Friday, 2 August 2013

Valice- Enemies

It had felt like everything had been in slow motion, the gunshot, the Unnamed crying out and the hope that it was over, that their plan had actually worked out, and then the shock when the Unnamed was gone. They had no idea where he was and now that he was gone, he had time to heal.
And it had looked like the Unnamed was waiting for them, so it hadn't been a real surprise attack either.
Valice was fighting near the entry to the house, Chione was throwing her knifes somewhere to her left. A necromancer  ducked and the knife missed him. When he looked at Chione again, he saw that she was searching her pockets hectically, it looked like she'd thrown all her knifes. The man grinned and Valice smiled.
He came closer and Chione started walking backwards, fear in her eyes. Then he shadow-walked and was standing in front of her. From where Valice was standing she wasn't able to see what happened but she didn't have to, she knew it anyway. A brand new knife was formed in Chiones right forearm and shot out of it until it lay in her hand. Valice had always wonderd how this was possible without hurting, but Chione had assured her, she felt nothing but a comfortable warmth in the arm.
Chione and the man collided, he screamed and fell to the ground. He didn't stand up again.
"Have you ever thought about becoming an actress?", Valice shouted.
Chione laughed.
Now someone was coming at Valice, a womwn, she looked like she was in her twenties.
Valice pushed against the air, this was one of the moments when she regretted that had no gun.
The air hit the women, but she used it to make a flip and now she was even closer to her.Valice started throwing fireballs, one of them hit the woman and set her arm on fire, but she didn't seem to care. Now that she was closer to her, Valice couldsense the smell of decay and she saw, that one of her fingers was already missing.
She quickly grabbed a big shard of glass from a broken window, put it between her palms, her thumbs behind it and pushed against the air. The zombie-woman tried to duck but she was to slow and her head was cut off her body.
"ZOMBIES!", Valice screamed loudly, hoping that the others would hear her.