Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Valice- The Arrival

When she arrived at the entery to the cave there were people everywere and it was the middle of a fight the Sanctuary could never win. It was time. Time to make a decision. She could walk away and hope they'd be lucky and that someone would kill him, but that chance was so small, it was barely there. Or she could join them, but then the Unnamed would kill her, what he'd also do if she'd walk away. The third and last opportunity she had left was to go to the Unnamed and to join him. But she really didn't wanted to do that either. With still no decision made she got out of the car and started her way towards the entry, just to do something. She didn't want to think about it any more, she'd decide what she should do instinctively when the moment was there. 
They weren't many and half of the cleavers were already dead. Most of the few sorcerers who had come were already dead or injured too. There were two sorcerers fighting just a few meters away from her. She had no idea what they were fighting because she couldn't see anyone, but whoever it was did a good job in making them panic. She looked closer and realized that at least one of them was no stranger to her. He was this guy who always sent this warning-messages, Duck whatsoever. There was a shadow knife flying straight to him. She pushed against the air and he fell to the ground, the knife cut through the air where he'd standed just a few seconds ago and cut a cleaver standing behind him in half.
"Uuuups...", she said. That hadn't been part of the plan.
She kept walking across the battlefield and tried to avoid the bullets and shadow knifes. When she arrived at entry she hestitated. 
Then she took a deep breath and walked through it. 
The Unnamed and Lord Vile were standing in the middle of a big room. 
"Valice, I'm glad you came!"

The tunnel system was huge and Valice was sure she hadn't even seen half of it. Suddenly she heard a scream. She turned around and headed into the direction  where it had came from- the cell trackt. She opened a cell and- fire! There was fire everywhere. She waved with her hand and the fire went out. There was someone in the room. There was smut all over his face and clothes but he didn't look like he was much older than her, maybe even younger. At least he didn't look like someone she wanted to kill.
"So I think you work against the Unnamed, am I right? But if you say you don't I think I'll have to help you, right?" She smiled. "I'm Valice by the way."