Sunday, 30 June 2013

Valice- A letter

The door opened and a middle-aged sorcerer walked in.
He was breathing heavily.
"There's a..another... There's another...vic...victim...", he said while trying to take a breath.
"A victim?", Valice asked surprised.
"Yes", the man said, talking quite normal now. " We found her half an hour ago, a young woman, an adept called Hannah."
"Hannah?", Requiem asked. "What a surprisingly normal name for a sorcerer!"
"Yes, well, we found her only ten miles from here, stabbed in the back and with a little letter in her pocket. Here it is."
He took a piece of paper out of his jacket and gave it to Requiem. Valice and Duck leaned forward to read it.

To the sanctuary and all its brave sorcerers,

you're never going to stop us, never.
We are the most powerfull sorcerers this world has ever seen, and you are seriously trying to find us? You might, that's for sure, but before you go on think for a moment. Do you really want to find us?
Because your bravery or your morals or whatever wont rescue you.
Stop fighting us, let us take over the world and you might survive.
But if you don't, if you keep fighting, you'll die, all of you.

The Unnamed, Lord Vile

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Valice- In the Sanctuary

Valice opened the door to the Sanctuary. The Grand Mage had told them to either help finding the Unnamed or to continue with their work if it was important. Valice wasn't working here and they hadn't allowed her to help searching, because she was "too young". Some people were just so stupid!
So, she had went shopping! The clothes she had worn during the battle were dirty and had lots of holes and her other stuff was still in the car and the whole area there was cordoned off. And it was sooo hot here in Australia. The German summer was nothing compared to this. 
Duck and Requiem sat in two of the chairs in the lobby. 
"Hey", Valice said and sat down. 
"Hey", they responsed. 
"The shopping tripp was successfull, I guess? This is a nice top.", Requiem smiled. 
"And, did Mistical get the information she needs?", Duck asked.
"Yes, I really hope she finds something!"
"We all hope that!", Duck said softly.
"So the Unnamed had tried to hire you, right Valice? I mean, don't get this wrong, but why?"
"I have no idea!"
"Oh, okay, and what exactly do you do in Germany, I mean, there has to be a reason why he wanted you to join him."
"Um, well my dad works for the german sanctuary and he planned a great career for me and introduced me to the Grand Mage and the Sanctuary work. Sadly, I don't like Johann Starke and his way of leading the sanctuary. Well, some things don't work out as they were planned!"
She smiled. "And now I basicly do what I want, train and stumble into every kind of trouble I can't avoid."
"Ah", Duck said. "Well, and now you're stuck here."
They fell quiet.
In this moment, the door opened.

Mistical Future - Sam Night (AKA Misti's Boyfriend)

Mistical was at home reading at the file on Lord Vile that Requiem gave her. It was a photo copy but she had all that there was on Lord Vile. It was a thick file but most of it was information gathered from the war and a little was of events in the past few years. But nothing absolutely nothing explained why Lord Vile didn’t die by Mistical’s attacks. Mistical finished reading the file for the second time and tossed it on the coffee table.
“USELEESS! Dam it. There is nothing on how to kill him! The best thing there is on how to attack him is something that was used on Baron Venges. Not even the real Lord Vile. Dam it’s going to be so much harder to pull the real Lord Vile’s chest plate off.” Mistical sighed, “Well if I do manage to do that that at least I might be able to see how or why I couldn’t kill him.”
“Kill, kill, kill that’s all I’ve been hearing” said Sam as he walked into the lounge room and flopped down on the sofa beside Mistical. He picked up the file and had a quick look, “Lord Vile again? Haven’t you already read this?” said Sam looking at her with his green eyes and arching an eyebrow
“Yes I have but I was just reading over them, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss anything”
“Ok then. So who’s coming over tomorrow?” He asked
“A woman called Requiem Noble an maybe some others, she and I are going to discuss plans and hopefully come up with an ok plan to take down the Unnamed and or Lord Vile.”
“So are you going to wear your mask?” he asked
“You’re kidding me right? Why would I wear my mask in my own home?”
“Eh well you sometimes do and it’s our house not just yours”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah” said Mistical giving him a small shove as she smiled. Sam could always make her feel better when she was in a bad mood. He gave a soft laugh and pulled her into a hug. Mistical smiled at him, she wasn’t wearing her mask so she could see her smile. The both lent in closer and they were only centimetres from each other, then bit of Sam’s brown hair flopped in his face.
“Ah stupid hair ruined the moment.” muttered Sam
“It’s ok” said Mistical as she pushed his hair out of the way, “I think your hair’s cute”
Cute?” asked Sam as he raised an eyebrow, “Since when is my hair cute?
“Since now” replied Mistical with a smirk
“In that case it think your nose is cute” said Sam now with a smirk
“Why thank you” said Mistical, “Your nose is handsome”
“Handsome?” asked Sam
“Handsome” nodded Mistical
“Thank you.” Said Sam, “Your eyes are the only jewels I’ll ever need” this is where Mistical started to blush. Sam was referring to the colour of her eyes what where sapphire. He hugged her tighter and they stayed like that for a bit, then Sam’s mobile rang.
“Dam it, way to spoil he moment” he said as he go up, “Oh I’m going to help discus stuff in the meeting to, I may be an elemental but I’m a good one and you’re the one that’s getting the snack for your guests!” he called out as he walked into the bedroom
“That’s fine by me!” Mistical yelled back

Requiem do you want to do a collaboration it might be boring just discussing stiff but we could throw some fighting in there. And if so can you tell me in the comments. Anyone else that want so come to the meeting thing please say and we can work something out,

By the way I hope you didn't mind the lovey dovey stuff I had to introduce Sam properly. He might, might not have a decent role  in this thing I'll just have to see what I feel like.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Requiem Noble - File Deliveries

Requiem was sat in the Sanctuary trying to look like she knew what she was doing. She wasn't used to the Australian Sanctuary and she had absolutely no idea where she was. As she tried to figure out what the last room she'd passed that she recognised was she heard quick footsteps.

A sorcerer hurried up to her, holding a bag. It looked familiar. He passed it to her and Requiem smiled as she looked inside and saw the set of knives sat on the top. She looked up to thank the sorcerer but he was already speaking.

'A sorcerer named Mistical has been asking your Sanctuary for the file on Lord Vile. Normally it would need an Elder's approval before it could be dispatched but these aren't normal circumstances. Your Grand Mage evidently trusts your judgement and, as you are his representative here, he asks you to confirm whether it is necessary.'

Requiem looked at him.

'Are you seriously asking whether we need information on Vile? You know the situation here as well as I do. If Misti wants that file, give her the file. In fact, why don't you just photocopy it for every sorcerer left here.'

