Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dynasty - Burning Time

They all stood round the fire and Dynasty held the head of the Unnamed.
"Unhand my head you idiot."
Dynasty laughed at the head and chucked it at Mistical.
Mistical caught it and almost dropped it in the fire.
She threw it at Duck.
Duck threw it back.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
"What was that?" said Chione.
"What was what?" exclaimed Valice.
"The tapping noise."
Tap. Tap. Tap.
"Oh yeah that," she said shrugging her shoulders. "dunno probably just a big crowd of ants its nothing.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Dynasty turned round.
"OK, what was that?"
Everyone was turning round now. Those who had weapons were drawing them and some were using whatever magic they could. Dynasty who had not yet decided on a magic ability clicked his finger and a flame sprouted.
"Hello..?" said Requiem, fear in his voice.
Suddenly the jungle was full of red eyes and one step forward they were surrounded by followers of the Unnamed.
"The head." said one of them.
"Get lost." said Dynasty.
He came forward and the flame that Dynasty had been holding went straight into his face and he went down on the floor screaming in a mess.
One more came forward and Valice shot water to knock him down which was followed by a sword in the head by Mistical.
This time three came forward and a shadow from Dynasty took his head off.
Then there was a long silence and they stepped back their red eyes glowing. And then they ran forward. Mistical threw the head at Dynasty and Dynasty knew what to do. The rest of  the gang came behind him sprouting magic in their hands. Dynasty moved to where the big fire was and was holding the Unnamed's head over it. There was a gasp and  they all drew there guns out.
"If you shoot us I'll drop the head in the fire and your leader will be gone."
"And if you drop that head in we'll shoot."
"Go right ahead." said Dynasty.
Suddenly shadows surrounded the gang.
"Damn it."
Dynasty dropped the head in the fire and the Unnamed's screams burned everyone down.
Suddenly the Unnamed's screams were gone and filled with a cold laugh.
The Unnamed's head was on a body of dark black flames.
This was bad. Very bad.


  1. Ooooooooooo what happens next?

    And apparently the Unnamed is a flaming Durango XD

    And Uh yes this is Very bad!! Now his body is made of flamed?!

    You're right, this IS very bad!

    Great chapter Dynasty! :)

  3. Just wrote a chapter in my german lesson, my teacher wasn't too happy...xD
    Then she wanted to read it but she didn't got anything, it was kinda fun ;P