Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mistical Future - Sam Night (AKA Misti's Boyfriend)

Mistical was at home reading at the file on Lord Vile that Requiem gave her. It was a photo copy but she had all that there was on Lord Vile. It was a thick file but most of it was information gathered from the war and a little was of events in the past few years. But nothing absolutely nothing explained why Lord Vile didn’t die by Mistical’s attacks. Mistical finished reading the file for the second time and tossed it on the coffee table.
“USELEESS! Dam it. There is nothing on how to kill him! The best thing there is on how to attack him is something that was used on Baron Venges. Not even the real Lord Vile. Dam it’s going to be so much harder to pull the real Lord Vile’s chest plate off.” Mistical sighed, “Well if I do manage to do that that at least I might be able to see how or why I couldn’t kill him.”
“Kill, kill, kill that’s all I’ve been hearing” said Sam as he walked into the lounge room and flopped down on the sofa beside Mistical. He picked up the file and had a quick look, “Lord Vile again? Haven’t you already read this?” said Sam looking at her with his green eyes and arching an eyebrow
“Yes I have but I was just reading over them, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss anything”
“Ok then. So who’s coming over tomorrow?” He asked
“A woman called Requiem Noble an maybe some others, she and I are going to discuss plans and hopefully come up with an ok plan to take down the Unnamed and or Lord Vile.”
“So are you going to wear your mask?” he asked
“You’re kidding me right? Why would I wear my mask in my own home?”
“Eh well you sometimes do and it’s our house not just yours”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah” said Mistical giving him a small shove as she smiled. Sam could always make her feel better when she was in a bad mood. He gave a soft laugh and pulled her into a hug. Mistical smiled at him, she wasn’t wearing her mask so she could see her smile. The both lent in closer and they were only centimetres from each other, then bit of Sam’s brown hair flopped in his face.
“Ah stupid hair ruined the moment.” muttered Sam
“It’s ok” said Mistical as she pushed his hair out of the way, “I think your hair’s cute”
Cute?” asked Sam as he raised an eyebrow, “Since when is my hair cute?
“Since now” replied Mistical with a smirk
“In that case it think your nose is cute” said Sam now with a smirk
“Why thank you” said Mistical, “Your nose is handsome”
“Handsome?” asked Sam
“Handsome” nodded Mistical
“Thank you.” Said Sam, “Your eyes are the only jewels I’ll ever need” this is where Mistical started to blush. Sam was referring to the colour of her eyes what where sapphire. He hugged her tighter and they stayed like that for a bit, then Sam’s mobile rang.
“Dam it, way to spoil he moment” he said as he go up, “Oh I’m going to help discus stuff in the meeting to, I may be an elemental but I’m a good one and you’re the one that’s getting the snack for your guests!” he called out as he walked into the bedroom
“That’s fine by me!” Mistical yelled back

Requiem do you want to do a collaboration it might be boring just discussing stiff but we could throw some fighting in there. And if so can you tell me in the comments. Anyone else that want so come to the meeting thing please say and we can work something out,

By the way I hope you didn't mind the lovey dovey stuff I had to introduce Sam properly. He might, might not have a decent role  in this thing I'll just have to see what I feel like.


  1. Great chapter, Sam seems really nice! :D
    And I have no idea how to continue my plot (okay, I never had a real plot..xD) I'd like to come to this meeting too if it's okay! :)

  2. Ok cool

    um do you want to do it by email?

    If you do then send me and email and I can try to organize the writing of the meeting. Because I have no Idea what your character would say so I can't write it all by my self so yeah

    Here's my email