Saturday, 3 August 2013

Duck- Jeopardised Johnny

When Johnny heard that horrible, ghastly word called out he immediately hugged himself tighter, closed his eyes, and started to loudly hum an unrecognisable tune.
"C'mon, get up," Duck told him as he lightly kicked Johnny from the sensitives bad hiding place, behind a tree. Johnny just hummed louder.
"Look, I'll tell you what?" Duck said as he kneeled down to talk to Johnny. "When we get out of this, and if you do your best, we'll go to the zoo. And you can have an ice-cream if you want, and a plush panda."
Johnny looked up, a single eyebrow raised. "I'm not a child, and, more specifically, I'm not your child."
"Yeah, well, you're acting like one."
"Am not!"
"Are to."
"Am not!"
"The longer you go on, the more you're confirming my point."
Johnny grumbled but got to his feet anyway, and so did Duck, who trapped Johnny's shoulders.
"We're going to fight these sorcerers," said Duck. "We going to fight theses zombies, and we're going to fight and kill The Unnamed. Are you with me?"
Johnny just shrugged and gloomily said, "Yeah, okay."

The two ran from the tree line, Duck throwing fireballs and and yelling war cries, Johnny doing more ducking and dodging and the occasional nut shot. They fought through them, making there way to the barn. Mistical had said that the prison cells were under the barn and that here is a network of tunnels under the property. So there should be an entrance at the barn right?
Duck pushed a wave of solid air at a sorcerer that was rushing at him. He immediately ducked as a zombies grab for his head, then he twisted his body to get his elbow into the decaying gut that threw the zombie to the ground. Duck clicked his fingers and placed his hand on the zombies head. The flames started to burn through straight away. He had a clear path to the barn but before he started to sprint there he looked around for Johnny. Duck saw him on the ground, red faced, with a sorcerer's knee on his neck. Duck thrust out his palms and pushed against the air, throwing the sorcerer off Johnny. Duck ran over and helped Johnny to his feet.
"The Barn, run!" Duck yelled over the sounds of war.
 Johnny ran but Duck stayed to finish off that sorcerer. He turned to face him but got a fist to the right eye. He took a few steps back to get some space and and to regain his composure. Duck summoned a flame in each of his hands and threw them at the sorcerer. He turned and sprinted for the barn, leaving his foe to burn.

When Duck got to the barn he slipped through the door and looked around for Johnny. In the barn there was a large tractor and a dozen bags of grains. To the left was a big hole in the ground, with a staircase leading down. Figuring that Johnny must have went down there, Duck ran down the stairs. They spiralled down for a bit before ending in a long corridor. Prison cells lined the sides, one door was open, with two dead Red Hoods lying out front. Duck ran down the corridor, looking in the cells that he passed, but there were no prisoners in any of them. He kept running until he got to the end of the corridor where just around the corner, The Unnamed, a mass of blood and flesh around the right side of his ribcage, with both his hands around the neck of Johnny whose legs were dangling in the air.
The Unnamed turned to face Duck and Duck locked his eyes with The Unnamed. And then The Unnamed got one of his hands on Johnny's face and then...