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Dynasty- Lets get this started again!

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mistical Future - Red halls

Mistical’s eyes swept the corps littered courtyard. She was finished with them, none of the followers around her could put up a fight. Mistical walked over the corpses to the large wooden doors. She took up her sword and pushed it through the gap. Then Mistical swung the sword down, slicing through the lock and the wooden beam that held the door closed. Mistical then stepped back and kicked down the door. Three followers stood in Mistical’s way. She knew that they had been there, and they knew that she was coming. But that never braced them.  

The lines from a poem kept circling around in Mistical’s head.
My friend is dead
And now your halls will run red
With your own, dark, blood.

It was all she could think about. That and her friend Swik. She died, Swik died on my watch! I should have done something! I, I should have saved her! Thought Mistical over and over again. She stalked silently through the halls trying to find someone who would dare approach her. She didn’t want to finish this battle Mistical wanted to finish this war.

I'm posting again. Sorry! It's just that I have time and I had the idea to draw the scene and stuff ... My brother thought that Mistical was facing the same way as the followers and he thought that she was some sort of Eskimo. Once he realized that she was facing the other way he's like "Oh, that looks good that way"
And I'm thinking, 'No kidding'
Sorry it's short, but as they say 'A picture is worth a thousand words' So I just saved you guys a bunch of reading ;D
Also I was wondering if I should try for some sort of team drawing? Because I have time (Although I really should be making my Astrid costume ...) What would you guys think about that? I mean maybe we could put it as the background for the blog? This is only if I get around to it and if you guys want me to.
So have a great day/ night and I hope that you enjoyed my two paragraph and one comic page chapter! XD

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Mistical - Not so untouchable

I'm sorry that I'm posting two in a row!! But it's been over three months and no one had posted anything. So I finished this section off and I've posted it. Come on guys! The final book has been released, we now have to live out out SP fancies through FanFic because as sad as I am to say it I don't think Derek will publish any more major Skulduggery books. :(
So we're going to have to do our best to continue the legacy of the Skulduggery world!!

Mistical stared as Swik dumbly, “Well, uh I usually avoid the bullets and you know not let them come to me” explained Mistical over the roar of bullets.
“Yeah well now all we have to do is sit here and wait for them to run out of ammo” explained Swik
“That would be great, but they’re charging the energy cannon up and nether the wall or your wings can withstand that blast” said Mistical as she pointed to the wall behind them that had a large hole in it.
“Ok then, what do you suppose we do?”
Mistical pondered on this, “How is your wing?”
“It’s getting better” replied Swik showing Miatical her wing. The hole had reduced in size, it was still large but it was only about 75 centimetres now. Noticing the look that Mistical gave her, Swik continued “What, I shoot feathers out of my wings that means that I have to constantly grow new feathers. My wing should be good as new in another minute or so”
“Uh well ok” said Mistical, “You just keep me covered, I’m going to shut off the turret” Mistical pulled her bow off her back and pulled back an arrow.
“What? How the hell are you going to hit the thing? You can’t stick your head above my wing” said Swik, Mistical said nothing she just shot up in the air. A split second latter there was a cry of pain and the fire of the gun stated drifting to the right. There where screams of other followers trying to outrun or avoid the stray fire of the gun.
Mistical grunted in satisfaction, “What a pleasant surprise” she whispered.
“Wh-what just happened?” asked Swik looking completely confused
“Oh, I killed the follower on the turret but her corps is still applying pressure to the trigger and now it’s drifting to the right because she slumped to the right. In other words it’s causing chose” said Mistical with a grin.
“Ok, yeah but how did you get you hit her?” asked Swik
Mistical tapped her ear in response, “I could hear her” replied Mistical simply
“No I mean last time I saw you, you were never that good at shooting!” exclaimed Swik
“Look I’d love to have a chat with you but right now we have another machine to worry about. One that could kill us in one shot if we don’t move soon” said Mistical drawing another arrow.
Swik made a sour face, “Fine, but we will talk about this later” said Swik firmly, not willing to admit defeat. Before Mistical could argue Swik leaped out from behind the wall and fired feathers from her left wing. After a moment Mistical followed Swik’s lead and ran out from behind the wall. Some followers had just managed to pull the corps off the turret when Swik lunched some feathers at the turret. The turret sparked and started to let out puffs of smoke.
“One down, one to go” said Swik smoothly. Mistical slung her bow behind her back and slugged a follower with a right hook. The wining from the other machine started up.
“Swik” said Mistical and edge pf panic in her voice,
“I’ll stay out of the way” Swik yelled back.

