Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mistical Furture - An accidental idea

Mistical stepped forward and slashed the Unnamed’s back. It was a deep cut from right shoulder to his lower back. The Unnamed had left himself wide open from the back and made him and easy target. The only problem was his healing ability, but Duck managed to put a serious strain on it using his fire. Mistical dogged to the side as Duck let out twin flams of fire into the Unnamed’s open wound. The Unnamed screamed and spun around but ended up getting fire in his face and he screamed even more the used shadows to shield him. Mistical jumped on top of the dome of shadows and landed in a crouch
“He set fire to ya hair” sang Mistical to the tune of ‘Dum ways to Die’, “And I have for-goten the rest of the lyrics, Dum ways to die oh so many dumb ways to die” Mistical stoped singing there and stared humming the song and she cut open the dome of shadows, once she cut it open the shadows melted and Mistical landed next to the Unnamed who was looking a little surprised and confused. He was still badly burnt but the burns where slowly getting better. While the Unnamed was caught off guard Mistical swung her sword at his chest, the Unnamed managed to step back and covered up his chest but got his left arm cut off. The Unnamed screamed in pain and rage, shadows lunged at Mistical and she jumped back
“Woops that was supposed to kill ya” said Mistical as she dodged the fury of shadows. Mistical looked at the arm that was lying in two pieces, the hand and the elbow, they started darkening then cracked. Mistical frowned then the pieces of the Unnamed’s arm turned to dust. … Crap what the hell? That was odd, that was weird and I have a really bad feeling about this guy now, dam what the hell is he? … He smells human … no, sorcerer, the magic around him is so dense that I can smell it and smell it easily! He’s not vampire nor is he a zombie. Whatever he is he’s living, he is dangerous and getting more so by the second! Crap this is bad Mistical was so lost in her thoughts that she was mindlessly dodging the shadows; her body was reacted on instinct. Mistical returned to reality and looked at the Unnamed’s arm, it had stopped bleeding, it was slowly regrowing and although his arm was being healed it was obvious that the Unnamed was struggling to keep up with everyone. That’s it! Thought Mistical, Let’s remove some limbs! Then he will struggle to use magic to defend himself leaving him more open to attacks. Mistical snuck behind the Unnamed who was focused on Chonie, Duck and Dynasty. Mistical sliced the Unnamed’s right leg off just above the knee; he roared and crumpled to the ground. In the moment that he fell he left himself open to attacks and was immediately assaulted by Dynasty, Duck and Chonie.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Valice- Plans failing

That had been close!, Valice thought. She dropped her hands and her part of the wall collapsed, in the same moment she started running. The Unnamed looked at her, she moved her hands like she was about to jump, but in the last moment she let herself fall and pushed against the air, slided over the ground and got to her feet two meters behind the Unnamed. Damnit! He turned around and smiled. Her plan to get behind him as close as possible, so she could attack him without him being able to spoil the attack- it had faild. He had enough space to attack her and her chances weren't the best as there was a wall about a meter behind her. 
She tried to see what the others were doing, but the Unnamed blocked her view. He raised his arm, ready to punch her head of her body. She swallowed and brought her hands close to her body, pushed against the air and jumped. While she was in the air, she could see the others, running at the Unnamed. You have to distract him!, she thought and waved with her hands, corrected her drop closer to the Unnamed and bent her legs and tried to kick the Unnamed against his chest. It worked quite well, apart from the fact that he just took a step back and she fell to the ground.
But it had worked, she had made him stepp closer to the others, who were now about to attack. Valice got back to her feet.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Mistical Future - Meeting Dynasty