The sorcerer remained impassive. 'As you say.' He turned, pulling out his phone. He muttered into it and a few moments later a boy with spiky hair and a cocky grin appeared beside him. There was a thick file in his hand. He passed it to Requiem who scowled at him. Five days ago she'd spent twenty-four hours on a plane to deliver a file here and she still hadn't gone home. And now, evidently file delivery was a priority.

'You should be thanking our Teleporter here,' said the sorcerer reproachfully. You Grand Mage asked for him to collect some things for you. He gestured to the bag slung over her shoulder. Instantly, she regretted being so selfish. They were in the middle of a huge crisis here and all she could think of was herself.

When she looked up again the Teleporter was gone and the sorcerer was hurrying away. She pulled one of her throwing knives from the bag, weighing it in her hand, smiling at the familiar weight. With no idea where she was, she spun the blade in her palm and headed off down the corridor to which it pointed.

It was time to find Mistical and give her that file.

Mistical Future - Wasting Time

A few days had past since the first battle with the Unnamed, many had died and many where injured but everyone that was injured had now recovered. Mistical was on the phone to the Irish Sanctuary asking them if she could borrow the file on Lord Vile. Ha that rhymes she thought. She wanted to know as much as possible on him, but she mainly wanted to know how he didn’t die from multiple death strikes. The administrator was arguing and saying that Mistical couldn’t get the file because it was restricted to elders and detectives. Mistical felt like shouting at the administrator but stoped herself. The administrator’s only doing their job, don’t shoot the messenger. Mistical took a deep breathing and out.
“Look, I know the file’s are restricted but I need all the information available. Lord Vile is in Australia and if possible we need to find a way to take him down.” Mistical said trying to keep calm
“I’m sorry but there is no known way to take him out, he just disappears and reappears on his own, but if you want to talk to someone you could try Skulduggery Pleasant he’s the last know person to have seen Lord Vile and survived … but he’s working on a case at the moment so you might not be able to get to him. I could still give you his number thought-” said the administrator before Mistical cut her off
“Thank but I already have his number and I’ll definitely try that. But can you ask the elders if they could send it over, because every bit of information helps. Thanks anyway. Bye” said Mistical then hung up. That was a complete waste of time!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dynasty - Gravity

Dynasty kept on trying to command the Gravity to put the flames out but it didn't work. Come on if he wanted to be like Death he needed to try. Try harder! He tried again and he felt some command going over the gravity and some of the flames went out. Yes he had done it. He was gravity.

Yes I know short xx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Valice- The first fight's over

The fight was over. Valice walked across the battlefield trying not to look at the ground to closely. It was covered with blood and dead sorcerers and cleavers. She had been fighting near the entry for most of the time until someone had thrown her over the field, but she was quite sure Dynasty hadn't left the Unnamed's former hideout. She stepped through the entry and now she forced herself to look at the dead bodies. She searched for about fifteen minutes, until she was sure Dynasty wasn't among the corpses. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.  'He must have found a way to get out!', she thought and smiled. Also they'd just met she felt that she really liked him. She opened her eyes and now that the fear Dynasty might be dead was gone, she suddenly wasn't able to look at all the blood and the dead bodies any more. She needed to get out of here. 
Back on the battlefield she saw that most of the corpses had been brought away. A small group of survivors stood in the middle of the field. A woman saw her and came to her. 
"Hey, you, are you for the Unnamed or against him?"
"Against", Valice sad. She was tired. All she wanted to do was sleep. 
"Aren't you a bit young to fight in battles like this?"
Valice raised an eyebrow. " I might be younger that most of your Sanctuary sorcerers, but unlike most of them I'm still alive! And, lets face it, you need every help you can get, you really can't be choosy."

They drove to the Sanctuary. Although the Unnamed and Lord Vile had had to leave, no one felt like they'd won. As soon as they arrived most of the sorcerers walked to their office. More as a distraction than anything else Valice walked around the building. They had lost so many people, no one knew where the Unnamed was and Dynasty hadn't come to the Sanctuary. 
She sat down. What a day.

Dynasty - Escaping

As Vile hit the ground he didn't come up. He gave his son a dirty look and sunk into the ground with a groan on his face. Duck ran over.
"Are you alright."
"Yeah now I've gotta go."
He wanted to go back for Valice but he knew he shouldn't delude himself. 
They wouldn't last long.
He let his shadows take him up the wall.
He ran off.
Dynasty hated necromancy he wanted to be like a person called Death Thorn Rose who could kill with glares and do anything with gravity. The only reason he was a necromancer was because of his Dad. Necromancy was the only magic he knew. He was only thirteen. His surge wouldn't be for like uh... nine years he could train and become just like Death Thorn Rose. 
He wouldn't be  a flaming necromancer he would be able to kill with glares and uh... manipulate gravity. It would be fun. He would start training tomorrow. He couldn't waste any time.
Now how would he escape this place was like a maze.
He took-
Dynasty got so scared he fell on the floor.
It was the Unnamed.
"Get in the cell."
Lord Vile grabbed him and began to drag him to the cell. Duck Tassap jumped on him but the Unnamed flung him miles away.
Lord Vile, his Dad flung him in the cell.
Again he had the bottle of wine he took a sip set the bottle on fire and the flames erupted and prepared to kill Dynasty

And I want no one to save me please, its part of me plot.
And this post was in memory of Death Thorn Rose who left Blogland.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Duck- Suffering

Duck woke up.
He was lying face first in the dirt. He spat out some soil from his mouth then he slowly got up onto his feet.
All around him there were bodies. Men, woman, cleavers. All of them had their clothes soaked in blood. Pieces of flesh were randomly thrown about the place and a decapitated head was only a few metres from where Duck was standing.
What had happened?
Duck could only remember a few thing. He was with Requiem Noble for most of the start of the battle, Mistical Future had given them both a gun each, and he faintly remembered trying to save Dynasty Maguire, only to be kicked away by Lord Vile.

Duck looked around for any survivors while trying to not look at the massacre that had taken place. All of them had being willing to help take down The Unnamed only to be stopped, killed by some of his followers. And it was all for nothing. Or was it? Had they won? Was The Unnamed dead and the war over? Duck wasn't sure. He had being unconscious for most of it.
He saw a group of sorcerers about to leave, among them was the Grand mage. Duck quickly ran across the blood drench field to meet up with the group. They were all looking glum, with sad faces and most of them looking at their toes.
Duck asked the most simplest question when he got to them. "What happened?"
"We won," said one of the sorcerers, and the he added a sarcastic, "Woo hoo."
"What, is that bad?"
"Yes, it is actually," said Grand mage Sapient. "We got The Unnamed and Lord Vile to retreat, we lost many countless lives to bring them down but in the end we didn't succeed in anything."
"So now we're back where we started," said another sorcerer. "Except minus heaps of people. We have no idea where The Unnamed fled to."
They fell into silence.
They headed to the last black van on the other side of the street. The other vans were trashed about the place, on their sides, burning. The group got into the back van and headed to the Sanctuary, still in absolute silence.

