Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mistical Future - People Re-appear

Mistical stopped her bike a few yards away from the Unnamed’s hideout then silently ran closer. She peered through the trees and saw Duck and woman that she didn’t know in trouble. She got out a gun and pointed it at the sorcerer that was attacking the woman,
“All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run, out run my gun” Mistical sung “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, faster than my bullet” on the word bullet Mistical shot the sorcerer in the shoulder. “Well he didn’t run faster than my bullet” she said as she quickly shot the two that where attacking Duck. Then she walked onto the battle field while reloading the gun.
“Catch” Mistical said as she tossed the woman and Duck a gun each, “Please tell me your two know how to shoot a gun”
“Uh” said Duck he looked as scared as hell, “I’ve never shot one before”
“Just aim, pull back the hammer, the thing at the back, then you pull the trigger” Duck was looking at the gun like he still wasn’t sure what to do with it, Mistical sighed, “here this is what you do” Mistical demonstrated to hold the gun, and thumbed back the hammer. A sorcerer threw a ball of fire at them, everyone dogged it and Mistical shot him in the shoulder. “Hey I’m trying to have a conversation over here!” Mistical sighed, “People have no manners these days. Here’s some more ammo” said Mistical as she tossed them both some more ammo for the guns.
“Oh and good job finding this place Duck” said Mistical then she turned to the woman, “Hi I’m Mistical Future, I don’t think we’ve met?” said Mistical as she offered her hand,
“I’m Requiem Noble” said Requiem as she shook Mistical’s hand, “And no we haven’t”
“Well nice to meet you, I’m sorry but I’ve gota find the Unnamed, I owe him a possible death sentence or at least a few bullet holes. Bye now, have a good day!” said Mistical just before she jogged off.
Mistical ran down a hall way and saw Lord Vile, he turned and saw her.
“Aw crap” said Mistical as shadows flew at her. Mistical dogged and weaved the shadows that came at her, there were other people in the hall but Lord Vile was becoming less and less focused on them with every shadow she dogged. Shadows whipped at her again and again then a wave of darkness came. Mistical ran to the wall and kicked off it and flipped over the wave, she had Lord Vile’s full attention now.
“S***, S***, S***, S***!” Mistical said as she kept ducking and weaving, “Crap, crap, crap, crap!” the shadows where getting harder and harder to avoid. Maybe I should do up my coat. A shadow missed here face by a millimetre, “FUDGE! FUDGE! FUDGE! FUDGE!” Mistical screeched. A shadow came for her face and Mistical whipped out her sword and sliced the shadow in two, it melted the second it was sliced. Mistical danced through the shadows slicing them all again and again and again. A wall of shadows came for her and Mistical sliced the wall and dived through the hole she made. She ran at Lord Vile and jumped aiming a kick at his chest but a wall of shadow appeared so Mistical quickly pushed off it and flipped backwards just before the wall became ridged with spikes. Most of the people that were in that hall ran, taking the chance to get away. A man was trying to make another move.
“She’s got this covered” said the man trying to pull the other away
“We can’t just leaver her!” said the second man
“I’ve got this just MOVE!” shouted Mistical, even though she didn’t have the situation covered. Ah I need to be on offensive if I am to even remotely have this covered! But I’m stuck on defence! He’s got to many shadows, … but if I, oh God! If I do I’ll only have one shot! God dam it this better work! Mistical threw her sword at Lord Vile, he saw it coming and a shadow wall appeared in front of him. That was stupid thought Mistical as her sword sliced through the wall like it wasn’t even there. Lord Vile moved but not quickly enough and the sword sliced a third of his neck. The instant the armour was sliced shadow burst from the hole protectively; they thrashed about then reformed into the armour covering the cut made. That’s going to make no difference his throat was cut, he’d dead.  But Lord Vile just cocked his head to the side she had cut.
“What! B-but that’s impossible, y-you should be dead! That should have sliced your neck open!” Mistical stammered and took a step back, not only had she lost her sword that was now behind Lord Vile but the man standing before her should be dead! Mistical was scared before when she saw Lord Vile but now she was terrified! Shadows lashed at her and she dogged but they kept coming faster and faster, Mistical was having trouble dogging them. Then a shadow flicked her on the shoulder, it did no damage but caused her to move a centimetre out of place and another shadow sliced her calf. Mistical cried out,
“S***!” Mistical shouted, and she kept on dogging even though her leg was screaming. I need to get to my sword! She kept moving and tried to keep as much weight off her bad leg as possible. Mistical was slowly getting closer to her sword, then her leg buckled and Mistical fell in a kneeling position, her head hung to the side. A shadow came for her head, Mistical flung her head up and tried to move out of the way but the shadow penetrated her stomach and Mistical screamed. I should have buttoned up my coat.


Duck and Requiem feel free to change it, I'm not sure how you'd react and if you don't want me to save you then just cut it out.


  1. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

    I know it's part of you character but could you stop all the s***. I'm not offend by it or anything its just sometimes I read things aloud and my mum walks in and just as she does I say "S***, S***, S***, S***" and my mum got pissed off by it.

    But still, quite a good chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry I'll try to get her to stop or at least minimize it, mind you she doesn't usually swear to much it's just that it was lord vile and one slip = death so she had a really good reason to swear but yes I'll *Light bulb appears above head*
    SHOE!!!!!!!! That's what I sometimes say instead of a bad word
    Ok she's going to say shoe instead ... might I ask is crap ok?

  3. Great chapter, write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!