Mistical found the Unnamed; he was in a room with Valice, Duck, Dynasty and Chione. She sliced the door and kicked it open, chunks of wood flew everywhere.
“You must be so glad that I have good door skills” said Mistical
“Yeah” grumbled Dynasty
“Hi newbie! I haven’t seen you before” said Mistical as she waved at Dynasty
“Do not ignore me!” said the Unnamed
“Who said I was ignoring you? I was just being polite in an odd situation” replied Mistical
“You know I really don’t’ like you” said the Unnamed
“Oh wow big vocabulary there” said Mistical sarcastically, the Unnamed snarled, “And Honestly I don’t blame you for not liking me, I have tried to kill you multiple times in the past few minutes and I-” Mistical saw the bloody mess on the Unnamed’s hand that was healing, “Wow that’s … new” said Mistical. The Unnamed flicked shadows at her and she sliced them with her sword. “You’re going to have to do better than that” said Mistical. He attacked again with shadows, Mistical dogged and moved out into the hall, he didn’t try to follow instead he turned to Valice, Dynasty, Duck and Chione. He threw shadows at them, Dynasty deflected shadows with shadows, Valice and Duck made a wall of air and Choine move behind the wall with Valice and Duck. There was a loud gun shot and Mistical was standing in the door. There was a bullet hovering an inch from the Unnamed’s head.
“Hmm what do you know, he can stop bullets” said Mistical. A wall of air flew at Mistical, she ducked behind the wall and what was left of the door flew and hit the other side of the hall.
“Wow high pressure stuff” said Valice, Chonie nodded in agreement.
“This isn’t good” muttered Mistical, I can’t hit him with long range, the only option is to get close and I‘m not keen on that thought Mistical. Mistical charged at the Unnamed and he looked at her then she froze, her body wouldn’t move no matter how much she tried. Dam! Mistical took a deep breath in and closed her eyes, focuses, be calm. She breathed out and let her muscles relax, listen to your heart beat, nothing else, concentrate on yourself and staying alive. The Unnamed threw a fire ball at her head and she calmly dogged. Mistical heard the Unnamed’s confusion and allowed herself to smile. Don’t lose focuses or whatever magic that he was using will take affect again. Mistical manages to get close to the Unnamed and was attacking him with her sword, her attacks where getting stronger and faster with each strike. The Unnamed had a shield of air pressure, but the Mistical’s strikes where straining it. Then it broke and the Unnamed stumbled and used shadows instead but Mistical’s sword sliced right through it and made a gash across the Unnamed’s chest. The Unnamed set himself alight and Mistical was forced to jump back. Dam I was so close! Then he had to set himself in fire!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Requiem - Zombies

When the red light flared up around Vile Requiem could see it, even through her tightly closed eyelids. She heard Misti's shout of three minutes and tried to focus. Vile was out of action, if only for a little while, and she exhaled slowly, relieved. She had no idea where the Unnamed was but right now she had bigger problems.

She was stood behind Sadia as the other woman hurled fireballs at the horde of approaching zombies. There were shots and she knew it was Swik, sniping from above. She reached out for the minds of the zombies, staggering slightly as their confusion of jumbled and savage thoughts reached her. She knew that if she spent too long sensing those almost animal-like thoughts she would go insane and so she focussed on her task, finding the right thought and giving it a tiny nudge.

'Requiem!' Sadia screamed and her eyes snapped open. The zombie held it's sword high and brought it swinging down, closer and closer to Sadia's head. Then, the altered though registered in it's brain and the sword twitched to the left, burying itself in the chest of one of it's comrades. The zombie roared in pain and responded in kind.

Suddenly, Requiem and Sadia were forgotten as the zombies turned on one another. It was chaos. Requiem sprinted through the melee, dodging blows every now and then as she made her way to where she'd last seen the others disappearing into the barn. Sadia chucked a couple more fireballs into the mess of fighting zombies and then followed.

Yay, I'm back! Sorry I haven't posted for so long, I've been away. Things have progressed pretty fast without me though!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Valice- About a minute

Valice was still smiling. Sure, punching through a weird creature's chest wasn't really something she liked to do, but not even that could ruin her mood right now. Something else could. She hadn't seen the Unnamed until he grabbed Dynasty, ready to break his neck. She ran to help him, but the Unnamed just looked at her and she suddenly wasn't able to move any more. It seemd as if he wasn't just able to use one magic discipline but more, Valice couldn't say how many. 
Because she couldn't keep running she yelled: "Hey, you, Unnamed! Let him go now!"
He just looked at her and raised an eyebrow.
"See, I'm going out with Dynasty now since about a minute ago, killing him now would be really, really mean, don't you think?"
Hurry up!, she thought.
"And you think I care about stuff like this? You two betrayed me!"
"No we didn't"
"Yes, you did"
"Well yeah, we did, but that was days ago, who cares about that any more?"