When they got the the Sanctuary the silence followed them. No one was there except the Administrator, who must have already learnt of the news. The group split up, each heading off to their offices or somewhere else.
Duck sat at his desk and looked up at the ceiling. He didn't have any battle scars, only a sore head after Lord Vile had kicked him, but somehow he felt that he had suffered more. He had led everyone to The Unnamed and he felt that it was his fault that they died. They were all willing to fight but in the end it was a stalemate. So many lives lost for a lost cause.

Requiem - Enter Sable

This is 'cause I think we need someone on the bad guys side and I don't think Valice and Dynasty are going to be very popular there any more...

Sable looked at the row of Hollow Men stood in front of him. They were silent and unmoving but he knew that if he took even one more step forward they would attack. The only problem was, he had to get past them.

He stepped forward.

The first Hollow Man swung it's fist towards him and he ducked and sent his fist slamming upwards into it's jaw. It staggered back and he turned as a second one attacked. He dodged again and felt a third pair of hands close on his throat as another Hollow Man attacked from behind. He brought both his hands up and reached behind him. His gloved hands slammed into the Hollow Man and shadows poured into it. It slumped backwards and he whipped his hands round, sending shadows at the next three attackers. He had the advantage now and he pressed forward. Soon all the Hollow Men lay on the floor around him and the room was clear.

There was a slow handclap behind him. He whirled, hands raised but dropped them again when he saw who it was.

'I'll admit it's a good way of keeping yourself  but one really has to observe that it isn't an effective use of Hollow Men.'

Sable shrugged. 'I like to be ready for anything. Unfortunately, I think the Sanctuary might object if I practised with mortals.'

'Indeed,' the Unnamed gave a faint smile. Behind him, Lord Vile stood impassive and still. 'It was certainly an impressive display.'

Sable nodded his thanks. 'You're too kind. But we both know that you're not here so we can compliment each other.'

The Unnamed gave another faint smile. 'You are most astute Sable. The fact is, we've suffered a minor setback. The Australian Sanctuary's attack was unexpectedly successful and, although both sides have suffered heavy losses, they managed to beat us. Mainly due to several unexpectedly skilled fighters, a traitorous pair of my own sorcerers and Lord Vile's own experience with another pair of sorcerers who refused to die, we have lost our main base. You have a good set up here and Vile tells me that you can be relied on as a supporter to my cause. So I've come to ask you to join me.'

Sable looked at the Unnamed. 'And if I agree, you want to set up your headquarters here?'
The Unnamed didn't respond.

Sable turned to Vile. 'Are you still as good as they say you are?'
Vile didn't move either but the shadows swirling around him thickened almost imperceptibly.

Sable wasn't bothered by their impassiveness. 'I take that as a yes,' he muttered. He looked back at the Unnamed. 'Well, your kind has always had my support. It will be nice to get out and fight again. I will join you. You are welcome here.'

Mistical Future - Saving Requiem and round two with Lord Vile

Mistical stood up, and wavered. Requiem had given her time to stuff a leaf that numbs the pain into her mouth but she was still in agony. Mistical was silent in standing and no matter how much she wanted to scream or let out a groan she held it in for Requiem’s sake. Lord Vile was about to deliver the killing blow, he probably though that Mistical was down and that no one could move silently with a fist sized whole through there gut. Pain shot through mystical as she took a step forward, Come on this isn’t the worst injury that you’ve had, it’s close but not the worst now move or she’ll die! Mistical ran forward and pulled her sword out of the wall then jumped at Vile.
“RAHHHHHH” she shouted as she landed on Vile’s back and plunged her sword into he’s back. He twisted and the shadows went wild, he tried to grab Mistical but she was out of his reach so the shadows tried to grab her. Mistical grabbed Vile’s shoulder then plunged her sword into where his heart should be. He didn’t drop, he didn’t go rigged, he just moved like there was nothing bothering him.
“Hu what do you know Lord Vile truly is heartless” Mistical said just before Vile grabbed her from over his shoulder and flung her on the ground in front of him. Pain shot through Mistical but it wasn’t as bad as before, Good the leaf is starting to work. Vile’s fist plunged at Mistical’s face, she rolled to the side. Shadows snaked along the ground and tried to grab her legs but Mistcal rolled past Vile and sprinted down the corridor, her sword retracted and she sheathed it. To make sure she had his full attention she pulled out the last hand gun she had and emptied the chamber. It was a waist Vile just had a wall of shadow in front of him as he walked, but it they did their job and that was to keep Vile’s attention on Mistical not Requiem. Mistical turned into another corridor and there was the Unnamed standing there with his back turned to Mistical. Perfect though Mistical and she ripped the sniper off her back, looked through the scope but just before she pulled the trigger a shadow flicked the mussel of the gun and moved it by a few mills. The shot that was aimed at the Unnnamed’s head ended up hitting his right shoulder. Mistical heard the shoulder shatter and smiled satisfactorily. Mistial jumped and grabbed onto a light above just before a wave of darkness slithered past where she just was and almost crashed into the Unnamed. The Unnamed, who had probably never felt the pain of a sniper shot let alone a sniper shot at short range looked to be in agony and completely furious. Oh dam girl what have you done.
“You idiot what are you doing the enemy is that way!” shouted the Unnamed and pointed in the direction he had just been facing. His right arm hung uselessly at his side, Unless he sees a decent mage doctor then he’ll never have proper function of his right arm ever again.  Lord Vile just looked to where Mistical was hanging then looked at the Unnamed.
“What’s up, oh that’s right me” said Mistical as she dropped down
“I thought that they would of killed you” said the Unnamed as he clutched his shattered shoulder. “And they injured you?”
“No not them, they didn’t even give me a scratch, but your friend here, well he’s another story” said Mistical sounding relaxed.
“I would expect you to be dead it that where that case”
“Well you see I’m kinda hard to hit”
“Yes I would imagine, especially from what I’ve heard your extremely hard to hit.”
“Yes that’s true, … well anyway I would say it’s been fun gentlemen except it hasn’t, but it has been interesting I’ll give you that. And now I must make my leave I bid you gentlemen good day” said Mistical just before she flipped backwards out the window behind her, her feet hit it and the window shattered. Mistical was on the ground floor so she touched the ground quickly and sprinted away. This is Great! You have two of the most powerful men in the world wanting you dead! This is excellent! Mistical though sarcastically. Mistical ran around to where she left Requiem and jumped through the nearby window, scooped her up and left the building. I’m not going back there for a bit!

