Sunday, 2 June 2013

Valice- What to do?

Valice walked out of the airport with a very bad feeling. Two days ago the Unnamed had sent her a ticket for a flight to Australia. And after hours of sitting in a incomfortable seat she was finally there now. But all her problems were still there. The whole time since she'd met the Unnamed first she was trying to figure out what to do now. 
A man walked up to her.
"You must be Valice!", he sad sharply.
She raised an eyebrow: "What if I were?"
"Then I'd tell you that he wants to see you. Here's a key, go to the parking lot Nr. 127. Under the front seat you'll find an address and a map. Go there and wait for someone to pick you up."
He gave her a key and nodded: "My job here's done!"
He turned around and walked away. She watched him go, feeling even worse. She was almost sure he wouldn't make it through the day.
And that was theb problem: She had broken so many laws in the past few years, she couldn't count all the fights live had dragged her into and she liked doing what she wanted whenever she felt like it. Chaos wasn't a bad thing, not at all, until a certain point. And the Unnamed- to her he was too extreme. He killed people because he could, not for a reason, and this revenge he'd talked about- she was pretty sure she wouldn't know most of this people.
But he was so, so powerfull, more powerfull than Mevolent had ever been. And he'd kill her without thinking twice about it. 
She realised she was still starring at the point where she had lost the man out of her eyes.
She sighed and started her way to the parking lot. 


  1. Oooooooooo!!!!!! What are you going to do Valice? This is a difficult situation! Please write more soon!

  2. I agree with Misti, thiis is a very tough situation...

    A really cool and nice chapter can't wait for more!