Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dynasty - ZOMBIES

Dynasty was very happy. He was going out with- 

- something jumped on him.He threw shadows at it it fell to the ground but didn't give up. It ran for him again but Valice sparked fire in her hand and punched it so hard her fist went through its chest. The thing screamed and exploded in a ball of flames.

Dynasty ran on to fight and he found someone with their neck snapped. Suddenly Duck ran over.

"Dynasty your alive!"

"Yep and I'm going out with Valice."


Suddenly something reached him from behind. He tried to get out but the grip was so strong it was like iron.
Duck tried to help him but he couldn't.
Valice was running over. Trying to help. The Unnamed had him. He grabbed him and prepared to snap!


  1. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! Cliff-hanger!

    Um can I save you or do you want to save yourself?

    1. Um Misti, would it be okay if you'd help Dynasty, Chione and me, because I've already written a chapter wich ends with Chione, Dynasty and me in a room with the Unnamed who's angry now and wants to kill us.. :)

    2. Yeah so Misti saves me, then I go find Valice and we fight together and we end up in a room with The Unnamed!

    3. Ain't we in the same room?? :o
      I thought we were fighting zombies and then the Unnamed appeared? Where did I go? :D

    4. Dynasty, Misti, I just put the chapter as a draft on blogger, if you think it's okay tell me and I'll post it online! :)

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  2. Ok I've read your chapter and thats really good. Misti could you save all three of us!

  3. Can I just point out that Fabi. S is doing a collaboration. Its called the Shunting Experemint. She needs members I'm joining it so if you want join!