Hi Requiem feel free to change it ... although there's not much you actually do ...

Friday, 7 June 2013

Requiem - Saving Mistical

Requiem stared down at the gun in her hands. The woman who'd thrown it to her, Mistical, was gone, disappearing off with a score to settle with the Unnamed. With the way this battle was going, Requiem didn't hold out much hope of seeing her again.

The gun was heavy and unfamiliar in her hands. She made a mental note to find the Teleporter once this was over and get him to take her back to Ireland to get her throwing knives. She missed them.

Still, at least having a gun was better than being unarmed. She twisted and fired at the sorcerer who had been heading towards her, fire in his hands, and then ducked as a sword whistled through the air beside her head. Gun in hand she sprinted away from the centre of the battle, towards the corridor where she'd seen Mistical diappear. Useless as she was in a fight, she couldn't leave the woman to go up against the Unnamed alone.

It turned out that Mistical hadn't made it to the Unnamed. Requiem rounded the corner and saw her knelt on the floor, a shadow buried in her stomach, a long drawn out scream of pain coming from her. Stood in front of her was Lord Vile.

'Hey,' Requiem shouted. It wasn't very useful but she couldn't think of anything else. Vile looked up at her and his head tilted onto one side. The shadows withdrew from Mistical and the woman slumped to the floor, hands pressed against her stomach. Requiem could feel the woman's pain pressing against her own mind but she blocked it, focussing instead on the situation at hand.

Vile sent a wave of shadow curling along the ground towards her. She watched it approach apprehensively and tried to step aside but Vile flicked his hand and it swept her feet out from under her. She landed hard but pulled herself upright, aiming the gun at him. She fired twice. The first bullet missed but the second was a perfect shot, straight towards his heart. But Vile threw up a wall of shadow and the bullet rebounded and Requiem was forced to duck. She heard a soft sound of pain behind her and looked around to see a sorcerer who had clearly been trying to sneak up on her lying on the floor, blood pooling around him.

Her attention was brought back to more pressing matters as Vile swept the feet from under her a second time. The gun slipped from her grip as he stepped towards her. She reached out for his mind and but Vile sent shadows at her and her concentration slipped as one sliced across her face.

Vile was stood over her now and she could see the way his armour swirled, little patterns dancing across the surface. She went to roll away but a shadow held her down as Vile stabbed down with an armoured hand that elongated into a spike of shadow that pierced her leg. She screamed but Vile had already retraced the blade and waved his hand. Another slice of shadow stabbed her in the stomach and she doubled over in the same way as Mistical. A third shadow sliced across her back and now the pain was burning as yet more shadows impaled her body.

She lay, her vision blurring as Vile sent shadow after shadow at her. Her scream went on and on and she felt the blood rushing in her ears. She just had time to see Mistical rising up behind Vile, holding her stomach, before her vision went dark.

Feel free to change it if you want Misti! Hope you like it!

Dynasty - Maybe not a thousand.

Dynasty got up. 
"Hi I'm Dynasty."
"Hi Dynasty."
Valice shook his hand.
"Now I've gotta go fight."
Suddenly Dynasty found six balls of fire at him. He put up a wall of shadows and they bounced off.
This needed to end.
Thousands well maybe  not thousands but hundreds.
Lord Vile shot down at him like a bullet and before Dynasty realized he was on the ground.
Dynasty punched his Dad.
His Dad hit him so hard he went back but he sent a thousand maybe not a thousand a hundred knives shot at him. He went down on the ground.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mistical Future - People Re-appear

Mistical stopped her bike a few yards away from the Unnamed’s hideout then silently ran closer. She peered through the trees and saw Duck and woman that she didn’t know in trouble. She got out a gun and pointed it at the sorcerer that was attacking the woman,
“All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run, out run my gun” Mistical sung “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, faster than my bullet” on the word bullet Mistical shot the sorcerer in the shoulder. “Well he didn’t run faster than my bullet” she said as she quickly shot the two that where attacking Duck. Then she walked onto the battle field while reloading the gun.
“Catch” Mistical said as she tossed the woman and Duck a gun each, “Please tell me your two know how to shoot a gun”
“Uh” said Duck he looked as scared as hell, “I’ve never shot one before”
“Just aim, pull back the hammer, the thing at the back, then you pull the trigger” Duck was looking at the gun like he still wasn’t sure what to do with it, Mistical sighed, “here this is what you do” Mistical demonstrated to hold the gun, and thumbed back the hammer. A sorcerer threw a ball of fire at them, everyone dogged it and Mistical shot him in the shoulder. “Hey I’m trying to have a conversation over here!” Mistical sighed, “People have no manners these days. Here’s some more ammo” said Mistical as she tossed them both some more ammo for the guns.
“Oh and good job finding this place Duck” said Mistical then she turned to the woman, “Hi I’m Mistical Future, I don’t think we’ve met?” said Mistical as she offered her hand,
“I’m Requiem Noble” said Requiem as she shook Mistical’s hand, “And no we haven’t”
“Well nice to meet you, I’m sorry but I’ve gota find the Unnamed, I owe him a possible death sentence or at least a few bullet holes. Bye now, have a good day!” said Mistical just before she jogged off.
Mistical ran down a hall way and saw Lord Vile, he turned and saw her.
“Aw crap” said Mistical as shadows flew at her. Mistical dogged and weaved the shadows that came at her, there were other people in the hall but Lord Vile was becoming less and less focused on them with every shadow she dogged. Shadows whipped at her again and again then a wave of darkness came. Mistical ran to the wall and kicked off it and flipped over the wave, she had Lord Vile’s full attention now.
“S***, S***, S***, S***!” Mistical said as she kept ducking and weaving, “Crap, crap, crap, crap!” the shadows where getting harder and harder to avoid. Maybe I should do up my coat. A shadow missed here face by a millimetre, “FUDGE! FUDGE! FUDGE! FUDGE!” Mistical screeched. A shadow came for her face and Mistical whipped out her sword and sliced the shadow in two, it melted the second it was sliced. Mistical danced through the shadows slicing them all again and again and again. A wall of shadows came for her and Mistical sliced the wall and dived through the hole she made. She ran at Lord Vile and jumped aiming a kick at his chest but a wall of shadow appeared so Mistical quickly pushed off it and flipped backwards just before the wall became ridged with spikes. Most of the people that were in that hall ran, taking the chance to get away. A man was trying to make another move.
“She’s got this covered” said the man trying to pull the other away
“We can’t just leaver her!” said the second man
“I’ve got this just MOVE!” shouted Mistical, even though she didn’t have the situation covered. Ah I need to be on offensive if I am to even remotely have this covered! But I’m stuck on defence! He’s got to many shadows, … but if I, oh God! If I do I’ll only have one shot! God dam it this better work! Mistical threw her sword at Lord Vile, he saw it coming and a shadow wall appeared in front of him. That was stupid thought Mistical as her sword sliced through the wall like it wasn’t even there. Lord Vile moved but not quickly enough and the sword sliced a third of his neck. The instant the armour was sliced shadow burst from the hole protectively; they thrashed about then reformed into the armour covering the cut made. That’s going to make no difference his throat was cut, he’d dead.  But Lord Vile just cocked his head to the side she had cut.
“What! B-but that’s impossible, y-you should be dead! That should have sliced your neck open!” Mistical stammered and took a step back, not only had she lost her sword that was now behind Lord Vile but the man standing before her should be dead! Mistical was scared before when she saw Lord Vile but now she was terrified! Shadows lashed at her and she dogged but they kept coming faster and faster, Mistical was having trouble dogging them. Then a shadow flicked her on the shoulder, it did no damage but caused her to move a centimetre out of place and another shadow sliced her calf. Mistical cried out,
“S***!” Mistical shouted, and she kept on dogging even though her leg was screaming. I need to get to my sword! She kept moving and tried to keep as much weight off her bad leg as possible. Mistical was slowly getting closer to her sword, then her leg buckled and Mistical fell in a kneeling position, her head hung to the side. A shadow came for her head, Mistical flung her head up and tried to move out of the way but the shadow penetrated her stomach and Mistical screamed. I should have buttoned up my coat.


