Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Swik - Flying through hell

It’s hell down there thought Swik as she soared above the battle field. There where zombies everywhere, but there numbers were decreasing slowly, ever so slowly. Swik shot some black metal feathers at a swarm of zombies and pined some to the ground. This reminded her of plants vs. zombies, but in a more gruesome and messy way. Swik saw Vile appear on the battle field and immediately steered away, I’m not going over there! Swik didn’t know what happened with the Unnamed, not to long after the fight had started he disappeared. Swik swooped low and spread her wings wide and used them to slice off a number of zombies heads, the bodies went limp without the head. Swik just flew up when a pillar of red light came from about where Vile was.
“Oh wow” said Swik, “I’m so glad that I wasn’t over there” Swik saw Mistical enter the barn, she would have gone to help but there was still a lot of zombies and enemy sorcerers and besides Swik knew that Mistical wouldn’t need to much help. Even if she did she could hold off till there where less sorcerers and zombies.


Sam was reducing zombies to corpses then spun around to see if anyone was behind him. There was a sorcerer, Sam had fire in his hand but hesitated at throwing it because it was a living sorcerer but then he threw it anyway. The sorcerer was caught off guard when he was hit with the fire. The sorcerer was quickly engulfed in flames but a woman sorcerer put him out, he fell to the ground with skin peeling off his face, the woman threw fire at Sam but he pushed the air and here fire was extinguished. The woman stumbled slightly at Sam’s wall of air, then Sam threw fire at her, she dogged his and threw her own. Sam caught the fire in his hand and threw it back at her; she was caught off guard and barely managed to doge it. Sam then punched her in the face and kicked her in the ribs, she buckled and didn’t move. Sam kept on fighting while keeping an eye on the red pillar. This thing should hold up for three minutes, hopefully that’s all the time we’ll need to end this fight. Thought Sam.


  1. Taking down The Unnamed in 3 minutes? Pfft, easy!

    (Note: That was sarcasm)

    1. Yeah I guessed that it was sarcasm, but it's better three that two, and we have a major player out of the game, that's gota give us the advantage even if it's just for three minutes.

    2. Really, sarcasm? I didn't notice this at all...! ;D

  2. I would help but the Unnamed has my neck! Good chap!