Chione took a look at her watch and decided that it was time. When Valice had decided that she'd go and find Dynasty now they had made a deal: if she wasn't back in fifteen minutes Chione would come after her. 
She entered the building and started to look for Valice. The house was huge and it must had been nice once, but now there were pieces of zombies everywhere and holes in doors, windows and walls, most of the furniture was destroyed and the glass of the picture frames was broken nearly everywhere. 
She stepped around a corner and-
        -the Unnamed stood in the middle of the room, he had grabbed a boy (Chione was quite sure that it was Dynasty) andValice was standing a few meters away from them, unable to move.
They were talking.
"You two betrayed me!"
"No we didn't"
"Yes, you did"
"Well yeah, we did, but that was days ago, who cares about that any more?"
Chione formed another knife, a big one, aimed and-

The knife hit the Unnamed's hand and he opened his hand and Dynasty fell to the ground, got up quickly and ran over to Valice, who could finally move again. Chione ran to them too.
"So you're Dynasty, right?", she asked. "I'm Chione, Valice's friend."
"Yes, I am, and I'm going out with Valice now!"
Chione stared at Valice. "Since when?"
"About two minutes now."
"And you didn't tell me yet?", Chione grinned.
"You three are dead!" The Unnamed looked at them angrily. Slowly his hand healed.
"Oh oh...", Chione said.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dynasty - ZOMBIES

Dynasty was very happy. He was going out with- 

- something jumped on him.He threw shadows at it it fell to the ground but didn't give up. It ran for him again but Valice sparked fire in her hand and punched it so hard her fist went through its chest. The thing screamed and exploded in a ball of flames.

Dynasty ran on to fight and he found someone with their neck snapped. Suddenly Duck ran over.

"Dynasty your alive!"

"Yep and I'm going out with Valice."


Suddenly something reached him from behind. He tried to get out but the grip was so strong it was like iron.
Duck tried to help him but he couldn't.
Valice was running over. Trying to help. The Unnamed had him. He grabbed him and prepared to snap!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Swik - Flying through hell

It’s hell down there thought Swik as she soared above the battle field. There where zombies everywhere, but there numbers were decreasing slowly, ever so slowly. Swik shot some black metal feathers at a swarm of zombies and pined some to the ground. This reminded her of plants vs. zombies, but in a more gruesome and messy way. Swik saw Vile appear on the battle field and immediately steered away, I’m not going over there! Swik didn’t know what happened with the Unnamed, not to long after the fight had started he disappeared. Swik swooped low and spread her wings wide and used them to slice off a number of zombies heads, the bodies went limp without the head. Swik just flew up when a pillar of red light came from about where Vile was.
“Oh wow” said Swik, “I’m so glad that I wasn’t over there” Swik saw Mistical enter the barn, she would have gone to help but there was still a lot of zombies and enemy sorcerers and besides Swik knew that Mistical wouldn’t need to much help. Even if she did she could hold off till there where less sorcerers and zombies.


Sam was reducing zombies to corpses then spun around to see if anyone was behind him. There was a sorcerer, Sam had fire in his hand but hesitated at throwing it because it was a living sorcerer but then he threw it anyway. The sorcerer was caught off guard when he was hit with the fire. The sorcerer was quickly engulfed in flames but a woman sorcerer put him out, he fell to the ground with skin peeling off his face, the woman threw fire at Sam but he pushed the air and here fire was extinguished. The woman stumbled slightly at Sam’s wall of air, then Sam threw fire at her, she dogged his and threw her own. Sam caught the fire in his hand and threw it back at her; she was caught off guard and barely managed to doge it. Sam then punched her in the face and kicked her in the ribs, she buckled and didn’t move. Sam kept on fighting while keeping an eye on the red pillar. This thing should hold up for three minutes, hopefully that’s all the time we’ll need to end this fight. Thought Sam.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Valice- A question to answer

Valice stared at Dynasty. A few seconds passed. She stared at him a little longer, this was the second time that he took her with surprise after she helped him escape out of a cell in a row
Dynasty cleared his throut and said: "Ahm, would you- would you mind saying something?"
"What, oh- no", Valice answered.
She smiled. "No I don't mind saying something!"
Still smiling, she leaned forward and kissed him.
"I take this as a 'yes'", Dynasty grinned and Valice laughed.
"Come on, we have zombies to kill and evil sorcerers to stop!"