Duck and Requiem feel free to change it, I'm not sure how you'd react and if you don't want me to save you then just cut it out.

Valice- Not Dead Yet

She had a headache. That was the first thing she realized when she woke up. A terrible headache. She groaned and sat up slowly.
"Valice? I.. I thought you are dead!"
She blinked. "No, luckily just unconscious." 
"But you weren't breathing!"
"See that?" she asked. There was a little plaster on her wrist. 
"I have them everywhere where you can take the pulse. Because then you can't feel the pulse and everyone thinks you're dead!"
"But why would you want anyone to think you're dead?"
"Well, if you're unconscious and you can't defend yourself it's very helpfull when they think you're dead, it already safed my life a few times."
"Ah, okay."
They went silent. 
"But hey, that means we went up against the Unnamed and Lord Vile and we both survived!", he grinned.
"And you still didn't tell me your name!"

Dynasty- Love and War.

"Dude Batman doesn't exsist."
The middle aged women ran off.
Valice ran off and fought in the crowds.
Before he could run after her Lord Vile, his Dad came soaring down at him.
Dynasty sprang out of the way and sent shadow knives at him. He laughed and sent a wave of shadows that knocked Dynasty onto the floor. Before he knew Duck was trying to save him AGAIN.
Lord Vile snarled and kicked Duck on the ground
Great, failed again! Thought Duck.
The Unnamed's voice towered over the battle.
"Lord Vile out of the way its time I fought him myself."
He jumped down and Dynasty held up a shield of shadows to protect himself.
As they fought the Unnamed kept laughing.
A teenager was actually attacking him.
The Unnamed stuck him in the belly and Dynasty went down.
The Unnamed walked off and when he was awake again he saw Valice on the ground.
Despite being in pain he needed to save her.
He was in love.
He checked Valice.
She wasn't breathing.

Valice- Batman

Dynasty totaly took her by surprise when he kissed her, but before she could say anything he turned around and started running. He took the soldier out before she even realised he was there and then- the Unnamed stood right in front of them.
"Dynasty I thought I killed you!", he said surprised.
"You cannot kill me!" Dynasty answered with a smile.
"You let him out him, Valice? You stand up against me?"
"Ah, well, I guess that's one way to see it. Although it's not my way to see it!"
"Ah, and what's your way?"
"I don't agree with your methods and I'd really like to just stay out of this."
"Ha, you people are all the same, you and your morals!"
"So you're gonna kill us now, right?", she asked. 
"Yes, I'm going to kill you, but not yet. First I'll show you that those morals don't help you with anything. When I killed all this sorcerers who dared to stand up against me and when this world is mine- than I'll kill you."
"You defenitly watched to much Batman!", Valice said with a small grin. "Batman?", the Unnamed asked. 
"Yes, Bane says something quite similar to him in The Dark Knight Rises."
"Is he powerfull?"
Valice looked at Dynasty, who raised an eyebrow and said: "Ahm, yeah, I think so..."
The Unnamed waved at a middle-aged woman and said: "Bring me this Batman-guy, now!"

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mistical Future - Everyone disappears

Mistical was almost at the Sanctuary when she heard the Grand mage call out
“What!” said Mistical as she sprinted into the large room just in time to see a lot of people disappear, “Dam it, I’ve missed something major haven’t I?” said Mistical to herself, she sighed, “Well let’s go get you into a cell shall we” she said and walked off to the prison section

Mistical left a note on the man’s cell door telling who ever read it that he was one of the Unnamed’s followers. Mistical walked to the administrators desk, she could hear the administrator was there.
“Hi” she said to the administrator, “Um I was wondering if the Sanctuary wanted a good sniper? I got it off an Unnamed follower, he’s now in a cell and I put a note on his door. Um and I was also wondering where everyone else has gone to?”
“Um … yes snipers are always good to have. Thanks for bringing the man in. And uh everyone else had gone to fight the Unnamed, Duck found his whereabouts.” Replied the administrator
“Uh ok then, well can you tell me where the whereabouts of the Unnamed is and I might hold onto the sniper just for this if that’s ok with you”
“Yes you can hold onto the sniper for a bit, you found it anyway” said the administrator that then told Misitical where everyone else had gone.
“Ok thanks, um do you have any spare guns that I can borrow?” asked Mistical
“Uh yes I think there’s some left” replied the administrator
“Ok thanks I’ll help myself”

After Mistical stocked up on ammo and a couple of gun she got on her motor bike and drove to the location of the Unnamed
“Time for some good old fashioned revenge” she said smiling

Dynasty - Valice

Dynasty coughed as the flames died.
"V...valice nice name might be the last word I here."
"No, it won't I'm here to help you!"
Valice lifted him up and they walked out. Well Valice walked and Dynasty stumbled.
"We've got to stop the Unnamed you know."
Valice heard a scream.
"We can help now."
He kissed her.
"Thanks for saving my life."
Valice blushed.
Dynasty ran on.
Valice ran after him.
Dynasty sent shadow knives right at one of the Unnamed's soilders. He screamed.
The Unnamed hissed as he saw him.
"Dynasty I thought I killed you!"
"You cannot kill me!" he said with a smile.