“Sam we have a problem” said Requiem
“What?” asked Sam looking up from his monitors with millions of files opening and closing simultaiously.
“Delta’s has trouble” said Requiem. Sam quickly looked to the monitor that Delta was on, in fear for his girlfriend, even though he knew that she could handle herself. He looked just in time to see a yellow beam fire at Swik. He had enough time to glimpse a blur push against Swick and shove her into the line of fire. Swik stiffened then the beam cut off and she fell face first into the dirt. Sam’s heart squeezed as he saw the gaping hole in her chest, there was no way that she would recover from that. Sam hadn’t know Swik very well but Mistical had.

Mistical screamed Swik’s name as she slowly fell to the ground. Mistical was by her side in an instant. The hole in her chest, it was massive, the beam has eaten up most of her lungs and heart. Mistical rolled Swik over only to see her dead eyes left open in shock.
“Swik” whispered Mistical as she gave her a gentle shake. “Can you hear me?” But Mictical knew it was no use, she was dead. There was not an organ in Swik’s body that was still functioning. Mistical closed Swik’s eyes then screwed her own shut trying to hold back tears. Someone whizzed to a stop next to Mistical.
“Aw an’t that cute, your saying your last goodbyes. Well you won’t have to say them for long because you’re gonna join her soon.” said a man with an accent. Mistical couldn’t pin point it and she didn’t care. “Did yah see how I pushed your friend into that beam? That was epic wasn’t it?!” said the follower grinning. “You know I would have kill you first but this one could fly away so I had to go after her yah see” Mistical let him talk, because when she was through with him, he wasn’t going to be talking much anymore. Slowly Mistical stood up and silently stared at the man. “Are yah waiting for me ta make the first move?” asked the follower. Mistical didn’t answer she just stared at him and slowly let her anger build. The follower shrugged, “fine as yah wish”. The man sped forward with inhuman speed and threw a punch at Mitical’s face. Mistical only dodged it by a hair and barley managed to block the second strike. Speedster, this follower was a speedster. He could move with inhuman speed. Mistical had fought speedsters before, even spared with some. They all felt that they were untouchable because the world moved in slow motion to them. That was the fault that they all share at one point in time. Judging from the frustrated noises that the man was making he obviously hadn’t met someone who could block his attacks before. He jumped back and tried a new tactic. The follower started running around in a circle then darted in to throw a punch. The punch caught Mictical in the ribs and she stumbled. The follower threw more punches, Mistical dodged and blocked as many as she could but even she couldn’t stop hits from landing. The follower laughed as he ran around her. He threw another punch and Mistical let in hit her on the back. She cried out in pretend pain and moved her hand behind her jacket pretending to reach for the spot that was hit but instead drew three needles as long as her hand. Mistical threw them and the follower dodged them all but while he was distracted by the needles Mistical had draw her sword and swung at him. The speedster noticed the sword to late and it cut across his shoulder. He cried out in pain stumbling then falling over and rolling to a stop. Mistical walked over to him with her sword her hand. The follower was clutching his shoulder and his face was contorted in pain. Mistical stood over him then stabbed the man’s leg. He yelled at her and tried to crawl away once she pulled it out. The man’s heart was racing, he was afraid. Mistical didn’t show any sign of pity, she just stood over the follower silently.
“Y-yah won’t kill me” said he man his voice worried, “You’re a good guy” he finished with a half-smile.
“You killed my friend” said Mistical without emotion as she lifted up her sword.
The follower’s face palled, “What, but I, I was just following orde-”
The follower didn’t get to finish.

