Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Duck- Ready For Battle

Duck was back at the Sanctuary after taking a long bus trip form The Unnamed's hideout. The Sanctuary was busy all over the place with cleavers running up and down the halls, sorcerers loading guns and practicing magic, and mage officials on the phones to other Sanctuaries around the globe trying to get more reinforcements. It was the most hectic Duck had ever seen the Australian Sanctuary.

He was standing in one of the hallways, making himself look like he was doing something important even though he wasn't, when someone tapped him on the shoulder. Duck turned to see a young woman smiling at him.
"Hi, are you Duck?" she asked.
"Why, yes, I am Duck. And who might you be?"
"Requiem Noble. I flew over from Ireland to deliver some files but now I'm stuck here in this crisis. The Grand mage said you might need some help with stuff."
"Really?" said Duck. "I'm not doing anything important at the moment. Maybe the stuff he was talking about was the all out assault on The Unnamed. What can you do?"
"I'm a sensitive," answered Requiem.
Duck rolled his eyes up. "Well that helps. You can just stay at the back with me and some other non-fighters when all the fighters are doing their stuff."
"That's what I was thinking."
Just then Grand mage Sapient ran up to them.
"Quick, we're going now," he said. "You two can be backup along with some others. If the first wave fails then it's up to you guys. And if you guys fail then..." And then the Grand mage whimpered. He actually whimpered, his lower lip quivered and he looked away from Duck and Requiem. "I... I need to get everyone else ready. There's a teleporter down in the foyer waiting to get everyone there."
Then he trudged off without looking back.
"He's scared," Requiem said. "Genuinely scared and afraid. It's as though he knows we can't win."
"Don't let that set you back. We have to be positive if we are going to take down The Unnamed."
They both started walking towards the foyer. Many groups of sorcerers were jogging past them, some doing battle cries, some with fireballs summoned in their hands, and some were in full medieval style armour clanking along with swords raised.
They arrived at the foyer of the Sanctuary where everybody was gathered. At least two hundred sorcerers and were waiting around, chatting among themselves. There were also cleavers standing at the few entrances and exits. This was a serious job and everyone had to fight. No one was leaving through those hallways.
"Can I all have you attention!" Sapient bellowed from the centre of the room. All the sorcerers stopped talking at once.
"When we get there the cleavers will go first," he announced. "They will try to weaken the... the enemy. After exactly two minutes everyone else will attack. I have selected the only few that will stand at the back and watch everyone else. They'll be taking calls from other Sanctuaries. Is... is everybody ready?"
There were a few mumbles and grunts and noddings of heads but most of the army stayed silent.
"Okay, everybody hold hands. We're going to teleport over there."
Everyone did as they were asked and then a boy with blonde, spiky hair and a cocky grin came up beside the Grand mage. The teleporter no doubt.
"Three!" Sapient yelled out. "Two!"
There was silence in the room except for the countdown. Duck's hand were becoming sweaty. Then after an extra long pause:

And then they were gone.


  1. *Is sitting on the edge of the chair*


    You finished it THERE!!!! AHHHHHHHH

    Oh God!!! IT'S SO HECTICK!!!!!!

    ... boy do I need to get into the main action other than my own problems ...

    I MUST READ MORE!!!!!!!

  2. Woah there Misti, don't get overexcited.
    You might have a heart attack.

    And you'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

  3. Thank you Duck! Requiem is great.