Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mistical Future - Saving Requiem and round two with Lord Vile

Mistical stood up, and wavered. Requiem had given her time to stuff a leaf that numbs the pain into her mouth but she was still in agony. Mistical was silent in standing and no matter how much she wanted to scream or let out a groan she held it in for Requiem’s sake. Lord Vile was about to deliver the killing blow, he probably though that Mistical was down and that no one could move silently with a fist sized whole through there gut. Pain shot through mystical as she took a step forward, Come on this isn’t the worst injury that you’ve had, it’s close but not the worst now move or she’ll die! Mistical ran forward and pulled her sword out of the wall then jumped at Vile.
“RAHHHHHH” she shouted as she landed on Vile’s back and plunged her sword into he’s back. He twisted and the shadows went wild, he tried to grab Mistical but she was out of his reach so the shadows tried to grab her. Mistical grabbed Vile’s shoulder then plunged her sword into where his heart should be. He didn’t drop, he didn’t go rigged, he just moved like there was nothing bothering him.
“Hu what do you know Lord Vile truly is heartless” Mistical said just before Vile grabbed her from over his shoulder and flung her on the ground in front of him. Pain shot through Mistical but it wasn’t as bad as before, Good the leaf is starting to work. Vile’s fist plunged at Mistical’s face, she rolled to the side. Shadows snaked along the ground and tried to grab her legs but Mistcal rolled past Vile and sprinted down the corridor, her sword retracted and she sheathed it. To make sure she had his full attention she pulled out the last hand gun she had and emptied the chamber. It was a waist Vile just had a wall of shadow in front of him as he walked, but it they did their job and that was to keep Vile’s attention on Mistical not Requiem. Mistical turned into another corridor and there was the Unnamed standing there with his back turned to Mistical. Perfect though Mistical and she ripped the sniper off her back, looked through the scope but just before she pulled the trigger a shadow flicked the mussel of the gun and moved it by a few mills. The shot that was aimed at the Unnnamed’s head ended up hitting his right shoulder. Mistical heard the shoulder shatter and smiled satisfactorily. Mistial jumped and grabbed onto a light above just before a wave of darkness slithered past where she just was and almost crashed into the Unnamed. The Unnamed, who had probably never felt the pain of a sniper shot let alone a sniper shot at short range looked to be in agony and completely furious. Oh dam girl what have you done.
“You idiot what are you doing the enemy is that way!” shouted the Unnamed and pointed in the direction he had just been facing. His right arm hung uselessly at his side, Unless he sees a decent mage doctor then he’ll never have proper function of his right arm ever again.  Lord Vile just looked to where Mistical was hanging then looked at the Unnamed.
“What’s up, oh that’s right me” said Mistical as she dropped down
“I thought that they would of killed you” said the Unnamed as he clutched his shattered shoulder. “And they injured you?”
“No not them, they didn’t even give me a scratch, but your friend here, well he’s another story” said Mistical sounding relaxed.
“I would expect you to be dead it that where that case”
“Well you see I’m kinda hard to hit”
“Yes I would imagine, especially from what I’ve heard your extremely hard to hit.”
“Yes that’s true, … well anyway I would say it’s been fun gentlemen except it hasn’t, but it has been interesting I’ll give you that. And now I must make my leave I bid you gentlemen good day” said Mistical just before she flipped backwards out the window behind her, her feet hit it and the window shattered. Mistical was on the ground floor so she touched the ground quickly and sprinted away. This is Great! You have two of the most powerful men in the world wanting you dead! This is excellent! Mistical though sarcastically. Mistical ran around to where she left Requiem and jumped through the nearby window, scooped her up and left the building. I’m not going back there for a bit!

Hi Requiem feel free to change it ... although there's not much you actually do ...