Monday, 14 October 2013

Valice- Hot 'n' Cold

"This IS very bad!", Valice said.
Chione sighed. "Indeed, it is"
The Unnamed laughed. "You're dead", he said, she could hear the amusement in his voice.
"You're all dead, you might not know it yet, but you're dead. You insulted me and- even worse- you thought you were stronger than me. But you'rte not, you'll never win"
He laughed and was nearly hit by Valice's waterstream, but his flames burned so hot that the water evaporated before it could touch him.
"Damnit!", Valice said.
And then there were even more flames in the Unnamed's arm, it got bigger and bigger and then thinner and longer- it didn't took him more than a second- and he hit Valice with his now three meters long arm.
The arm returned to his normal length while Valice was thrown against a tree.
She coughed and got up slowly. After a second she realised what was wrong- she wasn't burned!
Somehow the Unnamed's fire was hot enough to make water evaporate but cold enough not to burn anyone. Hot and cold.
The others looked at her in surprise, she saw in their faces that they'd figured it out too.
"Is anyone thinking about Katy Perry too?", Chione asked.

The Unnamed looked at his hand, anger on his face, and he grabbed misticals arm, pulled her to him and looked at her, the concentration written on his face.
Dynasty threw his shadows and they cut through the Unnamed's arm, cut it off, and Mistical was free and jumped back. The flames that had been cut off the body, the Unnamed's arm and hand, vanished and then regrew immediately.
The Unnamed looked at each of them, sighed, and vanished.
"He doesn't know how to use his body- he doesn't know what he's doing!", Valice said.
"Yes, you're right", Duck said. "That's our chance"
"Chance? His body is made of fire!", Requiem said.
Duck opened his mouth to respond, but then he was interrupted by the Unnamed who suddenly reappeared.
"Attack!", he yelled and disappeared again.
"Shit, right, they're still here!", Chione said.
And then the red-eyed followers of the Unnamed attacked.


  1. AWESOME! Great Chapter!
    I was thinking of roar when I read this and today in school Hot and Cold was played. I'm having such a Katy Perry day! :D

  2. Thanks :)
    Hahaha, she's following you! ;D