Monday, 3 June 2013

Mistical Future - Wanted Dead

Mistical mover her head and inch to the right just before a dagger whizzed past her head. Dose this person ever run out of daggers? That was the fifth dagger or knife that the person had thrown and it was annoying Mistical. Mistical jumped to the next building and the person followed. Well they are doing well at keeping up to me, but let’s see how long they can keep it up. Mistical jumped down to the next building an rolled to soften her landing and keep up her speed, the person behind her mimicked it but was less successful and did it less smoothly. Mistical found the last dagger that the person had thrown and scooped it up then jumped down to the next building. Mistical spun around and when the person appeared Mistical threw the dagger and caught them in the arm, exactly where she wanted. The person cried out and fell backwards. Mistical quickly climbed back up to the previous building and looked at the person that was following her, it was a man. The man clutched there arm and where slowly pulling the dagger out, the man hadn’t noticed Mistical yet.
“Why where you trying to kill me” She asked, the man gave a small jump of fright followed by a hiss of pain
“You’re an enemy of the Unnamed, your now wanted dead and I was sent to kill you” he hissed as he finished pulling out the dagger
“Well, I am glad that he didn’t come himself but I am also disappointed that he only sent you. From the way he talked the other day I though he knew enough about me to know not to send one man alone to kill me. It looks like I was wrong” Mistical sighed
“Not quite” said he man. Mistical heard a click of a gun and dropped to the ground. She heard a sniper go off and the bullet flew by where her head was before. She heard the man’s heart being punctured by the bullet and she looked at him
“Dam it” she muttered and looked away from the dead body, “Looks like someone didn’t want him to talk” Pretty darn good shot to. Mistcal bolted and flung herself over the edge of the building just as another shot went off. Mistical spun and caught a window ledge and put her feet between her and the building so she didn’t slam into it.
“Darn it I need to get rid of that sniper” she whispered to herself. Mistical looked around, “Ah dam it I can’t throw anything that far! And this is Australia barely any people in the city have guns. God it’s times like this where I wished I carried a gun of a long ranged weapon!”