Monday, 3 June 2013

Duck- To the rescue!

"Right, okay. Just need to get my bearings" said Johnny Occult as he sat, legs crossed, on top of Duck's desk. "Sometimes I get lost and it takes me hours to get back here."
Johnny Occult was another psychic at the Australian Sanctuary. He was in a trance and trying to find traces of The Unnamed's whereabouts.
The return of The Unnamed was a massive case that nearly everyone in the Sanctuary was working on. There were people examining Bohemian's office, people looking up any and every file they could find on The Unnamed and even more people getting ready in the armoury. War against The Unnamed, it seemed, was inevitable.
Duck was given the job to help Johnny look for the one that has caused all this mess. Grand mage Sapient thought that Duck's run in with the other psychic meant that he would be capable if something went wrong. The truth was that Duck was genuinely scared for his life, thinking that Johnny would go psycho as he searched for The Unnamed.
"Hmm, I'm getting warmer. I can fell the intense magic that's all around him." Johnny was in a bliss state. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. "It's like a black hole how... nah, that's a bad comparison. More like a, uh, really loud jackhammer and you can just feel the noise vibrating through everything."
"But can you get his exact whereabouts?" Duck asked.
"Nah, can't get anywhere close to him. It's like all his magic is forcing me back."
"Well that's going to complicate-"
"But there's someone else," Johnny blurted out before Duck could finish. "Someone who is still powerful but, like, not as much, you know?"
"Well that's a start," Duck said. "Can you see who he is?"
"It's, umm, let me just..." Johnny had a concentrated face and his tongue was pocking out the side of his mouth. "Aha! It's Lord Vile."
"Lord Vile?" Duck repeated. "Are you sure?"
"Yep, all his armour on and everything. There are trace amounts of The Unnamed's magic still floating through the air around his house"
"So do you think The Unnamed and Lord Vile are working together?"
"Certainly looks that way" Johnny answered. "And there is someone else, yet again. Someone in... danger."
"What? Who?"
"Uhm, Dynasty Maguire is his name. And he really needs some rescuing."
Duck puffed out his chest. Everyone else was busy and the cleavers were scouring the city so he thought, why not him, he was capable of a rescue. No one would suspect anything and Lord Vile and The Unnamed would be taken by surprise. Why couldn't he save the day at least once?

Duck was running. His overly thought out plan failed but then he was saved, by the person he was going to save, who didn't seem to need saving. Dynasty was taking him down to the dungeon but then let him go and told him to run. The Unnamed seemed to have trusted Dynasty. Were they on the same side? No, of course not. He had saved Duck. Duck could have being but in the dungeon or killed by The Unnamed but Dynasty had saved him.
Duck made it out into the fresh air. He panted for a while, his hands on his knees, then he checked his neck. That guy had one heck of a choke hold. He could fell the welts starting to swell up.
Duck groaned. He was a failure. He put his life at risk for nothing. Dynasty was in no danger whatsoever but still Duck blindly walked in there with no idea what he was doing.

But there was one thing he had succeeded in.

Duck took out his phone, quick dialled the Sanctuary, and put the phone to his ear. There was dial tone but the administrator wasn't picking up the phone. Everyone was busy at the Sanctuary making preparations so it was completely understandable that the phone couldn't be picked up. Duck hung up then dialled again. Still no answer, then- "Please leave a message after the beep," said the computer voice.
"Hey, It's Duck here. I have found out where The Unnamed is hiding and he is with Lord Vile as well. They are both quite unstoppable but if an all out assault is taken place here then the unstoppable may be, uhm, stopped" Duck gave the address the hung up.


  1. LOL
    Great Job Duck! The first thing to do is find where there hiding then you can smoke them out!
    Lets see what happens next! :D

  2. Really nice that you filled in the gaps in my story!
    I LOVED it!