Sunday, 9 June 2013

Valice- The first fight's over

The fight was over. Valice walked across the battlefield trying not to look at the ground to closely. It was covered with blood and dead sorcerers and cleavers. She had been fighting near the entry for most of the time until someone had thrown her over the field, but she was quite sure Dynasty hadn't left the Unnamed's former hideout. She stepped through the entry and now she forced herself to look at the dead bodies. She searched for about fifteen minutes, until she was sure Dynasty wasn't among the corpses. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.  'He must have found a way to get out!', she thought and smiled. Also they'd just met she felt that she really liked him. She opened her eyes and now that the fear Dynasty might be dead was gone, she suddenly wasn't able to look at all the blood and the dead bodies any more. She needed to get out of here. 
Back on the battlefield she saw that most of the corpses had been brought away. A small group of survivors stood in the middle of the field. A woman saw her and came to her. 
"Hey, you, are you for the Unnamed or against him?"
"Against", Valice sad. She was tired. All she wanted to do was sleep. 
"Aren't you a bit young to fight in battles like this?"
Valice raised an eyebrow. " I might be younger that most of your Sanctuary sorcerers, but unlike most of them I'm still alive! And, lets face it, you need every help you can get, you really can't be choosy."

They drove to the Sanctuary. Although the Unnamed and Lord Vile had had to leave, no one felt like they'd won. As soon as they arrived most of the sorcerers walked to their office. More as a distraction than anything else Valice walked around the building. They had lost so many people, no one knew where the Unnamed was and Dynasty hadn't come to the Sanctuary. 
She sat down. What a day.


  1. Um, sorry, but what does "mintage" mean?? xD

    1. It means really cool but just in slang. Soz I'm from Newcastle i use slang alot!

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