Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Valice- Not Dead Yet

She had a headache. That was the first thing she realized when she woke up. A terrible headache. She groaned and sat up slowly.
"Valice? I.. I thought you are dead!"
She blinked. "No, luckily just unconscious." 
"But you weren't breathing!"
"See that?" she asked. There was a little plaster on her wrist. 
"I have them everywhere where you can take the pulse. Because then you can't feel the pulse and everyone thinks you're dead!"
"But why would you want anyone to think you're dead?"
"Well, if you're unconscious and you can't defend yourself it's very helpfull when they think you're dead, it already safed my life a few times."
"Ah, okay."
They went silent. 
"But hey, that means we went up against the Unnamed and Lord Vile and we both survived!", he grinned.
"And you still didn't tell me your name!"