Valice if you don't like it change it! :)

Requiem - A fight

Requiem hadn't left the side of the sorcerer named Duck. He was the only person she knew in this mess, other than the Unnamed and Vile, and he seemed capable enough. She knew that he was fighting beside her but right now she was rather distracted.

The reason for her distraction was the necromancer currently throwing shadow knives at her.

With no defensive magic of her own to counter them, she was forced to duck and dodge repeatedly as the knives sliced through the air towards her. They were coming thick and fast and it was getting harder and harder to avoid them. One caught her on the edge of the leg, lost her balance and cried out as she stumbled into the path of a second knife that embedded itself in her shoulder.

Letting out her pain in a stream of colourful language she ducked behind a Cleaver and shut her eyes, reaching out with her mind for the necromancer, making sure to keep well clear of Vile and the Unnamed. Now was not the time to find out if her powers worked against them.

Touching the necromancers thoughts, she knew where he would throw the next knife and she stepped to one side, pulling the Cleaver with her. THe necromancer had fixed his attention on the Cleaver and she used the lull to focus. She shut her eyes and concentrated.

The thick volley of shadow knives coming from the necromancers own blade stopped. As he stared in confusion at the knife, the Cleaver dived fowards and she felt his thoughts blink out. Quickly she stood up and turned to find another sorcerer behind her.

Not for the first time she regretted not having a physical power as she desperately tried to defend herself from his attacks. Even as she fought, she became aware of how badly this battle was going. She could see Duck in the corner of her eye, desperately trying to hold off two opponents of his own. The situation was the same, eveywhere she could see. This fight was not going well.

The other sorcerer's fist hit her in the jaw and she stumbled backwards, head spinning. No, this was not going well at all.

What were they going to do?

Valice- The Arrival

When she arrived at the entery to the cave there were people everywere and it was the middle of a fight the Sanctuary could never win. It was time. Time to make a decision. She could walk away and hope they'd be lucky and that someone would kill him, but that chance was so small, it was barely there. Or she could join them, but then the Unnamed would kill her, what he'd also do if she'd walk away. The third and last opportunity she had left was to go to the Unnamed and to join him. But she really didn't wanted to do that either. With still no decision made she got out of the car and started her way towards the entry, just to do something. She didn't want to think about it any more, she'd decide what she should do instinctively when the moment was there. 
They weren't many and half of the cleavers were already dead. Most of the few sorcerers who had come were already dead or injured too. There were two sorcerers fighting just a few meters away from her. She had no idea what they were fighting because she couldn't see anyone, but whoever it was did a good job in making them panic. She looked closer and realized that at least one of them was no stranger to her. He was this guy who always sent this warning-messages, Duck whatsoever. There was a shadow knife flying straight to him. She pushed against the air and he fell to the ground, the knife cut through the air where he'd standed just a few seconds ago and cut a cleaver standing behind him in half.
"Uuuups...", she said. That hadn't been part of the plan.
She kept walking across the battlefield and tried to avoid the bullets and shadow knifes. When she arrived at entry she hestitated. 
Then she took a deep breath and walked through it. 
The Unnamed and Lord Vile were standing in the middle of a big room. 
"Valice, I'm glad you came!"

The tunnel system was huge and Valice was sure she hadn't even seen half of it. Suddenly she heard a scream. She turned around and headed into the direction  where it had came from- the cell trackt. She opened a cell and- fire! There was fire everywhere. She waved with her hand and the fire went out. There was someone in the room. There was smut all over his face and clothes but he didn't look like he was much older than her, maybe even younger. At least he didn't look like someone she wanted to kill.
"So I think you work against the Unnamed, am I right? But if you say you don't I think I'll have to help you, right?" She smiled. "I'm Valice by the way."

Dynasty - Guilty with a little bit of FIRE!

Dynasty watched the battle. It was so bloody. Finally the Unnamed set Lord Vile on them and left. This was his chance. He walked through the crowd. He ran once he got out of it. He pumped right into the Unnamed.
"Get in the cell!"
"You let Duck Tassap go."
"I didn't!" he snapped. 
"You'll have to get me first."
Dynasty flung himself up and the Unnamed just laughed.
Suddenly two things came behind him and grabbed him.
Dynasty tried to cry for help but the Things flung him  in the cell.
He laughed he was going mad he thirteen and he had already got himself into this.
This was terrible.
But funny.
The Unnamed came to visit him ten minutes later with a MASSIVE can of beer.
Dynasty was very cheeky.
"What you gonna do make me drink it."
"No, make it drink you!"
"What the hell?"
The Unnamed didn't answer, he just stared at the bottle and it erupted into flames.
He through it in the cell that Dynatsty was in and the flames spread like wildfire.
"Oh, hell." said Dynasty.
"Have fun."
The Unnamed walked off.
The flames spread they spread and spread until there was NOTHING LEFT.

Mistical Future -Wanted Dead - part 2

Mistical gritted her teeth. I need to get away but if I go home he might hurt Sam and I can’t let him see me without my mask. I’ll have to get behind him, I know roughly where he is and that’s what matters.
“It’s times like this where I wish I got may mask made my Ghastly” Mistical muttered as he buttoned up the coat she did get from Ghastly. Mistical climbed down to the bottom of the building and peered out from behind the building. As soon as she poked her head a bullet came for her, she managed to recall herself to behind the wall.
“Holly mother of s*** that was to fricking close!” Mistical exclaimed, “Buuut at least know I know exactly where he is” said Mistical as she smiled. But now the question is how to get out from behind this building, the guy must have a heat sensor or something on the scope otherwise he wouldn’t have known where I was. I also need to wrap this up quick because that sniper wasn’t silenced so the police would be here soon. But the question is how do I distract him. Mistical looked around and found a chunk of brick. She picked it up, yeah this’ll be good but he’s too far away not even I could get a good shot that far away!  Mistical climbed the building, I also need to see if there’s anything in the way of where I’m throwing I to. Mistical popped her head above the top of the building but she was behind an air-conditioner, so the man couldn’t snipe her. The air-con was propped up two feet of the roof of the building. Mistical jumped on top of the building and slid beneath the air-con, she could see the spot where he was even though she couldn’t see him. He was on one of the top leaves of the highest building in the city. That’s a good spot, definitely going to be hard to hit! Oh god I’ve got one shot I best make it a good one, because if I don’t I’m screwed! Mistical crawled back to behind the building, she waited for a couple of seconds then sprung up from behind the building and threw the chunk of brick, the second after she threw it she dived to the side behind the air-con. A bullet flew by where she just was. Mistical could hear the brick flying through the air, she prepared to launch herself over the air-con as soon. She aimed for the top of the window and it seemed like the brick wasn’t going to even make it into the window at all but then it just got in and the man jumped back. Mistical moved the exact instant that the rock went through the window and lunched herself over the air-con and ran then leaped off the edge of the building. Msitical flipped in mid-air so that her back was facing the ground then she pressed the button on her belt and a grappling hook came out and caught the corner of the building across from the one she’d just jumped off. Mistical swung on the grappling hook and onto the building behind the one her hook had caught on. Once she landed she spun around and let her grappling hook wind back into her belt. Mistical worked her way towards the building that the man was in but she was circling in at the same time. The man didn’t have a clue where she was. Mistical climbed the building and slid in a window on the same level as the man. She slowly snuck towards him, then when she got behind him she grabbed him around the neck and got him in a sleeper hold. He flopped and Mistical let him fall to the floor. She sighed and checked the gun, it was a good sniper. Maybe the sanctuary would want it? Mistical picked the man up and flung him over her shoulder, then grabbed the gun and slung it over her back.
“Let’s go to the Sanctuary!” said Mistical to the unconscious man.

