Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Valice- First Team-meeting

Valice and her group met half an hour later.
Dexter lokked the same as he had during the interogation, China had changed her outfit. She was wearing trousers now and a very expensive looking shirt and a more beatiful than usefull looking jacket. No, this really wasn't the worst team to be in.
"So", Dexter said. "You're ready Valice?"
"Sure", she answered.
"Great", he said and grinned. "Then lets go"
When Valice followed them to the Unnamed's hideout she forced herself to focus on the mission insted of Dexter's back.
"So, that plan of yours, do you plan on telling us about it?", China asked.
"Yeah, right, it's quite simple. We'll go in there and kill this so-" He stopped talking and glanced at Valice. "Well, you know..."
"So you go fighting the probably mightiest villain of all times with me but you won't curse in front of me? Yes, seems reasonable."
"Yes, kinda, I guess... although it made much more sense before you said it out loud."
China laughed. Then she said: "Valkyrie just texted me, they're at the other side of the building."
Suddenly Fletcher appeard with something in his hands that looked like a big, brown ball of dirt. Their disguises. He gave each of them one, ginning.
"I bet even you won't look hot in this, China", he laughed. "I'll give Val and the others theirs, we'll start in five minutes!" Then he vanished again.
Valice looked at the brown clothes. It was one piece, a poncho with a kaput and a second layer of fabric that barely covered her knees.
"A poncho-dress?", she asked. "That's just disgusting, something like this should be forbidden!"
Dexter and China looked very unhappy too.

Five minutes later they were all wearing their ponchos and put on the kaput.
"Smile!", Valice grinned and took a picture of Dexter and China. "Send me this.", Dexter laughed.
"If we survive this I will."
When they entered the building Valice felt the excitement she always felt before a fight.
They headed down the floor, their heads down and listening for a familiar voice. When they passed a closed door they heard the Unnamed shouting at someone. "I said TEA not COFFEE you idiot!"
They sneaked into an empty room and Valice checked her mobile.
"Okay, Duck and the others are here, we can start"
After they got rid of their ponchos they left the room again.
Chione had given Valice some of her knifes and she took out one of them now.
"Lets go!", Dexter grinned and they ran into the room the Unnamed was in. Dexter threw energy, Valice fireballs and China touched her symbols.
And with that the next fight began.

Hope you like it, sorry it took me so long to write something! :)


  1. No it's great!

    I had no idea how to start writing anything and I've been too busy with school to just take the time to sit down and write.

    XD This is and excellent start! I have some inspiration now! (Your work is inspiring) so I'll see if I can get some writing done.

    XD and make sure you send Misti the text with China in the poncho! >:D