Friday, 9 August 2013

Valice- About a minute

Valice was still smiling. Sure, punching through a weird creature's chest wasn't really something she liked to do, but not even that could ruin her mood right now. Something else could. She hadn't seen the Unnamed until he grabbed Dynasty, ready to break his neck. She ran to help him, but the Unnamed just looked at her and she suddenly wasn't able to move any more. It seemd as if he wasn't just able to use one magic discipline but more, Valice couldn't say how many. 
Because she couldn't keep running she yelled: "Hey, you, Unnamed! Let him go now!"
He just looked at her and raised an eyebrow.
"See, I'm going out with Dynasty now since about a minute ago, killing him now would be really, really mean, don't you think?"
Hurry up!, she thought.
"And you think I care about stuff like this? You two betrayed me!"
"No we didn't"
"Yes, you did"
"Well yeah, we did, but that was days ago, who cares about that any more?"

Chione took a look at her watch and decided that it was time. When Valice had decided that she'd go and find Dynasty now they had made a deal: if she wasn't back in fifteen minutes Chione would come after her. 
She entered the building and started to look for Valice. The house was huge and it must had been nice once, but now there were pieces of zombies everywhere and holes in doors, windows and walls, most of the furniture was destroyed and the glass of the picture frames was broken nearly everywhere. 
She stepped around a corner and-
        -the Unnamed stood in the middle of the room, he had grabbed a boy (Chione was quite sure that it was Dynasty) andValice was standing a few meters away from them, unable to move.
They were talking.
"You two betrayed me!"
"No we didn't"
"Yes, you did"
"Well yeah, we did, but that was days ago, who cares about that any more?"
Chione formed another knife, a big one, aimed and-

The knife hit the Unnamed's hand and he opened his hand and Dynasty fell to the ground, got up quickly and ran over to Valice, who could finally move again. Chione ran to them too.
"So you're Dynasty, right?", she asked. "I'm Chione, Valice's friend."
"Yes, I am, and I'm going out with Valice now!"
Chione stared at Valice. "Since when?"
"About two minutes now."
"And you didn't tell me yet?", Chione grinned.
"You three are dead!" The Unnamed looked at them angrily. Slowly his hand healed.
"Oh oh...", Chione said.