Friday, 7 June 2013

Requiem - Saving Mistical

Requiem stared down at the gun in her hands. The woman who'd thrown it to her, Mistical, was gone, disappearing off with a score to settle with the Unnamed. With the way this battle was going, Requiem didn't hold out much hope of seeing her again.

The gun was heavy and unfamiliar in her hands. She made a mental note to find the Teleporter once this was over and get him to take her back to Ireland to get her throwing knives. She missed them.

Still, at least having a gun was better than being unarmed. She twisted and fired at the sorcerer who had been heading towards her, fire in his hands, and then ducked as a sword whistled through the air beside her head. Gun in hand she sprinted away from the centre of the battle, towards the corridor where she'd seen Mistical diappear. Useless as she was in a fight, she couldn't leave the woman to go up against the Unnamed alone.

It turned out that Mistical hadn't made it to the Unnamed. Requiem rounded the corner and saw her knelt on the floor, a shadow buried in her stomach, a long drawn out scream of pain coming from her. Stood in front of her was Lord Vile.

'Hey,' Requiem shouted. It wasn't very useful but she couldn't think of anything else. Vile looked up at her and his head tilted onto one side. The shadows withdrew from Mistical and the woman slumped to the floor, hands pressed against her stomach. Requiem could feel the woman's pain pressing against her own mind but she blocked it, focussing instead on the situation at hand.

Vile sent a wave of shadow curling along the ground towards her. She watched it approach apprehensively and tried to step aside but Vile flicked his hand and it swept her feet out from under her. She landed hard but pulled herself upright, aiming the gun at him. She fired twice. The first bullet missed but the second was a perfect shot, straight towards his heart. But Vile threw up a wall of shadow and the bullet rebounded and Requiem was forced to duck. She heard a soft sound of pain behind her and looked around to see a sorcerer who had clearly been trying to sneak up on her lying on the floor, blood pooling around him.

Her attention was brought back to more pressing matters as Vile swept the feet from under her a second time. The gun slipped from her grip as he stepped towards her. She reached out for his mind and but Vile sent shadows at her and her concentration slipped as one sliced across her face.

Vile was stood over her now and she could see the way his armour swirled, little patterns dancing across the surface. She went to roll away but a shadow held her down as Vile stabbed down with an armoured hand that elongated into a spike of shadow that pierced her leg. She screamed but Vile had already retraced the blade and waved his hand. Another slice of shadow stabbed her in the stomach and she doubled over in the same way as Mistical. A third shadow sliced across her back and now the pain was burning as yet more shadows impaled her body.

She lay, her vision blurring as Vile sent shadow after shadow at her. Her scream went on and on and she felt the blood rushing in her ears. She just had time to see Mistical rising up behind Vile, holding her stomach, before her vision went dark.

Feel free to change it if you want Misti! Hope you like it!