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mistical Future - Pillar of Red

Mistical just knocked out a sorcerer when she heard the cry
“Ah great” muttered Mistical, “… wait now I can decapitate people! YAY”
A Zombie came for her and she got out her sword and sliced off its head. Then she heard the snap of bone. Normally Mistical wouldn’t have been worried but this was the snap of a neck. Then sure enough she heard the Unnamed’s voice.
“There you are” said Mistical and ran towards the barn but Lord Vile appeared on the battle field.
“Shoe! Why now?” said Mistical as she ran towards Lord Vile. She took out a gun and shot one bullet at him.
“YO OVER HERE! LETS PICK UP WHERE WE LEFT OFF” she shouted. Lord Vile deflected the bullet with a shadow but Mistical knew that it was going to be a waist. Imminently after she put the gun away shadows flew at her, and she chopped and weaved through them.

Sam saw Mistical take on Vile
“Excuse me ladies and gentlemen but I must temperedly leave you. I shouldn’t be more than five minutes, thank you for your consideration” said Sam then jumped away from the zombies then pulled out a grenade, “I bid you adieu” he said the pulled out the needle and tossed the grenade at the zombies. They all got caught in the blast and were all mussing limbs and unable to come after him. Sam pulled out a short thirty centimetre pole from the back of his belt. There was a loop at the top, he pulled it and a short blade came out the other end. When he was fifteen meters away from Vile he stuck the pole in the ground than ran to his next location. He removed another pole identical to the last and stuck in in the ground. The he pulled out another pole and threw it, it stood upright because of the blade that landed in the ground, Sam did this with another.
“MISTI CATCH!” he shouted and threw a fifth pole to her.

Mistical caught the pole and pulled the loop making a short blade come out. She dodged a number of shadows then flipped backwards and stuck the pole into the ground. Mistical pored her magic into the pole then it glowed red. The glow reached the ground and it travelled to the other poles forming a pentagon on the ground. Vile who was in the pentagon tilted his head to the side.
Mistical smiled “If you survive this you’re going to hate me so freaking bad!” she said then the poles glowed even brighter and a red light from all of the poles travelled to the centre which was where Lord Vile was. When the lights all reached the centre a low grumbling sound started and a bright red light erupted from the centre of the pentagon shooting a pillar of red into the sky. It enveloped Lord Vile and the whole pentagon.
“Wow” said Mistical, “I hope the neighbours don’t notice this” then she turned to Sam “Hey Sam how long can this thing keep this up for?” she yelled
“Three minutes” he replied
“Ok I’ll be back in three!” she yelled back to him then ran towards the barn

Duck- Jeopardised Johnny

When Johnny heard that horrible, ghastly word called out he immediately hugged himself tighter, closed his eyes, and started to loudly hum an unrecognisable tune.
"C'mon, get up," Duck told him as he lightly kicked Johnny from the sensitives bad hiding place, behind a tree. Johnny just hummed louder.
"Look, I'll tell you what?" Duck said as he kneeled down to talk to Johnny. "When we get out of this, and if you do your best, we'll go to the zoo. And you can have an ice-cream if you want, and a plush panda."
Johnny looked up, a single eyebrow raised. "I'm not a child, and, more specifically, I'm not your child."
"Yeah, well, you're acting like one."
"Am not!"
"Are to."
"Am not!"
"The longer you go on, the more you're confirming my point."
Johnny grumbled but got to his feet anyway, and so did Duck, who trapped Johnny's shoulders.
"We're going to fight these sorcerers," said Duck. "We going to fight theses zombies, and we're going to fight and kill The Unnamed. Are you with me?"
Johnny just shrugged and gloomily said, "Yeah, okay."

The two ran from the tree line, Duck throwing fireballs and and yelling war cries, Johnny doing more ducking and dodging and the occasional nut shot. They fought through them, making there way to the barn. Mistical had said that the prison cells were under the barn and that here is a network of tunnels under the property. So there should be an entrance at the barn right?
Duck pushed a wave of solid air at a sorcerer that was rushing at him. He immediately ducked as a zombies grab for his head, then he twisted his body to get his elbow into the decaying gut that threw the zombie to the ground. Duck clicked his fingers and placed his hand on the zombies head. The flames started to burn through straight away. He had a clear path to the barn but before he started to sprint there he looked around for Johnny. Duck saw him on the ground, red faced, with a sorcerer's knee on his neck. Duck thrust out his palms and pushed against the air, throwing the sorcerer off Johnny. Duck ran over and helped Johnny to his feet.
"The Barn, run!" Duck yelled over the sounds of war.
 Johnny ran but Duck stayed to finish off that sorcerer. He turned to face him but got a fist to the right eye. He took a few steps back to get some space and and to regain his composure. Duck summoned a flame in each of his hands and threw them at the sorcerer. He turned and sprinted for the barn, leaving his foe to burn.