Duck- Ready For Battle

Duck was back at the Sanctuary after taking a long bus trip form The Unnamed's hideout. The Sanctuary was busy all over the place with cleavers running up and down the halls, sorcerers loading guns and practicing magic, and mage officials on the phones to other Sanctuaries around the globe trying to get more reinforcements. It was the most hectic Duck had ever seen the Australian Sanctuary.

He was standing in one of the hallways, making himself look like he was doing something important even though he wasn't, when someone tapped him on the shoulder. Duck turned to see a young woman smiling at him.
"Hi, are you Duck?" she asked.
"Why, yes, I am Duck. And who might you be?"
"Requiem Noble. I flew over from Ireland to deliver some files but now I'm stuck here in this crisis. The Grand mage said you might need some help with stuff."
"Really?" said Duck. "I'm not doing anything important at the moment. Maybe the stuff he was talking about was the all out assault on The Unnamed. What can you do?"
"I'm a sensitive," answered Requiem.
Duck rolled his eyes up. "Well that helps. You can just stay at the back with me and some other non-fighters when all the fighters are doing their stuff."
"That's what I was thinking."
Just then Grand mage Sapient ran up to them.
"Quick, we're going now," he said. "You two can be backup along with some others. If the first wave fails then it's up to you guys. And if you guys fail then..." And then the Grand mage whimpered. He actually whimpered, his lower lip quivered and he looked away from Duck and Requiem. "I... I need to get everyone else ready. There's a teleporter down in the foyer waiting to get everyone there."
Then he trudged off without looking back.
"He's scared," Requiem said. "Genuinely scared and afraid. It's as though he knows we can't win."
"Don't let that set you back. We have to be positive if we are going to take down The Unnamed."
They both started walking towards the foyer. Many groups of sorcerers were jogging past them, some doing battle cries, some with fireballs summoned in their hands, and some were in full medieval style armour clanking along with swords raised.
They arrived at the foyer of the Sanctuary where everybody was gathered. At least two hundred sorcerers and were waiting around, chatting among themselves. There were also cleavers standing at the few entrances and exits. This was a serious job and everyone had to fight. No one was leaving through those hallways.
"Can I all have you attention!" Sapient bellowed from the centre of the room. All the sorcerers stopped talking at once.
"When we get there the cleavers will go first," he announced. "They will try to weaken the... the enemy. After exactly two minutes everyone else will attack. I have selected the only few that will stand at the back and watch everyone else. They'll be taking calls from other Sanctuaries. Is... is everybody ready?"
There were a few mumbles and grunts and noddings of heads but most of the army stayed silent.
"Okay, everybody hold hands. We're going to teleport over there."
Everyone did as they were asked and then a boy with blonde, spiky hair and a cocky grin came up beside the Grand mage. The teleporter no doubt.
"Three!" Sapient yelled out. "Two!"
There was silence in the room except for the countdown. Duck's hand were becoming sweaty. Then after an extra long pause:

And then they were gone.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Dynasty - Sanctuary investagation

Dyansty watched Duck go. At least he was safe. But soon he would be dead. And so would he.
He began heading back and heard whispering.
It was the Unnamed.
"How long does it take to throw a prisoner in a cell?"
He headed back.
The Unnamed watched him.
He headed up the stairs and began sobbing.
He didn't ussualy sob but... but he was just so sad.
Why did this have to happen to him?
He just wanted a nice life. Was that so much to ask?
He heard a bang.
Then footsteps.
It was the sanctuary.
They had come to save him!
But could they get past the Unnamed.
He heard screams and looked down and saw the Unnamed looking at cleavers insides being turned out.
There was no hope...

Requiem Noble - Orders

Requiem really hated to be a whiner but she was beginning to feel like a parcel, being shunted all over the place.

Her meeting with Grand Mage Sentient had been delayed by three hours and the actual discussion had lasted her less than four minutes. He had been tense and worried but, unusually, didn't want to refuse any help that anyone could give them.

After the appropriate formalities had been exchanged, he had looked at her, hard, and in his eyes she saw that he was afraid. Truly afraid. She'd never seen a Grand Mage scared before.

She began to get worried.

Sapient had had contact from a sorcerer, Duck, who thought he had discovered the location of the Unnamed. This was serious stuff and Sapient wanted every available sorcerer on the case. Unfortunately, there weren't many available sorcerers.

Perhaps even more unfortunately, that meant her.

She was sceptical about how much use she was going to be but she had her orders.

It was time to meet this Duck.

Duck- To the rescue!