All Sam and Requiem could do was watch as Mistical beheaded the follower. Sam cursed
“Requiem can you text everyone and tell them all that Swik is dead. I’m going to try and contact Mistical” said Sam whipping out his mobile. Sam hit speed dial and waited for Mistical to pick up. It was ringing, he could hear it from his end but Mistical was completely ignoring it, Sam could see her on the monitor. Sam cursed again, “God damn it Mistical pick up!” Sam almost shouted. The call went to voice mail and Sam ended the call and tried again. Mistical still didn’t respond.
“Mistical pick up the god damn phone!” Sam shouted at the monitor, “I know that you can hear me, so pick up the freaking phone!!” Mistical looked directly at the camera and pulled out three more needles. Mistical threw them at the followers charging the cannon. The three needles went straight through their heads. Out of the four followers that where charging the techno cannon only one was still standing. Mistical threw another needle and killed the last follower who was charging the cannon.
“Mistical! You have a mission stick to it! I know that you have lost a great friend, I know that you are angry and I know that you’re sad. But don’t go getting others hurt because of your rage. You can morn latter, right now we have a job to do, Ok.” said Sam. Mistical seemed like she didn’t even notice Sam talking to the monitor. She just removed her bow and quiver then tossed them on the ground. “Mistical, Swik died for this mission! Don’t throw all of her hard work away! Don’t do something stupid that will get the others or yourself killed!!” shouted Sam

Mistical walked in a tight circle, like a caged lion. But Mistical wasn’t stuck in here with the followers, the followers where stuck in here with her. She knew what her job was, she was a distraction, a decoy but she wasn’t going to be just a distraction anymore, she was going to take them down

Don't give me a funny look I have been planing to kill Swik off before the Dying of the light came out. I haven't even finished the book yet! But Damn I want to so bad!! Anyway we can't have a major battle without someone dying. Oh and *Grins* Misti's in a bad mood! >: D tehehe

Monday, 26 May 2014

Mistical / Sam - Delta with a bit of Echo

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything in a bit! 
I started writing this chapter a while ago, it just got forgotten. 
Oh and just a quick reminder Mistical has super hearing so she uses her hearing to to constantly survey what's going on around her. 

Swik dropped Mistical off on the top the roof of a tower. Mistical pulled the bow off her back. She had asked Fletcher to take her home so she could get her bow and arrows. Mistical was a close range fighter so unless she had a ranged weapon or could get close to someone she was useless. Swik on the other hand could do both close to long ranged attacks because of the unlimited feathers that she could shoot out. Mistical spun around and shot a follower in the chest, he instantly collapsed. She didn’t want to kill but from this distance and with the weapon that she was using she didn’t have much of a choice. Mistical shot another follower in the leg, he screamed, tripped then fell over the balustrading of the wall. Mistical winced as she heard bone brake, the guy died by a broken neck. Mistical heard a follower on the wall behind her, she spun around and dodged as the follower let out an energy beam. Mistical notched two arrows but the follower was taken down by Swik’s black feathers.
“Don’t hog all the fun!” yelled Swik, Mistical heard two followers aiming for Swik. Mistical drew the string back and let the arrows fly, they went on both sides of Swik’s head and embedded themselves in the faces of the two followers. Swik’s eyes widened and she slowly turned around to see the two bodies in pools of blood.
“Uh thanks” breathed Swik
“You’ve gotta watch where your flying” said Mistical with a smile.
“With the way your shooting I’ve definitely gotta watch where I’m flying!” said Swik grinning back
“Oh, now that was mean!” said Mistical, “I’m not that bad at shooting!”
Swik didn’t respond she just shot her dark feathers at a couple of followers.
“Oh so you giving me the silent treatment now?” muttered Mistical as she shot another follower. They made a good pair and constantly covered each other back. Swik and Mistical where drawing the attention of the whole facility, just as the planned. But they didn’t make it obvious that they were a distraction. Both of them kept shouting out ideas of how they planned to get in and made several attempts to get through the doors. But of cause they never actually let themselves succeed in getting through the doors.

Sam was flicking through the security cameras with Requiem keeping constant watch over all of the groups. The multiple screens meant that Sam could see live images from numerous cameras. All was going well, everyone was doing what they were supposed to and all of the chaos from the multiple strikes caused an excellent distraction for team Charlie. Sam shut off a couple of alarms so the teams could get through unnoticed.
“Alpha has engaged the Unnamed and Vile” said Requiem
Sam watched as team Charlie had entered the room with the desolation machine. “Charlie’s in” said Sam to Requiem, she nodded

