Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dynasty - Guilty with a little bit of FIRE!

Dynasty watched the battle. It was so bloody. Finally the Unnamed set Lord Vile on them and left. This was his chance. He walked through the crowd. He ran once he got out of it. He pumped right into the Unnamed.
"Get in the cell!"
"You let Duck Tassap go."
"I didn't!" he snapped. 
"You'll have to get me first."
Dynasty flung himself up and the Unnamed just laughed.
Suddenly two things came behind him and grabbed him.
Dynasty tried to cry for help but the Things flung him  in the cell.
He laughed he was going mad he thirteen and he had already got himself into this.
This was terrible.
But funny.
The Unnamed came to visit him ten minutes later with a MASSIVE can of beer.
Dynasty was very cheeky.
"What you gonna do make me drink it."
"No, make it drink you!"
"What the hell?"
The Unnamed didn't answer, he just stared at the bottle and it erupted into flames.
He through it in the cell that Dynatsty was in and the flames spread like wildfire.
"Oh, hell." said Dynasty.
"Have fun."
The Unnamed walked off.
The flames spread they spread and spread until there was NOTHING LEFT.


  1. I'm sorry Dynasty, but you started all this so you won't die first!!!!! :D

  2. Don't DIE!!!
    there's not a lot of us and we need all the people we can get to fight the Unnamed!