Saturday, 22 June 2013

Mistical Future - Wasting Time

A few days had past since the first battle with the Unnamed, many had died and many where injured but everyone that was injured had now recovered. Mistical was on the phone to the Irish Sanctuary asking them if she could borrow the file on Lord Vile. Ha that rhymes she thought. She wanted to know as much as possible on him, but she mainly wanted to know how he didn’t die from multiple death strikes. The administrator was arguing and saying that Mistical couldn’t get the file because it was restricted to elders and detectives. Mistical felt like shouting at the administrator but stoped herself. The administrator’s only doing their job, don’t shoot the messenger. Mistical took a deep breathing and out.
“Look, I know the file’s are restricted but I need all the information available. Lord Vile is in Australia and if possible we need to find a way to take him down.” Mistical said trying to keep calm
“I’m sorry but there is no known way to take him out, he just disappears and reappears on his own, but if you want to talk to someone you could try Skulduggery Pleasant he’s the last know person to have seen Lord Vile and survived … but he’s working on a case at the moment so you might not be able to get to him. I could still give you his number thought-” said the administrator before Mistical cut her off
“Thank but I already have his number and I’ll definitely try that. But can you ask the elders if they could send it over, because every bit of information helps. Thanks anyway. Bye” said Mistical then hung up. That was a complete waste of time!

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