Saturday, 8 June 2013

Duck- Suffering

Duck woke up.
He was lying face first in the dirt. He spat out some soil from his mouth then he slowly got up onto his feet.
All around him there were bodies. Men, woman, cleavers. All of them had their clothes soaked in blood. Pieces of flesh were randomly thrown about the place and a decapitated head was only a few metres from where Duck was standing.
What had happened?
Duck could only remember a few thing. He was with Requiem Noble for most of the start of the battle, Mistical Future had given them both a gun each, and he faintly remembered trying to save Dynasty Maguire, only to be kicked away by Lord Vile.

Duck looked around for any survivors while trying to not look at the massacre that had taken place. All of them had being willing to help take down The Unnamed only to be stopped, killed by some of his followers. And it was all for nothing. Or was it? Had they won? Was The Unnamed dead and the war over? Duck wasn't sure. He had being unconscious for most of it.
He saw a group of sorcerers about to leave, among them was the Grand mage. Duck quickly ran across the blood drench field to meet up with the group. They were all looking glum, with sad faces and most of them looking at their toes.
Duck asked the most simplest question when he got to them. "What happened?"
"We won," said one of the sorcerers, and the he added a sarcastic, "Woo hoo."
"What, is that bad?"
"Yes, it is actually," said Grand mage Sapient. "We got The Unnamed and Lord Vile to retreat, we lost many countless lives to bring them down but in the end we didn't succeed in anything."
"So now we're back where we started," said another sorcerer. "Except minus heaps of people. We have no idea where The Unnamed fled to."
They fell into silence.
They headed to the last black van on the other side of the street. The other vans were trashed about the place, on their sides, burning. The group got into the back van and headed to the Sanctuary, still in absolute silence.

When they got the the Sanctuary the silence followed them. No one was there except the Administrator, who must have already learnt of the news. The group split up, each heading off to their offices or somewhere else.
Duck sat at his desk and looked up at the ceiling. He didn't have any battle scars, only a sore head after Lord Vile had kicked him, but somehow he felt that he had suffered more. He had led everyone to The Unnamed and he felt that it was his fault that they died. They were all willing to fight but in the end it was a stalemate. So many lives lost for a lost cause.