcher
“Right then” said Sam, “I recon it’s a good change of scenery” and everyone mumbled here agreement’s to that.

*Says in deep man-ly narrator voice*
And now the second battle is finally over. How shall the next attack go? Will our heroes have their victory or will they be overwhelmed by there powerful foe's?  Find out next time on the Return Of the Unnamed.


  1. Wow, great chapter!!
    I really liked that Johnny wasn't left there, that was really cool because he tried to help although his chances weren't too good right from the beginning.

    *high-pitched teenage-girl voice* O MY GOD WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN?!

    1. Yeah I thought that since they would have time bring the Unnamed outside and make a fire that they would have had time to bring Johnny's body too. And so since they would have had the body near them It would be cruel for them to leave him behind even if he was dead.

      And LOL the fangirling XD

  2. Great chapter, Misti!
    I do love the bit at the end with the deep manly narrator voice, you can just imagine Morgan Freeman saying it.

    R.I.P Johnny, you will be missed.