Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dynasty - Escaping

As Vile hit the ground he didn't come up. He gave his son a dirty look and sunk into the ground with a groan on his face. Duck ran over.
"Are you alright."
"Yeah now I've gotta go."
He wanted to go back for Valice but he knew he shouldn't delude himself. 
They wouldn't last long.
He let his shadows take him up the wall.
He ran off.
Dynasty hated necromancy he wanted to be like a person called Death Thorn Rose who could kill with glares and do anything with gravity. The only reason he was a necromancer was because of his Dad. Necromancy was the only magic he knew. He was only thirteen. His surge wouldn't be for like uh... nine years he could train and become just like Death Thorn Rose. 
He wouldn't be  a flaming necromancer he would be able to kill with glares and uh... manipulate gravity. It would be fun. He would start training tomorrow. He couldn't waste any time.
Now how would he escape this place was like a maze.
He took-
Dynasty got so scared he fell on the floor.
It was the Unnamed.
"Get in the cell."
Lord Vile grabbed him and began to drag him to the cell. Duck Tassap jumped on him but the Unnamed flung him miles away.
Lord Vile, his Dad flung him in the cell.
Again he had the bottle of wine he took a sip set the bottle on fire and the flames erupted and prepared to kill Dynasty

And I want no one to save me please, its part of me plot.
And this post was in memory of Death Thorn Rose who left Blogland.

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  1. Great chapter, want to know how you get out so write more soon! :D