Saturday, 10 August 2013

Requiem - Zombies

When the red light flared up around Vile Requiem could see it, even through her tightly closed eyelids. She heard Misti's shout of three minutes and tried to focus. Vile was out of action, if only for a little while, and she exhaled slowly, relieved. She had no idea where the Unnamed was but right now she had bigger problems.

She was stood behind Sadia as the other woman hurled fireballs at the horde of approaching zombies. There were shots and she knew it was Swik, sniping from above. She reached out for the minds of the zombies, staggering slightly as their confusion of jumbled and savage thoughts reached her. She knew that if she spent too long sensing those almost animal-like thoughts she would go insane and so she focussed on her task, finding the right thought and giving it a tiny nudge.

'Requiem!' Sadia screamed and her eyes snapped open. The zombie held it's sword high and brought it swinging down, closer and closer to Sadia's head. Then, the altered though registered in it's brain and the sword twitched to the left, burying itself in the chest of one of it's comrades. The zombie roared in pain and responded in kind.

Suddenly, Requiem and Sadia were forgotten as the zombies turned on one another. It was chaos. Requiem sprinted through the melee, dodging blows every now and then as she made her way to where she'd last seen the others disappearing into the barn. Sadia chucked a couple more fireballs into the mess of fighting zombies and then followed.

Yay, I'm back! Sorry I haven't posted for so long, I've been away. Things have progressed pretty fast without me though!