Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mistical Future - Pillar of Red

Mistical just knocked out a sorcerer when she heard the cry
“Ah great” muttered Mistical, “… wait now I can decapitate people! YAY”
A Zombie came for her and she got out her sword and sliced off its head. Then she heard the snap of bone. Normally Mistical wouldn’t have been worried but this was the snap of a neck. Then sure enough she heard the Unnamed’s voice.
“There you are” said Mistical and ran towards the barn but Lord Vile appeared on the battle field.
“Shoe! Why now?” said Mistical as she ran towards Lord Vile. She took out a gun and shot one bullet at him.
“YO OVER HERE! LETS PICK UP WHERE WE LEFT OFF” she shouted. Lord Vile deflected the bullet with a shadow but Mistical knew that it was going to be a waist. Imminently after she put the gun away shadows flew at her, and she chopped and weaved through them.

Sam saw Mistical take on Vile
“Excuse me ladies and gentlemen but I must temperedly leave you. I shouldn’t be more than five minutes, thank you for your consideration” said Sam then jumped away from the zombies then pulled out a grenade, “I bid you adieu” he said the pulled out the needle and tossed the grenade at the zombies. They all got caught in the blast and were all mussing limbs and unable to come after him. Sam pulled out a short thirty centimetre pole from the back of his belt. There was a loop at the top, he pulled it and a short blade came out the other end. When he was fifteen meters away from Vile he stuck the pole in the ground than ran to his next location. He removed another pole identical to the last and stuck in in the ground. The he pulled out another pole and threw it, it stood upright because of the blade that landed in the ground, Sam did this with another.
“MISTI CATCH!” he shouted and threw a fifth pole to her.

Mistical caught the pole and pulled the loop making a short blade come out. She dodged a number of shadows then flipped backwards and stuck the pole into the ground. Mistical pored her magic into the pole then it glowed red. The glow reached the ground and it travelled to the other poles forming a pentagon on the ground. Vile who was in the pentagon tilted his head to the side.
Mistical smiled “If you survive this you’re going to hate me so freaking bad!” she said then the poles glowed even brighter and a red light from all of the poles travelled to the centre which was where Lord Vile was. When the lights all reached the centre a low grumbling sound started and a bright red light erupted from the centre of the pentagon shooting a pillar of red into the sky. It enveloped Lord Vile and the whole pentagon.
“Wow” said Mistical, “I hope the neighbours don’t notice this” then she turned to Sam “Hey Sam how long can this thing keep this up for?” she yelled
“Three minutes” he replied
“Ok I’ll be back in three!” she yelled back to him then ran towards the barn


  1. It won't kill him, would it? Red pole thingies might be able to kill him but you just can't kill him, for hopefully obvious reasons.

    1. Yeah I don't think it's going to kill him, but an average mage would be dead. And we all have three minutes with Vile out of that action at least, assuming that he is still able to fight after that pillar ends.

  2. "...wait now I can decapitate people! YAY”
    Haha, they won't believe that we're the good ones! ;D
    And three minutes without Vile is at least something, even if it doesn't kill him!

    1. heheh yeah, that's just how Misti is! She's happy that she doesn't have to hold back and she can kill. Because she has a thing agents killing humans unless she has to. And zombies are dead people so she technically didn't kill them XD

  3. Three minutes is something! Valice can you answer my question, so I can get involved in the battle a bit.

    1. Going to the beach today, I'll write the chapter there!