Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mistical Furture - An accidental idea

Mistical stepped forward and slashed the Unnamed’s back. It was a deep cut from right shoulder to his lower back. The Unnamed had left himself wide open from the back and made him and easy target. The only problem was his healing ability, but Duck managed to put a serious strain on it using his fire. Mistical dogged to the side as Duck let out twin flams of fire into the Unnamed’s open wound. The Unnamed screamed and spun around but ended up getting fire in his face and he screamed even more the used shadows to shield him. Mistical jumped on top of the dome of shadows and landed in a crouch
“He set fire to ya hair” sang Mistical to the tune of ‘Dum ways to Die’, “And I have for-goten the rest of the lyrics, Dum ways to die oh so many dumb ways to die” Mistical stoped singing there and stared humming the song and she cut open the dome of shadows, once she cut it open the shadows melted and Mistical landed next to the Unnamed who was looking a little surprised and confused. He was still badly burnt but the burns where slowly getting better. While the Unnamed was caught off guard Mistical swung her sword at his chest, the Unnamed managed to step back and covered up his chest but got his left arm cut off. The Unnamed screamed in pain and rage, shadows lunged at Mistical and she jumped back
“Woops that was supposed to kill ya” said Mistical as she dodged the fury of shadows. Mistical looked at the arm that was lying in two pieces, the hand and the elbow, they started darkening then cracked. Mistical frowned then the pieces of the Unnamed’s arm turned to dust. … Crap what the hell? That was odd, that was weird and I have a really bad feeling about this guy now, dam what the hell is he? … He smells human … no, sorcerer, the magic around him is so dense that I can smell it and smell it easily! He’s not vampire nor is he a zombie. Whatever he is he’s living, he is dangerous and getting more so by the second! Crap this is bad Mistical was so lost in her thoughts that she was mindlessly dodging the shadows; her body was reacted on instinct. Mistical returned to reality and looked at the Unnamed’s arm, it had stopped bleeding, it was slowly regrowing and although his arm was being healed it was obvious that the Unnamed was struggling to keep up with everyone. That’s it! Thought Mistical, Let’s remove some limbs! Then he will struggle to use magic to defend himself leaving him more open to attacks. Mistical snuck behind the Unnamed who was focused on Chonie, Duck and Dynasty. Mistical sliced the Unnamed’s right leg off just above the knee; he roared and crumpled to the ground. In the moment that he fell he left himself open to attacks and was immediately assaulted by Dynasty, Duck and Chonie.