Monday, 12 August 2013

Mistical Future - Meeting Dynasty

Mistical found the Unnamed; he was in a room with Valice, Duck, Dynasty and Chione. She sliced the door and kicked it open, chunks of wood flew everywhere.
“You must be so glad that I have good door skills” said Mistical
“Yeah” grumbled Dynasty
“Hi newbie! I haven’t seen you before” said Mistical as she waved at Dynasty
“Do not ignore me!” said the Unnamed
“Who said I was ignoring you? I was just being polite in an odd situation” replied Mistical
“You know I really don’t’ like you” said the Unnamed
“Oh wow big vocabulary there” said Mistical sarcastically, the Unnamed snarled, “And Honestly I don’t blame you for not liking me, I have tried to kill you multiple times in the past few minutes and I-” Mistical saw the bloody mess on the Unnamed’s hand that was healing, “Wow that’s … new” said Mistical. The Unnamed flicked shadows at her and she sliced them with her sword. “You’re going to have to do better than that” said Mistical. He attacked again with shadows, Mistical dogged and moved out into the hall, he didn’t try to follow instead he turned to Valice, Dynasty, Duck and Chione. He threw shadows at them, Dynasty deflected shadows with shadows, Valice and Duck made a wall of air and Choine move behind the wall with Valice and Duck. There was a loud gun shot and Mistical was standing in the door. There was a bullet hovering an inch from the Unnamed’s head.
“Hmm what do you know, he can stop bullets” said Mistical. A wall of air flew at Mistical, she ducked behind the wall and what was left of the door flew and hit the other side of the hall.
“Wow high pressure stuff” said Valice, Chonie nodded in agreement.
“This isn’t good” muttered Mistical, I can’t hit him with long range, the only option is to get close and I‘m not keen on that thought Mistical. Mistical charged at the Unnamed and he looked at her then she froze, her body wouldn’t move no matter how much she tried. Dam! Mistical took a deep breath in and closed her eyes, focuses, be calm. She breathed out and let her muscles relax, listen to your heart beat, nothing else, concentrate on yourself and staying alive. The Unnamed threw a fire ball at her head and she calmly dogged. Mistical heard the Unnamed’s confusion and allowed herself to smile. Don’t lose focuses or whatever magic that he was using will take affect again. Mistical manages to get close to the Unnamed and was attacking him with her sword, her attacks where getting stronger and faster with each strike. The Unnamed had a shield of air pressure, but the Mistical’s strikes where straining it. Then it broke and the Unnamed stumbled and used shadows instead but Mistical’s sword sliced right through it and made a gash across the Unnamed’s chest. The Unnamed set himself alight and Mistical was forced to jump back. Dam I was so close! Then he had to set himself in fire!


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    1. Sure go ahead I'm not going to stop you! In fact we could use all the help that we can get right now!

  2. Great chapter Misti. :). And yeah we need all the hep we can get!