When Duck got to the barn he slipped through the door and looked around for Johnny. In the barn there was a large tractor and a dozen bags of grains. To the left was a big hole in the ground, with a staircase leading down. Figuring that Johnny must have went down there, Duck ran down the stairs. They spiralled down for a bit before ending in a long corridor. Prison cells lined the sides, one door was open, with two dead Red Hoods lying out front. Duck ran down the corridor, looking in the cells that he passed, but there were no prisoners in any of them. He kept running until he got to the end of the corridor where just around the corner, The Unnamed, a mass of blood and flesh around the right side of his ribcage, with both his hands around the neck of Johnny whose legs were dangling in the air.
The Unnamed turned to face Duck and Duck locked his eyes with The Unnamed. And then The Unnamed got one of his hands on Johnny's face and then...


Valice- Not a chapter

So this is not a chapter, but I'll write one soon. I just wanted to say how much fun this blog is. I'm on my summer vocation in france right now (arrived about two hours ago), so I wont have that much time to write, but I'll try to at least come up with a small post, Valice has a question to answer, right? ;D
Until then- Greatings from France! :)

Dynasty - Love

Dynasty waited in his cell for his death. The Unnamed had gave his command to kill him. He then had to rush of as there were lots of intruders in the base.Suddenly the Sense Warden came with a razor. He turned it on and -

- a girl kicked him and knocked him out. She grabbed the razor and stabbed him with it. She turned round. He knew her from somewhere.


"Dynasty!" She ran and hugged him.


After ten seconds of hugging they stopped.

"Is the Unnamed dead?" he asked.

"He's been shot but not dead."


"Yeah but Mistical is trying to kill him with the others."


"How did you find me?"

"I escaped after the Unnamed had been shot and I came into the prison cell compartment and here you are."

"Now we need to get out of here."

"Follow me."


They started walking out of the  dark cell and came to a couple of Red Hoods. After a few fireballs and shadows they were dead.

"Erm Valice... I... I need to ask you something?"


"Will... will you go out with me?"

Friday, 2 August 2013

Valice- Enemies

It had felt like everything had been in slow motion, the gunshot, the Unnamed crying out and the hope that it was over, that their plan had actually worked out, and then the shock when the Unnamed was gone. They had no idea where he was and now that he was gone, he had time to heal.
And it had looked like the Unnamed was waiting for them, so it hadn't been a real surprise attack either.
Valice was fighting near the entry to the house, Chione was throwing her knifes somewhere to her left. A necromancer  ducked and the knife missed him. When he looked at Chione again, he saw that she was searching her pockets hectically, it looked like she'd thrown all her knifes. The man grinned and Valice smiled.
He came closer and Chione started walking backwards, fear in her eyes. Then he shadow-walked and was standing in front of her. From where Valice was standing she wasn't able to see what happened but she didn't have to, she knew it anyway. A brand new knife was formed in Chiones right forearm and shot out of it until it lay in her hand. Valice had always wonderd how this was possible without hurting, but Chione had assured her, she felt nothing but a comfortable warmth in the arm.
Chione and the man collided, he screamed and fell to the ground. He didn't stand up again.
"Have you ever thought about becoming an actress?", Valice shouted.
Chione laughed.
Now someone was coming at Valice, a womwn, she looked like she was in her twenties.
Valice pushed against the air, this was one of the moments when she regretted that had no gun.
The air hit the women, but she used it to make a flip and now she was even closer to her.Valice started throwing fireballs, one of them hit the woman and set her arm on fire, but she didn't seem to care. Now that she was closer to her, Valice couldsense the smell of decay and she saw, that one of her fingers was already missing.
She quickly grabbed a big shard of glass from a broken window, put it between her palms, her thumbs behind it and pushed against the air. The zombie-woman tried to duck but she was to slow and her head was cut off her body.
"ZOMBIES!", Valice screamed loudly, hoping that the others would hear her.