“Hey, Mist” yelled Swik from her position in the air
“Yeah” Mistical yelled back, just after she let an arrow fly
“Is that something that we should worry about?” responded Swik pointing to something that a group of followers where pulling through a double door.
Mistical cursed, “It’s a turret!”
Swik had a double take at the machinery that the followers where pulling though then she swore. Swik was ready to shoot when a loud wine started up and a yellow beam of energy shot at her. Swik twisted in the air but the blast caught her on her right wing. Swik yelped and tumbled to the ground. Mistical was about to go and help when the turret started shooting at her. Mistical ran as fast as she could only just managing to stay ahead of the bullets then the jumped off the edge of the roof and bullets whizzed over her head. Mistical landed heavily on the next level but came up running. Mistical turned around and sprinted towards where Swik fell. The turret began to point at Mistical but she loosed an arrow and it gammed the machine. Mistical jumped down and landed in the large caught yard. When Mistical reached her friend, Swik was standing and shooting feathers at the followers.
“Swik, are you ok?!” asked Mistical stopping next to her.
“No, god damn it! They busted my wing with that machine!” yelled Swik and showed Mistical her right wing that had a gaping one meter hole.
Mistical swore, “They tore up you metal wing?!”
“Yeah with that piece of junk!” replied Swik and gestured to another piece of machinery that looked like a techno cannon that had four mages holding onto some disks. The cannon was glowing yellow
“Uh Swik I think that we’ve got to move, that thing looks like it’s charging up again” said Mistical as she tugged her friend along. “Behind that wall! NOW!” Mistical yelled and shoved her friend behind it and dove after her. The yellow energy blasted through the meter thick wall like it was made of butter.
“I’m so dam glad that that shot above our heads” said Swik
“Ditto” replied Mistical a little breathless. Their moment of relief didn’t last long when the turret began shooting at them. Swik grabbed Mistical’s jacket to stop her from running and covered them both with her left wing. The bullets shredder the ground and the wall beside them but just dinged and deflected off Swik’s wing. Mistical stared at Swik,
“What? I thought you knew that it was bullet proof?” said Swik with a smirk

“Requiem can you keep an eye on all of the teams? I’ll still keep an eye on Charlie though” said Sam
“Um I guess so. Why?” said Requiem
“Because” said Sam smirking while he cracked his knuckles, “I’m going to do some hacking” 

This blog has been looking dead for a bit so I though that I should get cracking in posting something! 
Let's al continue to make this blog AWESOME!! XD

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Duck- Incognito Infiltration

Duck, Saracen, and the mysterious woman lay on top of a hill facing the Unnamed's fortress. The dark clouds in the sky and the smell of oncoming rain gave a cynical mood to their situation. Their dull ponchos were soaked by the grass dew.
"Yep, there they are, looks like they're taking photos" said Saracen, binoculars still raised to his eyes. "China sure doesn't look good in a poncho."
"Good, that means the disguise is working," Duck replied. "Were's Fletcher? He should be back by now."
As if he had heard, the spiky porcupine popped up right beside the group, giving the three quite a shock.
"Speak of the devil," the woman muttered.
"I've given everyone their ponchos," said Fletcher, seeming a bit too eager for what they were about to do. "When do we head off?"
"In a minute. When team Alpha successfully get inside then you can teleport us down," said Saracen, still looking through the binoculars.
"Which one's that?" Fletcher asked.
"Which one's what?"
"Which teams is team Alpha?"
At this, Saracen put down his binoculars and turned to look at Fletcher. "Really? You're asking this now?"
"Well I was just listening for the team I was in, and kind of zoned out for the rest."
Saracen turned back to the fortress with an exaggerated sigh, and pointed down to Valice, Dexter and China. "They are team Alpha. And we are team Charlie, in case you wanted to know."
"Ah, right," was the only thing Fletcher said.
The three small specks of team Alpha headed through the main gates into the Unnamed's castle, casually strolling by the followers on guard.
"My God, they are thick," said Duck. "The Unnamed should really hire some better henchmen."
"Don't complain, we want them to be that way," the woman replied.
"Okay Fletcher," Saracen said. "Take us down."

