Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dynasty - Valice

Dynasty coughed as the flames died.
"V...valice nice name might be the last word I here."
"No, it won't I'm here to help you!"
Valice lifted him up and they walked out. Well Valice walked and Dynasty stumbled.
"We've got to stop the Unnamed you know."
Valice heard a scream.
"We can help now."
He kissed her.
"Thanks for saving my life."
Valice blushed.
Dynasty ran on.
Valice ran after him.
Dynasty sent shadow knives right at one of the Unnamed's soilders. He screamed.
The Unnamed hissed as he saw him.
"Dynasty I thought I killed you!"
"You cannot kill me!" he said with a smile.

Valice if you don't like it change it! :)