Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dynasty - Love

Dynasty waited in his cell for his death. The Unnamed had gave his command to kill him. He then had to rush of as there were lots of intruders in the base.Suddenly the Sense Warden came with a razor. He turned it on and -

- a girl kicked him and knocked him out. She grabbed the razor and stabbed him with it. She turned round. He knew her from somewhere.


"Dynasty!" She ran and hugged him.


After ten seconds of hugging they stopped.

"Is the Unnamed dead?" he asked.

"He's been shot but not dead."


"Yeah but Mistical is trying to kill him with the others."


"How did you find me?"

"I escaped after the Unnamed had been shot and I came into the prison cell compartment and here you are."

"Now we need to get out of here."

"Follow me."


They started walking out of the  dark cell and came to a couple of Red Hoods. After a few fireballs and shadows they were dead.

"Erm Valice... I... I need to ask you something?"


"Will... will you go out with me?"