At the back end of the fortress was a large drain pipe, just tall enough for them all to walk in un-hunched. The slimy sludge at their feet, the flickering light of the fire at Duck's hand, the incredible stench of God-knows-what, and the unceasing complaints flowing out of the woman and Fletcher's mouth lead to a horrendous and awful experience.
"There's a manhole up ahead," stated Saracen, using his concealed power. "No one's guarding it, only cameras that Sam can turn off, and it head's straight to the Unnamed's office."
"Is he in there?" Duck asked, receiving a nod in return. "Then what about the desolation engine? Do you know where it is?"
"It's in a bigger room past the office."
Duck stayed quiet at this, the pong restricting the amount of times he should open his mouth, so he just nodded.
They arrived at the manhole which had a convenient ladder that rises out of the muck. Duck took his phone out of his pocket and texted Sam: 'Turn the cameras off now.' And then he texted Valice: 'You're ready to go and attack the Unnamed.'
"Can we hurry up and get out of here?" Fletcher moaned. "I swear, if I'm smelling like this for the next month, I will literally kill someone."
"Just shut up already Fletcher. We're not leaving until all the cameras are off," said Saracen.
The plan was that team Alpha would fight the Unnamed and Lord Vile, also causing a distraction for Duck's team, team Charile, to get through to the desolation engine. Meanwhile, team Beta will be lousily infiltration from the east side of the fortress, been the decoy. Delta will be distracting from the skies, grabbing the attention of the followers who will never be able to strike them down. And team Echo will be at the control room, turning off cameras and alarms where necessary.
'Yep, all off,' came the reply from Sam.
Duck turned and gave a curtly nod to the group, then started to climb. He slid the manhole cover to the side and peeked out. On the surface was a small courtyard containing crates, barrels and numerous other insignificant objects. No one was around. After the other three had come back up to the surface, Saracen took the lead and headed down a corridor with the rest following in single file. The corridor was well lit with torches in brackets along the walls. The floor was covered in a crimson red carpet that reminded Duck of Hollywood.
"Should we take our shoes and socks off," suggested the woman. "We would be leaving noticeable footprints if we don't."
"Good point," said Duck and they all did just that.
After a minute of walking in there bare feet, Saracen stopped and turned to face the team. "There's an intersection up ahead," he whispered. "There are henchmen to the left and right so you have to teleport us across the gap, Fletcher"
Fletcher nodded, not daring to make a sound. He glanced down the corridor to see where to teleport to, then raised his hands. Everyone took one, which was confusing, because he only has two hands, and in a instant there were on the other side. The whole process was done without a sound.
Saracen started creeping down the corridor again, and Duck, Fletcher, and the woman followed.
They then arrived at a T intersection, where the sounds of fighting were echoing out of the door in the middle of the hallway.
"That's Alpha in there," Saracen stated. "Now all we have to do is get in there, sneak around without being noticed, and get through to the other room."
"You make it sound so easy," the woman sarcastically said.
"Well that's because it is," said Fletcher, gaining the attention of the rest of the group. For some reason, he did not decide to explain, and headed to the door. Be bent down, pressing his eye on the keyhole. "Doesn't look too good in there," he said before disappearing without warning. Before any of the others could react, Fletcher was back.
"What the hell did you just do?" Saracen barked at him.
"I peeked through the keyhole to the other door," Fletcher simply said.
"And did anyone see you?" asked Duck.
"Not that I know of."
"Oh, well, good work then."
"Thanks. Always love been constructive," Fletcher said with a grin. "Right, all hold hands and I'll teleport you all to the desolation engine."
The team did as they were asked, and in an instant, there they were.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Valice- First Team-meeting

Valice and her group met half an hour later.
Dexter lokked the same as he had during the interogation, China had changed her outfit. She was wearing trousers now and a very expensive looking shirt and a more beatiful than usefull looking jacket. No, this really wasn't the worst team to be in.
"So", Dexter said. "You're ready Valice?"
"Sure", she answered.
"Great", he said and grinned. "Then lets go"
When Valice followed them to the Unnamed's hideout she forced herself to focus on the mission insted of Dexter's back.
"So, that plan of yours, do you plan on telling us about it?", China asked.
"Yeah, right, it's quite simple. We'll go in there and kill this so-" He stopped talking and glanced at Valice. "Well, you know..."
"So you go fighting the probably mightiest villain of all times with me but you won't curse in front of me? Yes, seems reasonable."
"Yes, kinda, I guess... although it made much more sense before you said it out loud."
China laughed. Then she said: "Valkyrie just texted me, they're at the other side of the building."
Suddenly Fletcher appeard with something in his hands that looked like a big, brown ball of dirt. Their disguises. He gave each of them one, ginning.
"I bet even you won't look hot in this, China", he laughed. "I'll give Val and the others theirs, we'll start in five minutes!" Then he vanished again.
Valice looked at the brown clothes. It was one piece, a poncho with a kaput and a second layer of fabric that barely covered her knees.
"A poncho-dress?", she asked. "That's just disgusting, something like this should be forbidden!"
Dexter and China looked very unhappy too.