"Right, okay. Just need to get my bearings" said Johnny Occult as he sat, legs crossed, on top of Duck's desk. "Sometimes I get lost and it takes me hours to get back here."
Johnny Occult was another psychic at the Australian Sanctuary. He was in a trance and trying to find traces of The Unnamed's whereabouts.
The return of The Unnamed was a massive case that nearly everyone in the Sanctuary was working on. There were people examining Bohemian's office, people looking up any and every file they could find on The Unnamed and even more people getting ready in the armoury. War against The Unnamed, it seemed, was inevitable.
Duck was given the job to help Johnny look for the one that has caused all this mess. Grand mage Sapient thought that Duck's run in with the other psychic meant that he would be capable if something went wrong. The truth was that Duck was genuinely scared for his life, thinking that Johnny would go psycho as he searched for The Unnamed.
"Hmm, I'm getting warmer. I can fell the intense magic that's all around him." Johnny was in a bliss state. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. "It's like a black hole how... nah, that's a bad comparison. More like a, uh, really loud jackhammer and you can just feel the noise vibrating through everything."
"But can you get his exact whereabouts?" Duck asked.
"Nah, can't get anywhere close to him. It's like all his magic is forcing me back."
"Well that's going to complicate-"
"But there's someone else," Johnny blurted out before Duck could finish. "Someone who is still powerful but, like, not as much, you know?"
"Well that's a start," Duck said. "Can you see who he is?"
"It's, umm, let me just..." Johnny had a concentrated face and his tongue was pocking out the side of his mouth. "Aha! It's Lord Vile."
"Lord Vile?" Duck repeated. "Are you sure?"
"Yep, all his armour on and everything. There are trace amounts of The Unnamed's magic still floating through the air around his house"
"So do you think The Unnamed and Lord Vile are working together?"
"Certainly looks that way" Johnny answered. "And there is someone else, yet again. Someone in... danger."
"What? Who?"
"Uhm, Dynasty Maguire is his name. And he really needs some rescuing."
Duck puffed out his chest. Everyone else was busy and the cleavers were scouring the city so he thought, why not him, he was capable of a rescue. No one would suspect anything and Lord Vile and The Unnamed would be taken by surprise. Why couldn't he save the day at least once?

Duck was running. His overly thought out plan failed but then he was saved, by the person he was going to save, who didn't seem to need saving. Dynasty was taking him down to the dungeon but then let him go and told him to run. The Unnamed seemed to have trusted Dynasty. Were they on the same side? No, of course not. He had saved Duck. Duck could have being but in the dungeon or killed by The Unnamed but Dynasty had saved him.
Duck made it out into the fresh air. He panted for a while, his hands on his knees, then he checked his neck. That guy had one heck of a choke hold. He could fell the welts starting to swell up.
Duck groaned. He was a failure. He put his life at risk for nothing. Dynasty was in no danger whatsoever but still Duck blindly walked in there with no idea what he was doing.

But there was one thing he had succeeded in.

Duck took out his phone, quick dialled the Sanctuary, and put the phone to his ear. There was dial tone but the administrator wasn't picking up the phone. Everyone was busy at the Sanctuary making preparations so it was completely understandable that the phone couldn't be picked up. Duck hung up then dialled again. Still no answer, then- "Please leave a message after the beep," said the computer voice.
"Hey, It's Duck here. I have found out where The Unnamed is hiding and he is with Lord Vile as well. They are both quite unstoppable but if an all out assault is taken place here then the unstoppable may be, uhm, stopped" Duck gave the address the hung up.

Mistical Future - Wanted Dead

Mistical mover her head and inch to the right just before a dagger whizzed past her head. Dose this person ever run out of daggers? That was the fifth dagger or knife that the person had thrown and it was annoying Mistical. Mistical jumped to the next building and the person followed. Well they are doing well at keeping up to me, but let’s see how long they can keep it up. Mistical jumped down to the next building an rolled to soften her landing and keep up her speed, the person behind her mimicked it but was less successful and did it less smoothly. Mistical found the last dagger that the person had thrown and scooped it up then jumped down to the next building. Mistical spun around and when the person appeared Mistical threw the dagger and caught them in the arm, exactly where she wanted. The person cried out and fell backwards. Mistical quickly climbed back up to the previous building and looked at the person that was following her, it was a man. The man clutched there arm and where slowly pulling the dagger out, the man hadn’t noticed Mistical yet.
“Why where you trying to kill me” She asked, the man gave a small jump of fright followed by a hiss of pain
“You’re an enemy of the Unnamed, your now wanted dead and I was sent to kill you” he hissed as he finished pulling out the dagger
“Well, I am glad that he didn’t come himself but I am also disappointed that he only sent you. From the way he talked the other day I though he knew enough about me to know not to send one man alone to kill me. It looks like I was wrong” Mistical sighed
“Not quite” said he man. Mistical heard a click of a gun and dropped to the ground. She heard a sniper go off and the bullet flew by where her head was before. She heard the man’s heart being punctured by the bullet and she looked at him
“Dam it” she muttered and looked away from the dead body, “Looks like someone didn’t want him to talk” Pretty darn good shot to. Mistcal bolted and flung herself over the edge of the building just as another shot went off. Mistical spun and caught a window ledge and put her feet between her and the building so she didn’t slam into it.
“Darn it I need to get rid of that sniper” she whispered to herself. Mistical looked around, “Ah dam it I can’t throw anything that far! And this is Australia barely any people in the city have guns. God it’s times like this where I wished I carried a gun of a long ranged weapon!”

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dynasty - Saving a Duck

Duck if you don't like this you can edit your part Duck.

Dynasty teared up the ragged carpet and looked for a tunnel out. This was silly. Of course there was no escape. There would be guards...
He heard a scream.
He walked down and saw the Unnamed with his hand on someone's neck laughing. For some reason he knew who he was: Duck Tassap. The guy who has texted him. He had come to rescue him!
"What are you doing?"
"Killing these pests."
Dynasty had to save his life. 
"Why waste your time on a slug of a sorcerer."
Duck glared at him but soon the glare turned to a gasping as the Unnamed tightened his grip on Duck.
"Good work take him down to the dungeon."
He let go of his neck and sighed. Duck nearly fainted. 
Dynasty brought his shadows and carried him down. When they were out of sight Dynasty said:
"Go before he finds out!"
He ran off.
Dynasty shouted:
"By the way I didn't mean a slug I had to say it to save your life."

Valice- What to do?

Valice walked out of the airport with a very bad feeling. Two days ago the Unnamed had sent her a ticket for a flight to Australia. And after hours of sitting in a incomfortable seat she was finally there now. But all her problems were still there. The whole time since she'd met the Unnamed first she was trying to figure out what to do now. 
A man walked up to her.
"You must be Valice!", he sad sharply.
She raised an eyebrow: "What if I were?"
"Then I'd tell you that he wants to see you. Here's a key, go to the parking lot Nr. 127. Under the front seat you'll find an address and a map. Go there and wait for someone to pick you up."
He gave her a key and nodded: "My job here's done!"
He turned around and walked away. She watched him go, feeling even worse. She was almost sure he wouldn't make it through the day.
And that was theb problem: She had broken so many laws in the past few years, she couldn't count all the fights live had dragged her into and she liked doing what she wanted whenever she felt like it. Chaos wasn't a bad thing, not at all, until a certain point. And the Unnamed- to her he was too extreme. He killed people because he could, not for a reason, and this revenge he'd talked about- she was pretty sure she wouldn't know most of this people.
But he was so, so powerfull, more powerfull than Mevolent had ever been. And he'd kill her without thinking twice about it. 
She realised she was still starring at the point where she had lost the man out of her eyes.
She sighed and started her way to the parking lot.