Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mistical Future - Everyone disappears

Mistical was almost at the Sanctuary when she heard the Grand mage call out
“What!” said Mistical as she sprinted into the large room just in time to see a lot of people disappear, “Dam it, I’ve missed something major haven’t I?” said Mistical to herself, she sighed, “Well let’s go get you into a cell shall we” she said and walked off to the prison section

Mistical left a note on the man’s cell door telling who ever read it that he was one of the Unnamed’s followers. Mistical walked to the administrators desk, she could hear the administrator was there.
“Hi” she said to the administrator, “Um I was wondering if the Sanctuary wanted a good sniper? I got it off an Unnamed follower, he’s now in a cell and I put a note on his door. Um and I was also wondering where everyone else has gone to?”
“Um … yes snipers are always good to have. Thanks for bringing the man in. And uh everyone else had gone to fight the Unnamed, Duck found his whereabouts.” Replied the administrator
“Uh ok then, well can you tell me where the whereabouts of the Unnamed is and I might hold onto the sniper just for this if that’s ok with you”
“Yes you can hold onto the sniper for a bit, you found it anyway” said the administrator that then told Misitical where everyone else had gone.
“Ok thanks, um do you have any spare guns that I can borrow?” asked Mistical
“Uh yes I think there’s some left” replied the administrator
“Ok thanks I’ll help myself”

After Mistical stocked up on ammo and a couple of gun she got on her motor bike and drove to the location of the Unnamed
“Time for some good old fashioned revenge” she said smiling