Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dynasty - Saving a Duck

Duck if you don't like this you can edit your part Duck.

Dynasty teared up the ragged carpet and looked for a tunnel out. This was silly. Of course there was no escape. There would be guards...
He heard a scream.
He walked down and saw the Unnamed with his hand on someone's neck laughing. For some reason he knew who he was: Duck Tassap. The guy who has texted him. He had come to rescue him!
"What are you doing?"
"Killing these pests."
Dynasty had to save his life. 
"Why waste your time on a slug of a sorcerer."
Duck glared at him but soon the glare turned to a gasping as the Unnamed tightened his grip on Duck.
"Good work take him down to the dungeon."
He let go of his neck and sighed. Duck nearly fainted. 
Dynasty brought his shadows and carried him down. When they were out of sight Dynasty said:
"Go before he finds out!"
He ran off.
Dynasty shouted:
"By the way I didn't mean a slug I had to say it to save your life."


  1. That's just what I do.
    Try to save some ones life, completely fail, and have my life saved.

    Duck was written quite well, Dynasty, so I didn't need to change anything.

  2. Dynasty your not helping your situation with the Unnamed! ... although I doubt he'll have you killed earlier if he still needs you.
    But Good job in saving Duck's life!