Five minutes later they were all wearing their ponchos and put on the kaput.
"Smile!", Valice grinned and took a picture of Dexter and China. "Send me this.", Dexter laughed.
"If we survive this I will."
When they entered the building Valice felt the excitement she always felt before a fight.
They headed down the floor, their heads down and listening for a familiar voice. When they passed a closed door they heard the Unnamed shouting at someone. "I said TEA not COFFEE you idiot!"
They sneaked into an empty room and Valice checked her mobile.
"Okay, Duck and the others are here, we can start"
After they got rid of their ponchos they left the room again.
Chione had given Valice some of her knifes and she took out one of them now.
"Lets go!", Dexter grinned and they ran into the room the Unnamed was in. Dexter threw energy, Valice fireballs and China touched her symbols.
And with that the next fight began.

Hope you like it, sorry it took me so long to write something! :)

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sam Night - Teams

“We’ll go fight the Unnamed” said Skulduggery, “You’ll need our uncanny skills”
“Yeah we’ll go” said Valkyrie
“Oh great can I be on your team?” asked Chione
“Sure” said Skulduggery, “The more the merrier”
“I’m going to fight the Unnamed again as well” said Dynasty
“Great that’s one group” said Sam
“I’ll fight the Unnamed as well!” said Valice
“I want to see if I can fry the man” said Dexter
China sighed, “Well I suppose that I’m going to have to go as well”
“And another group” said Sam who was taking notes
“Well I’ll just go and help destroy the machine” said Duck,
Sam nodded, “Requiem which group do you want to go in?”
“Uh yours if that’s ok? I think that there’s enough in the other groups and you could use all the help that you could get if you’re supervising four other groups” said Requiem
“Yeah that cool. And your right I could use the help” said Sam and he scribbled something else down
“Right so how are we going to get the costumes?” asked China
“Uh maybe we could take out some guards that patrol the area” said Valice
“Also before we organise that” said Mistical, “Do you have certain security protocols that we need to use to get in? Other than the password”
“No” said Dirk
“OK then, good” said Mistical, “Do you think our plan will work? You know going in with discuses then making a distraction to divert the follower’s attention”
“I think it’ll work as long as you don’t make it seem to obvious that your distraction team is a distraction” said Dirk
“Ok then” said Swik, “We won’t obviously be the distraction team”
“Alright then the teams are: Alfa: Valice, China and Dexter; Beta: Dynasty Chione, Skulduggery and Valkyrie; Charlie: Duck Fletcher, Saracen and Woman; Delta: Mistical and Swik; Echo: Sam and Requiem” said Sam, “Does anyone have any problems with that?”
“Yes! Why aren’t I with China?” asked Dirk
“Uh, because you’re not coming” replied Sam. Dirk looked furious and started glaring at Sam like he was going to kill him.
“Uh before you do something that you might regret I just have to point out that you are wearing handcuffs whereas I am not” said Sam, “I’m also an expert at mixed martial arts and I have claws in my gloves” said Sam flexing his hand and showing the claws as the extended, “So the main question that you should ask yourself first is, do you want to live?” This made Dirk hesitate
“its ok sugar plumb, we’re just keeping you here to make sure you’re safe. If something happened to you I don’t know what I would do!” said China obviously acting, but Dirk bought it.
“W-well alright if you want me to stay here” responded Dirk. Everyone piled out of the room and headed towards a meeting room to plan the details of the plan if they could.
“Oh my god! I could barely stop myself from killing that man” said China, “He’s so pathetic it repels me. Skulduggery remind me never to be that nice to a hostage ever again”
Skulduggery nodded, “Sure China” said Skulduggery. Then after an minute, “China never be that nice to a hostage ever again”
China smiled and rolled her eyes, “Thanks for reminding me”
“You’re welcome” said Skulduggery 

((Sorry I took a bit. And If anything needs changing just tell me.))