Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dynasty- Love and War.

"Dude Batman doesn't exsist."
The middle aged women ran off.
Valice ran off and fought in the crowds.
Before he could run after her Lord Vile, his Dad came soaring down at him.
Dynasty sprang out of the way and sent shadow knives at him. He laughed and sent a wave of shadows that knocked Dynasty onto the floor. Before he knew Duck was trying to save him AGAIN.
Lord Vile snarled and kicked Duck on the ground
Great, failed again! Thought Duck.
The Unnamed's voice towered over the battle.
"Lord Vile out of the way its time I fought him myself."
He jumped down and Dynasty held up a shield of shadows to protect himself.
As they fought the Unnamed kept laughing.
A teenager was actually attacking him.
The Unnamed stuck him in the belly and Dynasty went down.
The Unnamed walked off and when he was awake again he saw Valice on the ground.
Despite being in pain he needed to save her.
He was in love.
He checked Valice.
She wasn't breathing.