Sunday, 23 June 2013

Valice- In the Sanctuary

Valice opened the door to the Sanctuary. The Grand Mage had told them to either help finding the Unnamed or to continue with their work if it was important. Valice wasn't working here and they hadn't allowed her to help searching, because she was "too young". Some people were just so stupid!
So, she had went shopping! The clothes she had worn during the battle were dirty and had lots of holes and her other stuff was still in the car and the whole area there was cordoned off. And it was sooo hot here in Australia. The German summer was nothing compared to this. 
Duck and Requiem sat in two of the chairs in the lobby. 
"Hey", Valice said and sat down. 
"Hey", they responsed. 
"The shopping tripp was successfull, I guess? This is a nice top.", Requiem smiled. 
"And, did Mistical get the information she needs?", Duck asked.
"Yes, I really hope she finds something!"
"We all hope that!", Duck said softly.
"So the Unnamed had tried to hire you, right Valice? I mean, don't get this wrong, but why?"
"I have no idea!"
"Oh, okay, and what exactly do you do in Germany, I mean, there has to be a reason why he wanted you to join him."
"Um, well my dad works for the german sanctuary and he planned a great career for me and introduced me to the Grand Mage and the Sanctuary work. Sadly, I don't like Johann Starke and his way of leading the sanctuary. Well, some things don't work out as they were planned!"
She smiled. "And now I basicly do what I want, train and stumble into every kind of trouble I can't avoid."
"Ah", Duck said. "Well, and now you're stuck here."
They fell quiet.
In this moment, the door opened.