Saturday, 24 August 2013

Valice- Plans failing

That had been close!, Valice thought. She dropped her hands and her part of the wall collapsed, in the same moment she started running. The Unnamed looked at her, she moved her hands like she was about to jump, but in the last moment she let herself fall and pushed against the air, slided over the ground and got to her feet two meters behind the Unnamed. Damnit! He turned around and smiled. Her plan to get behind him as close as possible, so she could attack him without him being able to spoil the attack- it had faild. He had enough space to attack her and her chances weren't the best as there was a wall about a meter behind her. 
She tried to see what the others were doing, but the Unnamed blocked her view. He raised his arm, ready to punch her head of her body. She swallowed and brought her hands close to her body, pushed against the air and jumped. While she was in the air, she could see the others, running at the Unnamed. You have to distract him!, she thought and waved with her hands, corrected her drop closer to the Unnamed and bent her legs and tried to kick the Unnamed against his chest. It worked quite well, apart from the fact that he just took a step back and she fell to the ground.
But it had worked, she had made him stepp closer to the others, who were now about to attack. Valice got back to her feet.

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